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What happens when you get bored and start typing random stuff on the Google Search Bar?

....Stop reading the description and find out >:3

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is elocon a steroid cream ccdedcaegage
@Firecat1311: I see what you did there
I dunno about you guys, but the number 8 turns me on...

what? don't tell me your secretly death the kid! (lol, Soul eater references XD im such a noob)
February 21st, 2014
So has this comic been discontinued? No new ones in 2 years?
@Pizzaman the bold: *notices current avatar is of Zero*

Well played, friend.
November 8th, 2012
A tom is a male cat
November 8th, 2012
Which way is up is just a band
November 8th, 2012
Twiligh's rule just wants you to lead you to gay porn.
Sally acorn just wants you to lead you to gay porn.
Lopunny just wants to lead to you to gay porn.
Furries just lead you to gay porn.
Why was gay porn invented??????!!!!!!
October 16th, 2012
@Advertisement: They're not even a real country, anyway. >_>
@DarkMario: Minecraft sucks? That game is more addicting that bacon-wrapped cocaine.
Da J Man
August 24th, 2012
@Bruce the Hedgehound: Type: "I hate it when" in the search bar, add any letter (Preferably V) and see what happens.
@Super Bluey: 1. I already explained why Other M is horrible.

2. Since the original on the NES.
Why Metroid other m is horrible? I can't even understand you, sir/ma'am.

Since when Metroids are in Kid Icarus?
WOW......why do people search such weird things ;-;
Oh yeah. I was looking up something for Metroid Prime 3 but came across these two. And since I was too lazy to make two seperate posts, how bout a double feature?

1. Let's address this one... Why does Other M royally suck? Well because it systematicly crumbled Samus' image. Not only that but this could have been excused had they done a better job with the narative, but obviously they didn't.... Seriously, I had a hard time believeing that the Samus here was the same Samus that torched the SPace Pirates on several occasions.

2. Funny story about this one. if you've played Kid Icarus Uprising(if you have a 3DS and this game is not currently in your library, I legitimatly feel sorry for you.) then you'll no doubt see "Metroids" in the game. Thing is in the game they're called "Komaytos". Now here's the interesting bit, it's a shortened version of the word "Kometotroido" which translates to "Child Metroid". It's actually quite clever. Heck, the whole game kinda pays homage to Nintendo's history in a way. ANyways, srsly, get this game.
-77 turns me on .-.
@ josephcomics
those were pointed out in previous pages already.
What the fu-