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RebelHouse Productions

by Zir0N
Yup, it's a showcase. The difference is it's a private showcase. Here I post stuff of that I can't post in other showcases. Like what exactly? You just have to scan on through to find out. Your mileage may vary.

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7 Years Ago
Yup, it's a showcase. The difference is it's a private showcase. Here I post stuff of that I can't post in other showcases. Like what exactly? You just have to scan on through to find out. Your mileage may vary.



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June 21st, 2012
June 20th, 2012
Image unrelated.

I'm no longer going to update any sprite or art work here on smackjeeves unless its in an active comic with an actual storyline. I'll still be around, but I've decided that non-comic sprite and artwork will be relegated to my new FurAffinity account.

Warning, my account is full of NSFW stuff so if you're not allowed to view mature content or dislike the idea of such work, then don't bother visiting the link. Otherwise feel free to come watch me, I update far more often than here.
May 1st, 2012
oh my gosh! its ahri from league of legends! <3 excellent job
April 30th, 2012
Shapeshifting Fox Demon
One part a request and one part a challenge to myself,
I decided to remake a sprite from scratch using a terrible jpeg'd image as reference. The original image, so I've been told, comes from a game called League of Legends, a MMO that's growing in popularity.
Everything else I'm in the dark about.

The only thing I can say that bothers me is the tails.
One or two tails is easy enough to do, but when you start doing around 4 or more, it gets complicated.

Comments, Criticisms, just say the word.
@SaberHorror: Since it's not animated, the arms shoot back into its body when it opens its mouth.
Where did his arms go in the second sprite?
This thing will be in my nightmares. .-.
Creapy much
The Mayans predicted his return...and the government knew about it.

Existing for aeons beyond time and space, a creature of the most unearthly, terrifying, ungodly horror has come to end us all.


For Chuuey, the devourer of worlds has come at last!


I want to get into the game business and this is my first project. It'll be a platformer for most portable systems and phones, with an emphasis on mindless violence and destruction. It's kind of a what if Kirby was ultra-violent?

Right now, it's still in the planning stages, so this is just a beta sprite I did on a whim. I might update with more details at a later date. See ya next time.
This looks awesome. Will probably use.
This is fantastic. May I ask where you got the Alia sprites? I'm thinking about using that sprite for later in Bass Legends. Also, I think someone from Sprites Inc named Randga Bandga is looking for the same thing.
I love it, keep up the awesome work. :)
@JBlack the Hedgehog: It's Public Domain, so be my guest.
An update taken with a grain of salt.
So here it is, about a week's worth of effort that should have taken a lot less time.

It's my contribution to Sagat The Tiger's Maverick Hunter Headquarters BG sheet, which can be found at the Mega Man and Sonic Showcase here at Smackjeeves. -3/

Inspired by the Training stage in Street Fighter IV, this particular is made to simulate intense combat situations and enviromental weather hazards such as rain and heat waves. Because of the dangers of holograms distorting the realities of a reploid's CPU, a Hologram control room is set in place that is maintained by highly trained operators.

Besides the dangers of hologram malfunction, S and UH-ranked combat training can cause damage to the room itself, so the walls and floors are reinforced with 2nd grade MTL plating. (The same metal some mid-ranked Metools wear.)

This was done to replace the original training course in X5, which as seen in the original backgrounds, was constantly damaged by Zero's recklessness, and later Axl's carelessness. Overall, a safer and more secure area to go all out in, whether it's against one of the many Maverick simulations, or a friendly spar against a
fellow hunter.


Now for some less than thrilling news.
I lose my flash drive which hosted all the sprites I had been working on and archived up to this point, including stuff I had planned to update with at a later point.

I'm used to losing all my stuff, it comes with the territory. It's just a pain in the ass to go back to square one. I may find it, true enough. That just depends on my luck, which for all of this week has been lousy.

'Til next update, stay positive folks.
January 21st, 2012
@xVegitox: Been one since the original Tekken Tag Tournament. Epic game in arcades when I was younger. It's great to see another Tekken fan on here. =D
January 21st, 2012
@DarkSoniic: Well, I made a deal with a dark lord by sacrificing 1000 virgin girls.

Or I just practiced for 5 years. Which one's the actual truth though? You'd might be surprised, ahahahaha!
Damn dude! How do you sprite like that? :O
January 20th, 2012
@xVegitox: and I aspire to have your photoshop skills, so we both have goals to build up to.

Thanks for commenting. =D