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Everyday adventures of Bear and Honey.

A new adventure every weekend!

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Finished binging.
MORE I say!!
What, no bathroom outlets?
Isn't this just asking to get arrested?
decaf DOES have a little caffeine you know
For me it's always like "I wanna go see the armpit-theater!"

though it'd be funnier if you thought it was an ampith-eater. like it eats ampiths and is an animal.
Gotta admit i've always dug the idea of using only my favorites or my favorite types as kind of a challenge.
ColdFusion (Guest)
September 28th, 2016
Sailor Earth was Tuxedo Kamen, silly!
ColdFusion (Guest)
September 28th, 2016
Jeez I actually hate it when people reply glibly to my random noises with slightly-related knee-jerk noises..
Just so you know.
I read the conditioner bottles too.
Weekly updates is a dream now. It'll update whenever hearthstone is down.
and by viewers like you
Thank you
This comic
Was brought to you by Honey.
All the time
Has this
Ever happened to you?
Wowie 150 comics!
Now you know the Bear and Honey secret.
I totally forgot
To update last week. My bad. :0 I don't really have a good excuse.
i remember playing that game with my friends too haha
It's not my fault...
The game forces you to lie.
At least you lost weight!
@kirby knight 1000: It said "AH", in Japanese hiragana. Referencing something they do in azumanga daioh.