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Accepting Author Applications

alright BRAVEWOLFD disappeared so allof you that wanted in now is your chance

send an application comic and your sprites to zachonator then watch for an invite to join
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the tournament that causes ultimate destruction!
welcome to the end! when you enter you fight for your life! the prize? you survive, and you are given one free wish, or a cookie, your choice. there are 8 fighters, and 3 judges.

inspired by team skeluso eternal dominance

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That's all she wrote.
just end him and update
Apparently Mage dissapeared again without a word. Zach is gone too.

And no word from our pirate in a hood yet, either.
so... update yet?
@kinny-man: but your character is a female... steel doesnt hit women.
@kinny-man: Too much roxxor for human eyes.
If only I could fight Steel or Dacer. That'd Roxxor.
That'd Roxxor hard.
Cool page man! Glad to see this update! Can't wait for my fight.
@Tex: say he did it so fast that steel we didnt see him.
I forgot to mention you need to introduce an element into the amp field before Dacer can summon it.

My bad ^^'
Most of the competitors are making me nervous because the visual effects they use surpass anything i could ever
dream of doing, I have to get crazy on my fight choreography if i hope to stand a chance
btw, the reason the bg is a bit different was cuz the color worked well with the flame tone.

since i didnt want to be constantly putting fire in the bg, i just got different colored buildings. hope you guys dont mind.
Hey ALL!
sorry it took so long. i actually started this a while ago but then had computer problems.
i finally finshed it off today.

anyway summary:
Steel is pretty hot from dacer's previous fire power. dacer plays it then uses his elemental ice ability to freeze him up. then tries to finish off steel with that special arrow he did earlier to blow up a car.
however, Steel was able to quickly merge part of himself into the metal road and drilled out, slashing dacer on the back. dacer avoided any further damage. the two fighters get ready to end the duel.


anyway, sorry its late. hope you guys liked it. i had fun making it. other than the ice-spikes, all the effects were custom. and the quick drawings were fun too.

see ya'll later... if i win.
update is almost done
sorry guys, i was on a religious retreat.

i'm back now. my update will be soon.
@godmoderncommander: not gonna lie. i'd do the same thing.
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: I can't help it if I get hungry and shows a perfect chance to have a cookout. XD
@godmoderncommander: wow thanks for your support "bro".