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Fire At Will

It's been a while since we've updated. Mainly due to the main author taking his own life back in 2012...

R.I.P. Boss Stevens.

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Redone on Oct 12, 2019.
Redone: Oct. 12, 2019
Oh yeah! Decided to draw this one.

Though looking back on it now, I could do better.
@BasherTheUC: Thank you.
I'm sorry for you're loss.
Sadly, she lacks navigation skills.
Hehehehehe! I miss moments like this...
@StormTheHedgehog: He was the guy who made this comic series, pretty much. A really good friend and role-player. I knew him for many years.

I don't hate you for not knowing something. That's a stupid reason to hate someone. :)
I'm probably gonna be hated alot for this but....who is Boss Stevens?
I should have made this a lot sooner. Considering he passed away in February. :(
ok so it squeeked his music but how can his music squeek if it..wait what <.>
@Boss Stevens: With muscles like THOSE! Yeah! XD
Orion IS VERY strong! So it makes sense! ^^;
This is what happens when you grab the ass of a muscular dude that happens to look girly from behind. You get punched hard enough you go flying in front of the Flying Fortress! XD
@Boss Stevens: Agreed! o.o;
@Spar Elric: XD Sucks to be Fuzzy then.