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Animals Vs Humans -:Remastered:-

Only humans used to exist on this planet, but through decades of war, devastation, and regrowth animals evolved into anthros, and walked amongst the humans.

But a natural emotion is to fear what is different. Tensions have always been high between animals and humans. They managed to avoid war for centuries.

That is until a human from another world named Thraxix devised a plan for unknown reasons to push the tension over the edge.

Thus the war started.

A man named Royle McCulloch has had many friends on this world but travels between other worlds. He has been gone for a long time. He has now returned to a world torn by war, fear, hate, and misery.

His only hope is to join others that know whats going on and plan to stop the war.

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@Hyper Shadow: Or please leave a message at the sound of your friend... following by agonizing pain
Felix can't come to the phone right now, please leave a message after the crush: crush!
Alright now that I got this done I gotta start working on some covers for the smackjeeves update coming up.
Woaaah, this looks really sweet!
Gotta say, this is amaaaaazing!!!
Oh nearly got him. Got to be faster than that Thraxix.
September 7th, 2016
Damn, I thought this died off.

Good see you're still alive though dude.
Sorry I can update stuff regularly. I have a life, but don't worry it doesn't mean I give up on the comic.
@Nice-ness: There actually is somewhat of an effect by it. But not to that extreme.
Well that was rood.
Shouldn't the universe implode by them just being together?
I think he meant "You're too boring to talk to anymore."

And holy shit this is the FIRST time in the YEARS we've worked together that I've seen these fools talk to each other on screen.

... And Roy gets bitch slapped... Ouch.
@Royle McCulloch: Now I get it. "You're boring to to talk anymore."

I know he meant "You're boring to talk to anymore."
@witswithme: Sorry that was a small typo, fixed now.
"You're boring to talk anymore."

...Confusion get. What does he even mean?
So the parallels finally collide.
Oh, are they gonna save Ult?
You would think the floors wouldn't be slippery at all. You need your own soldiers to run through the halls in an emergency. Last thing the base needs is their own soldiers sliding all over the place.
Mission Accomplished.
Slippin' around at the speed of sound.

Got places to gotta FOLLOW MY RAINBOW.