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Charlie is a relatively normal teenage boy, who enjoys hunting supernatural creatures with his homemade "ghost-tracking-device" in his spare time. One day he meets a strange man, who has lost his cane. Charlie then decides to help the man find it, which was probably the worst decision he ever made.

Updates Mondays (or Tuesday sometimes whoops).

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@NellyOnly: A!! Thank you so much!! it really warms my heart that you like it! ;o;
and thank you also for reminding me that i should post about my new comic on here haha!
You know...
(insert blood here)
March 19th, 2017
I just re-read the whole thing in one go and let me tell you: It's REALLY GOOD.

I'm going to look forward to your next project, and congratulations for completing this one!
March 14th, 2017
@Riaya: AH thank you for reading it, im really glad you enjoyed it! ;o;
@NekoPuppyStar: Thank you so much, im so glad you enjoyed it!
@u_queen: hey thank you so much! and thanks so much for sticking around all this time, ive always enjoyed seeing you pop up in the comment section, im glad you liked it! :'')
March 6th, 2017
Not many comics out here have an ending, on top of that it really was well done. It's been years since I follow this story (guess it was page three or four the first I read). I lovd how the art evolved, amd how caracters turned out rounded. I guess it's a bitter sad ending, but it makes it more appealing.
March 6th, 2017
This page is so emotional ;_;
March 5th, 2017
Such an amazing comic! I loved the characters and the story! It was definitely worth reading!
February 8th, 2017
This was such a beautiful, well-written story. Thank you for sharing it with us <3
January 31st, 2017
@CutieSchoolBoy: aaa thank you so much, im so glad you enjoyed it, and thank yo so much for reading ;o;
@onexargetian: thank you!! commenting can be hard sometimes, im just really glad to know you enjoyed it ;___;
@OhDearKamiWhy: Im so glad thank you!! You can find me on twitter @surmulefyr and on tumblr as jamfisher ! im excited!!! ^o^
@InfamousRowe: thank you so so much!! im glad you have enjoyed it, it's been such a big part of me yknow! i'll definitely post it here when i start my next thing!

sorry for replying late everybody i was in france haha
January 26th, 2017
Didn't get to write a comment when I originally read the epilogue, but now that I have time, I wanted to tell you how absolutely amazing I think this story was. It had so much emotion and the characters were so like-able. Your art suited it so well, and even though the ending was a bit sad, it was great nonetheless. I hope to see another story from you in the future. Good luck with everything you do <3
January 22nd, 2017
This comic has been a ride from start to finish and I've loved evey second of it. It will always be one of my favorites.
Also i drew you a picture for this, do you have a tumblr or twitter or something that I can send it on?
January 21st, 2017
thank you so much for making this comic!!! i love it a lot and its been so cool seeing how its evolved. i wish i commented more but just know i enjoyed every update and also i love all the characters and your art style and am excited for whatever you do in the future! <3
January 21st, 2017
I absolutely loved it
This was a really great story and i enjoyed it a bunch
The type of world you made was awesome and just flowed well
The end is sooo bittersweet but fits well with the story
I can't wait to see what you'll make next! ^x^
January 21st, 2017
remember to read both pages of the epilogue, this is the end!

so ive been working on this comic since i was 17... 5 and a half years actually. that's really wild everybody. in the end the total of comic pages is 253. thats a pretty long project. there were times where i wanted to quit but im glad i didn't. this story isn't perfect, there are so many things i would have changed if i could. im not gonna rework anything though, it's over, its done, i did it. a full comic that ive done next to school work, both high school and art school. its been a good journey and ive learned a lot. im ready to work on my next project now. i'll let you know when i launch it in case anybody would be interested! but yeah, this is it for this gang.
i love these characters dearly, but ive outgrown them in a way. but this was a good ride and i appreciate everybody who has read throughout the years, i really truly do, i love all of you, you made me wanna continue! i hope you have enjoyed it, and that you enjoyed the ending.

i hope you all have the best of times, you're the best
love from yours truly!
January 21st, 2017
remember to read both pages of the epilogue, this is the end!
January 21st, 2017
@InfamousRowe: aw man thank you so much, that means a lot to me ;____; hope youll enjoy the epilogue too!
January 16th, 2017
I don't want it to end, this is too good. I loved this comic through and through. It was really interesting and very well made. I can't wait for the epilogue.
January 16th, 2017
Why must you make me feel this way, Sketch?
January 16th, 2017
page 4 of a 4 page update, go back to page 20!

this is the end everybody, i hope you've enjoyed it! i'll post a two page epilogue later this week, and then it'll be over forreal.. i'll have some things to say then!
January 16th, 2017
page 3 of a 4 page update