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by Yunna Zee
In this world demons plague the living, only kept in check by exorcists. Humans with the ability or training needed to send them back to the fiery pits from which they crawled. Hellen Grant (D.A.) is one such exorcist, however she's a special kind known as a 'Host' or a human bound with a supernatural entity (angel/demon/or spirit) and given the powers to fight off demons on a more physical plane.
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7 Years Ago

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I'm looking for a Toniest to help me with my comic. Send me some samples of your work, and let me know how often you can work on the pages. As I will be updating either weekly or monthly (if monthly it'll be several pages at a time) so you have to be able to do more than 1 page a week sometimes.
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In this world demons plague the living, only kept in check by exorcists. Humans with the ability or training needed to send them back to the fiery pits from which they crawled. Hellen Grant (D.A.) is one such exorcist, however she's a special kind known as a 'Host' or a human bound with a supernatural entity (angel/demon/or spirit) and given the powers to fight off demons on a more physical plane.


Recent Comments

Yunna Zee
June 29th, 2012
I was trying something different with this page. I hope it turned out okay.
May 25th, 2012
And Suddenly Your Back
Back with a major art overhaul. Of course it pulls more contrast then the others....

Actually I have to say its an amazing art change. The cross hatching helps a lot for the shadows, though the normal hatching does just as much. The detail jumped off the wall from where it was. Especially the floor in the top panel.

Quite beautiful actually. I'm mostly just stunned by the change, cant really form to many words here.....
February 28th, 2012
I havnt really had a whole lot of time to do any reviews so Ill just sum up the last few and this one in a quick one.

Your doing great for your first comic. There are minor details, but at this point I really dont think I need to point them out as much, you get what I mean that anyone can find anything wrong with anything at all.

Instead Im going to adress what I find as the most important thing, the dead space you leave on your pages. You seem to leave a fairly large amount of dead, or white, space on your pages, and for overall effect, this isnt good. The black boxes you used on this page are a good way to fill that space, but they are a little obvious. Maybe use something a little more subtle, or make a motif out of it and use it alot, though you would have to match your style to it a bit.

Over all, your doing great for a first comic, given a bit more time it will probably be great. I really cant say I will ever get as far as you do, though thats because im more of a writer then an artist.

If anything I wish you luck with your comic, and Ill probably post another check up soon, when I have time. But Yes, I am reading this comic as new pages come out, just havnt had a whole lot of time with school....
Andrea C.Castro
February 28th, 2012
wooow!!... sooooooooo niceeeeeeee wuu +fav n.n!
Yunna Zee
February 6th, 2012
This is a re-do of the original which I thought was really bland. Sadly it isn't as dark as it should be and for now I can't make it darker, so it may be updated at some point to a darker version.
January 31st, 2012
This one..... Already done it before, no point to do it again... Lol
January 17th, 2012
I really hope my critisizims are helping. Also I dont know that the word has four Is or not, so im just going with it.

I've realized that im looking at this comic a little differently then I should, so im going to try to ignore the parts that I shouldn't be critisizing with this kind of art.... (Took quite a while to notice that... Bad perseption on my part...)

I can only recommend two things at this point. First being the head, rather that there is no shading below it to the neck, making it look like she has some kind of deformity...

Second is to focus on your backgrounds a little more, not that bad in this particular page, but staying attentive helps.

Even so, A much better start for your comic then mine, so keep it up!
Yunna Zee
January 17th, 2012
I know
Again not my best, but I still love it! <3
I've tried re-doing it about 3 times now and I can't get it right, so yeah... Gonna let that one alone...
Yunna Zee
January 17th, 2012
Not my best
This one isn't one of my best, but I have to move on! I can't just keep editing them over and over. Which I will do to the last minute normally because I don't ever seem to think the page is the best it could be. ((Accursed couch did this to me))
But they get much, much better from here on out. Don't worry about that. ((I'm very far ahead on the pages themselves, it's my need to re-do them every other day that's doing me in LOL))
January 10th, 2012
The Accursed Couch we've been hearing about!

Critisizm: Relitively simple problems this time.

From what I can see with your couch problem, it may be that there is no effect of her being on the couch in a sence. She is steping on it, yet it retains shape, Drawing the cushion so that it looks like she is putting all of her wait on it before the other foot hits the ground and moving the foot down further to match that would probably fix one of the major problems. The same holds true with the first two pannels, Putting slight wrinkles where her hand is gripping the couch and where her foot is just starting to meet the couch's surface would help tremendously.

As for the final part, im not sure how that is intended if it was supposed to be grayscale then making her hair a bit darker or the toning that overlaps with her hair more frequent, increasing density, would have made her stand out a little more then just a flat one shade drawing of her with some lines to add detail.

Over all good page, Not too bad all things considered. In the end it probably would have been fine just to put this out in the first place, you could be working on even more challanging work already, but still, you were not sure, which shows that you actually care for your comic.

Just try to take my advice, and see what you like and don't. Doing that helps develop your art style and improve it.

Now I just need to learn how to draw..... Then again, im too lazy to ever try......

Great to see you back, and sorry for the long post!
Yunna Zee
January 8th, 2012
Yes it’s the last part of part one, from this point my shading and toning will be by hand, as I am/will be working without a computer for some time. I’m moving and I haven’t gotten the money for a computer yet so it’ll just be easier for me to shade by hand so that when I do have computer access I only have to upload things instead of waist time editing and shading and toning.
Yunna Zee
January 8th, 2012
That’s right its back, sadly this is the picture I couldn’t get right. I still can’t come up with anything better. But you all have been so patient so I’ve edited this one up as best as I could so that we can move on with the story. There is no foreseeable delay in the near future for at least the next month so enjoy your new pages. ^-^ Page five and the last of the “preview” pages of part one of Chapter one will be out next Tuesday from there my style of toning my change or it may not. You’ll just have to wait to see.
December 17th, 2011
Lol, hopefuly you can manage to get it to work! Great intermission pic either way though!
Yunna Zee
December 17th, 2011
Sorry I’ve been trying to draw Hellen jumping over the couch for a few weeks now and I haven’t gotten it right. So until I do (and hopefully that will be soon) you’ll have to just live with the picture of me losing my cool over it and throwing everything on the desk during my very real mental breakdown over this issue.

(No comic pages were hurt in the making of this intermission picture, however I was made to look like an idiot because of it…)
December 13th, 2011
Critisizim time!

Nothing wrong with the first two pannels, this one is actually pretty hard to critisize.

Everything ive got pretty much comes in on the bottom half.

For one, the Spirit Balls are almost a completly different object compared to their previous portrayal, aka last page, They look as if they were drawn in in a rush, which could be true, and it does degrade the page just a small bit.

Second, her shoe. While its a good design, making another wrinkle or so would make it look more like a shoe then a sock on her foot. Not that it does, it is still identifiable, but it doesnt look right in my oppinion.

Her face is the last possible critisizim, I know the angle is difficult, but in that possition, complete removal of the left eye would have been more appropriate then drawing it under the hair.

One final thing that has been a constant, I dont know if this is intentonal, but the floor looks like it isnt flat, like its bending all over the place instead of one flat surface. Adding a bit of depth to them would help, for instance making a darker gap between the planks and making cracks in some of them, along with making them look more then just flat white squares. It may be difficult, but it would help the overall feel of the page. The same with the walls, they are just one big square.

Great Page, Love the enphasis on the sword, and deffinitly the coat, it is well designed at from what I can see. Maybe work on making the background stuff (The couch and Bookshelf) not look so out of place, though the wall and floor may fix that. Good page, hope your comic gets popular too! Though 23 fans on mine isnt all that much.....
Yunna Zee
December 12th, 2011
Up coming character
I haven't gotten where I'll bring her in yet, but this is an upcoming character in the series. No she doesn't have the tail in the series I'm sorry; but it is fitting for her.
Yunna Zee
December 12th, 2011
This is Christian, in color. He's Hellen's unwanted partner and the youngest of the Angel Brothers (they ran the Angel Foundation) with the eldest being Alexander who is the head of the company.
His theme again I do not own, but I thought I should mention that for most of the song it sounds as if he is talking to Hellen, however at the begining it is to/about someone else. (You'll have to wait to find out who)
Yunna Zee
December 12th, 2011
This is the main character Hellen, in color. All later character pages will be in color and this format (though all will not have Themes).
I do not own the themes, they're just songs I listened to that the lyrics just popped out as that character for me.
If you find a song you think would fit a character that doesn't have a theme already let me know and I'll look it up. ^-^
December 6th, 2011
Yet again, perfect spheres, but it wont take long for those to go away.

My constructive Critisizim:

Her iris look a little too big for eye itself, this may be a character trait, but its large even by a Manga standard, rather dropping it about 1-2 milimeters and making it a small amount more of a circle will help, the right side has a sharper curve then the left causing it to look like an oval in some cases. Having the eye cross behind the hair isnt as bad as the eye not being circular, considering the human iris and pupil are circular.

The stars in the background are inconsistant, this may be intentional, but going from stars to the star of david is a little much of a jump....

Finnaly Im loving that button on the jacket, from what I can tell It looks like a skull, making stitches in the mouth, if there arnt any, will make it look more skull like, and making atleast one visable will help give off what it is supposed to be. If it isnt a skull, well you may want to consider making it one, unless it doesnt fit with the character.

Great page, one other problem is that the text litteraly looks like it came from a text editor, dont nessicarily Hand write it, but finding new text fonts that fit would be easier, there are sites on the internet that give a wide varity of text you can use! Most for free!

Also, I think im going to do this on Every Page, It will help you as an artist and author, ill start critisizing the plot once that starts developing more, two pages arnt enough!
Yunna Zee
December 3rd, 2011
@Incuro, yeah I did this on the Windows 7 Paint on my computer, so it does look too perfect. I've got the first few pages done like this, but it takes forever so I'm switching to pen instead of paint for the second half of chapter one.