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The World of Gays
this is The World of Gays.
no WOMAN, no GIRLS,they are not exist in this world.
boys can get pregnant and married.
this comic are fully FICTION,fantasy,and 18+ stories.
i just wanted to make a new world that only boys exist,this comic will have another stories around the world,i just focus on to write and draw a full stories about man only,this comic are only my private desire of yaoi,I really wanted draw this kind of stories :P

this comic Contain BL (BOYS LOVE) or YAOI.
Enjoy :D

it will be updated every FRIDAY.
and of course random updated if i'm busy.
but it will updated weekly. :)


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yaoiluvsguys (Guest), 04 Apr 2015 02:48 am
Coward much?
You let the words of an asshole of a TOTAL STRANGER, make you stop writing something you've put all this work into and that many people love. If you're just going to give up like that, then maybe you shouldn't have started writing/drawing this story in the first place. If you're not prepared for haters, then don't even publish anything to us. All you're doing is making us disappointed.
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anon890 (Guest), 21 Jun 2014 05:08 am
@Wuruphin: Fine go ahead and give up, but realize the hundreds and thousands of gays that deal with bullying and harassment because of who they are, realize that if you give up now, your saying were weak and that all it takes is a bullying and hurtful words. Yes its true the worlds biggest lie is sticks and stones, but who gives a damn? You have hundreds of people who like your comic, you have people who support you whether it be openly or not. Understand your not alone and truly i would not want you to give up, many artists have been criticized and put down for their dreams but they are great artists because they didnt give up. Don't let this z person put you down, if all they can do is spam you and send you hateful words then fine, dont read the letters dont get caught up in the drama. Be who you are and dont let anyone bring you down your a beautiful person for sharing a part of your dream. I wish the best of your decisions and hope you find a dream to continue comics, whether it be gay world or not but dont let them bring you down. Ill support you no matter what! :D good luck
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charminganime1092, 18 Aug 2013 10:46 pm
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Owl (Guest), 17 Aug 2013 07:42 pm
Don't stop!
No! Please make more! These are great! Moooore!
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timni15, 08 Sep 2012 03:42 pm
Well you should just block whoever this Z person is. He/She is most likely a hater that has no use in life. That is so mean! But don't worry, notice how that person isn't commenting or anything. They are a coward, just shut him out okay? We all love you and want you to do what you want, even if that means no updates.
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me (Guest), 23 Aug 2012 02:26 pm
@Another guy
if you don't like it, don't read it. I can't stand people that don't understand that simple concept!
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Another guy (Guest), 14 Aug 2012 11:14 am
This story is pretty fucking offensive, just saying.
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LoveMeAlways :D, 04 Aug 2012 02:57 pm
awwwz, i love takeru xD
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LoveMeAlways :D, 04 Aug 2012 02:52 pm
lol the newspaper..."uke orgy" ha nice, also can the seme get preggers only if he becomes the bottom?
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Cherryss, 18 Jul 2012 05:27 pm
@Wuruphin:aww dont be like that wuruphin you can do it!! don't let one person stoping you from doing what you love prove to him/her you can still continue this story


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