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The Surfer and the Merman

by BoxOfChocolatesXxX
Skye is a young, blonde surfer living in a small, ocean-side town. With his family and friends away for the summer, he is very lonely....until he acquires a new, fairly odd roommate.
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3 Years Ago
Skye is a young, blonde surfer living in a small, ocean-side town. With his family and friends away for the summer, he is very lonely....until he acquires a new, fairly odd roommate.

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@GamerFangirl: I've always thought that from the start. Especially that scene where L is under the rain, all wet and stuff(that's so weird yet so magnificent to say)
@YukixKaname1: The real question is: How much tongue are they going to use(A LOT)
^^ (Guest)
November 2nd, 2017
I like ur story
I really like ur story on devientart, I think you should continue it here as well. ^^
Omg. Can't take it no more. Makr more please
February 24th, 2017
omg what a surprise
I remember reading this on deviantart YEARS ago and absolutely loving it, even though it's on hiatus I'm so excited to find it here!
August 15th, 2016
I like that Cyan has blue fingernails it's adorable!
requested on Patreon
I've always pictured in my mind Skye being more on the muscular side, but I didn't have the artistic skill to draw him the wanted I wanted. Here's my attempt at a "buff" Skye. Now he looks like a blonde Makoto Tachibana....
Cyan's favorite food is fish. <3 (note: eating fish doesn't make Cyan a cannibal! only eating another mer-person would make him a cannibal. big fish eat smaller fish all the time) ;)

Special thanks to the folks on Patreon who have supported me <3 <3 <3
A re-draw of the scene when Skye and Cyan's shared their first kiss in the backyard pool <3

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Hi, everyone! I hope that you're having a good 2016 so far! :)

I check my email pretty regularly on deviantart, youtube, smackjeeves, etc. and I get messages from people nearly every day asking for a continuation of my original series, "The Surfer and the Merman." Even though the story ended a couple years ago people still seem to be interested in it. So I thought I'd finally give people what they want and create more content for "The Surfer and the Merman"!!

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December 10th, 2015
I love this comic
November 21st, 2015
Stop kissing his butt skye... -_- Oh well, he does need to apologize for that random erotic act...
Just for fun I drew my two OCs together, Cyan and Shiro ^^
Cyan is so adorable and lovable.

Who wouldn't love this guy!!

Anyways, I wish this story would be continued! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT IS OVER. it over?

Cj (Guest)
August 17th, 2015
Oh my gosh. The panel where Skye is lifting Cyan is TO cute! XD And, why? Just why?
Cj (Guest)
August 17th, 2015
Thing are getting erotic again, and sooo soon... Ehhh... At least Cyan's cuteness makes it alright...