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In the Fiend world, once you make a contract, it's buyer beware, even if you're soul swindled. With no defense, get ready for an eternity of hellish torment. That is, unless you find yourselves a good lawyer.. wip & extras! - Trailer

-Main Comic (Not BL) contains horror and graphic violence.
-Bonus Comics contain sexual content/BL.


Recent Comments

March 25th, 2017
@ZHODY the delfinator: ah haha, you're right! Need to fix that soon.
Isn't it 'Au contraire'?
Is he blackmailing the little demon?
Wait, why is she getting involved? Wasn't this between Lumens and them?
March 10th, 2017
ok... it's been a while since I go on Smackjeeves and I discovered you always draw thos comics *-*
I had so much to read!!! I am soooo happy *-*
@Myung: Too bad he's little more than bite-sized for those demons.
March 10th, 2017
@artificer urza: hehe, may have bitten off more than he can chew
Running out of steam, Lumens?
artificer urza
February 20th, 2017
Preemptive ambulance chasing?
artificer urza
January 16th, 2017
Dealing with demons is always a gambled. You have to stack the deck in your favour because otherwise they will cheat.
artificer urza
December 19th, 2016
This is no market, it's a circus!
December 18th, 2016
@Samsama: in case this comment makes no sense (which i'm sure it doesn't), i was referring to the necklace. for some reason that was the first thing i noticed :)
the rest looks cool too tho!!
December 18th, 2016
i literally just finished gravity falls and i must say i don't trust bill cipher to treat simon any better than the other humans he weirdified
artificer urza
December 7th, 2016
So, they've gone digital? Upgraded the demon black market for the 21st century? Or does it reflect the era it's in?
artificer urza
December 7th, 2016
Plus there would probably be a lot of collateral damage from such an action.
December 6th, 2016
ahhh, I'm curious '0'
November 24th, 2016
@artificer urza: Hehe, the reason is two fold. Simon's in it for the long con
artificer urza
November 21st, 2016
Make a big commotion to get the guy in charge's attention. There are so many ways that could have ended fatally.
artificer urza
October 20th, 2016
Too coherent and vivid for a dream.
October 11th, 2016
@artificer urza: Perhaps....Unless Simon has a trick up his sleeve