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The country is devoid of life save for five people who try to stay alive the best that they can.


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Comment on 0575
resurrectionnow, 30 Oct 2014 11:42 pm
@ErrePi: cool! Are you learning the double bass, or bass guitar?
I play the bass guitar and got callouses in 2 weeks > <
just don't overwork your fingers
Comment on 0575
crossstitch, 26 Oct 2014 07:31 pm
I'm not entirely fond of the site due to its limitations but that's cool!
Comment on 0575
R.I.P, 26 Oct 2014 07:08 pm
Well I'm not really on Inkblazers, so I'll probably just wait on here for updates (depends if more comics I follow end up on Inkblazers, there's a few but not enough yet for me to jump ship here just yet haha), just hope you won't mind my dorky comments being like...months behind haha.

Also with blisters, try getting a clean pin and piercing it (obviously have tissues or something readily available to soak up the pus). I know it sounds crazy, but it'll release the pressure, and I normally find it hurts considerably less afterwards.)

Hope that helps. :D *Gross tip*
Comment on 0575
Palliris Kiessa, 26 Oct 2014 01:15 pm
So does that mean that i have to subscribe as in pay to read it ?? I mean i can buy the books once they are run (most likely) but ehhhhhhhh this move sucks just a little :(

(But on another not i hope everyone else finds the move better i guess ?? Bc ypure comic is still gonna be hella rad whether i can read it two fucking months late or not i guess
Comment on 0572
ErrePi, 26 Oct 2014 07:44 am
@Gol: But I love melting people's hardened hearts.

@Guest: Awwww! YOU'RE SO SWEET. Yeah, I enjoyed writing them actually talking to each other and enjoying the other's company, haha.

Aw, I'm glad you love all my characters, I love them too so it makes me really glad to know the readers feel the same way! THANK YOU, you're so sweet!

@Pallris Kiessa: Haha. Without spoiling anything, things happen between him and Richard.

Ok, cool! I'll mark you down as interested.

@R.I.P: Hmmm. Probably not until December but yeah, I'll keep you guys on the up and up!

But... I love getting messages. You are not deterring me.
Comment on 0575
ErrePi, 26 Oct 2014 07:26 am

My fingers are killing me due to a gigantic blister. I've started to learn bass again but I had stopped for a couple months and lost my callous. Poop.

In other actual news, uh. I'm gonna be moving the comic to Inkblazers What does that mean for you?

Well, the way they have it set up is subscribers will get to read the comic two months ahead of non-subscribers meaning, YEAH. I know, I just came back from hiatus but it's gonna go on break for two months while the subscriber catches up and then I'll keep updating on here two months behind.

Sorta bummer news.

Um, I'm also definitely gonna print some more LbaMM volumes, it's not gonna be a large run, there's more info on my tumblr. Anyways, uh. I hope you continue to support the comic whether through Inkblazers or here. Thanks!
Comment on 0572
R.I.P, 19 Oct 2014 09:14 pm
I might* be interested, just let us know when it's happening :D

You don't need status updates for all of them, else you'd probably end up with more of my dorky messages hahaha.

(*Might as in: thinly disguised excitement over revelation.)
Comment on 0572
Palliris Kiessa, 19 Oct 2014 06:24 pm

I WASNT ABLE TO GET A COPY BEFORE SO I AM TOTALLY INTERESTED and ahhh yes i am so into the diversity of these characters and am patiently awaiting the moment that he will tell richard he likes him VuV
Comment on 0572
Guest, 19 Oct 2014 06:04 am
; v;!!!!!!
people may say this to you a lot but your comic is so wonderful and so beautiful, these last pages broke my heart and made me feel happy at the same time, i love that these two are having a decent conversation at last!! aaaaaaaahhh im seriously in love with your characters, they are so well-done and so cute and pretty and askdaldkslad, they are perfect
im sorry if dont make sense i just wanted to tell you this and yeah...hahaha i love your comic a lot
Comment on 0572
Gol, 18 Oct 2014 10:37 pm
@ErrePi: God damn it what now they're getting on? Stop making me feel the things. >:U


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