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Accepting Author Applications

anyone who can draw pokemon really well on the computer or paper can join. PLEASE NO CURSING OR POSTING ANYTHING RATE PGT13 OR UP!
thank you.
Apply as a Co-Author
Go on a virtual art gallery filled with tons and tons of pokemon art!
whether it's hand drawn, sprited, or drawn on the computer, any pokemon lover will find something they like!
why are you reading this? check it out for yourself!

Also note that all artwork here is fan made, we do not own Pokemon, nor do we claim ownership of the Pokemon company, Pokemon belongs to (c)Nintendo

Do not steal another person's artwork from this and claim it as your own, ask the artist for permission and state sources if you wish to redistribute or re-post the art anywhere else on the web.
Thank you.

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January 19th, 2016
Best pic eva. Nya. Sometimes I wish I could look like this. Nya.
October 30th, 2015
I think uploading something should revive the site!