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Protecting A Psycho

by metal weirdo100
Keeping a homicidal psychopath from being caught is never easy. Being in a shape-shifter in a cat-people world doesn't help either.

Enter the life of three strange companions living together in order to survive a hostile world.

Warning: There is Het, BL, and GL in this comic, violence, gore, dark humor, and a lot of sarcasm.

Updates will be every Tuesday, hopefully.
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7 Years Ago
Keeping a homicidal psychopath from being caught is never easy. Being in a shape-shifter in a cat-people world doesn't help either.

Enter the life of three strange companions living together in order to survive a hostile world.

Warning: There is Het, BL, and GL in this comic, violence, gore, dark humor, and a lot of sarcasm.

Updates will be every Tuesday, hopefully.

Recent Comments

January 2nd, 2013
That is the most creative page title I have ever seen. XD
Hey look, I actually updated.
I feel so bad about it that I can't even express how much I feel.
So, take this as my apology.
Also, I have a new computer, so the SAI I downloaded onto it doesn't seem to like me. And when I tried to add in Likia's blood, it wouldn't save.
So yeah, pretend!!!!
metal weirdo100
December 16th, 2012
@Spencuh: Actually, I've never heard that quote, but it sounds pretty accurate.
Aand I'm sorry that you lost your dad and grandma.
August 30th, 2012
Well I lost my dad when I was 10 and my grandma 2 years ago, its never easy to deal with losing someone you knew, but life goes on as they say, all we can do is pull through it. I saw or heard somewhere this quote, maybe you can remind me on it of where it is from. "When you are born, you cry and people are happy, but when you die, you are happy and they are crying"

it sounds different from how I heard it, but its the same general idea.

Uhh.. that is all I have at the moment >.>
@Spencuh: Thats horrible. Middle schoolers are the worst when it comes to that. We just had another student die last week, and the day after the horrible crash in the middle school the deceased's little brother had someone come up to him and literally say 'I am glad it didn't happen to me and I'm sorry for your loss'. I dont understand how cruel you must become to say that.
Death is never easy, and people should never act like that over a death.
August 15th, 2012
Well many years ago when I was in 8th grade, I knew this one 7th grader, we never talked much and we werent really friends, but I would say hi to him occasionally. Well one day he was doing the "Choking game" with a belt around his neck.The same year a guy in high school was in the football team and they had a game. He ended up damaging his skull and later dying, I am not sure how he hurt it, I would imagine he hit the goal post. But more people cared about the one in high school than the 7th grader.So many people acted like they cared about the kid, but didn't :/
Ohoho, I think I know why. fufufu...
3 months...I am so sorry guys. I don't even have a good excuse other than I got distracted by...fanfictions...>///> Can you ever forgive me?

But I'm back now, and I am even hoping to make it a constant update, like every Tuesday.
Of course, until school is back, it'll only be every other Tuesday since I'll be at my dad's house for every other week.

Anyway here! An update, and a change in art...slightly! :D It's like, ten times better and I'm very happy about that.

Heh, this mysterious Kimi has Pandora all flustered. Wonder why?

EDIT: I forgot the bruising on Kilos's neck, DAMMIT
I know every artist says this, but school is taking over. Tests are coming up, and I seriously need to keep my grades up and perfect, so I'm studying and trying to get as prepared as I possibly can.
But have no fear, school is nearly out, and soon, SOON MY LOVELY THREE FANS, I will have plenty of time to update out of the wazoo! >w< HAVE FAITH.

I am not exactly proud of this page, mainly because Kilos is a butt and doesn't seem to look right whenever I draw him (YES KILOS IS A HIM.)

But, I updated, so I am happy.


Pandora looks more curvy than she should.
Okay, first, I'M SO SORRY FOR THE LACK OF UPDATES. I've been wrapped up in new ideas for drawings and this story I'm making. Plus, I was having a tough time trying to draw these guys, I haven't drawn them in a while.
Second, I'm sorry for no colors, too! I was making this a few days ago, and was nearly done with it when suddenly it began to storm. And not one of the boom boom pow storms, but more of the I'LL-KILL-YOU-EASILY storm that scared the bejeebuz out of me. So I saved and turned off my laptop so it wouldn't crash somehow(It happened to my dad's computer, so I'm not taking ANY chances)then grabbed my dog, and me and my sister were off to my neighbors so we wouldn't die alone. XD

But yeah. Sai is a butt, and doesn't let you color a page after you close it, so I had no choice but to just shade as best I could, and deal.
:D So, here you go.
Hmmmmmmm, i dont wanna give anything away, but im excited! :3
Look! I updated earlier than the last time! I am happy.
Anywaaaaay, here we go, a bigger page than usual as well. I am on faia!
....I need a life.
Flippin', NEVER WATCH PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3. It has more pop-ups.
I was in a awkward position, with a blanket covering my entire body, head included, with just half of one eye stuck out to watch the movie.
...I'm a wuss.
here we have them talking and Pandora thinking she's imagining things, which she WASN'T, but she doesn't know that. And then a clang.
Whoever could it be~?
I figured a while ago that I was going to make Likia intelligent beyond most beings, or appear so, since those who know here believe she's just a insane homocidal freak who can change her form.
Actually though, she is amazingly smart, and extremely bitter, almost as much as Pandora.
Pandora is her lead protector, keeps her well stocked on victims, and out of the police hands.
Likia despises her for now, but I'm gonna make her learn to respect Pandora, and Kilos once he appears.
...Soon he will.

ANYWAY. Yeah, evil eye. As you can see, Pandora is surprised to see another emotion OTHER than insane happiness.
Woo violence!
....I am so very sorry for the extreme lateness,
I HAVE SHORT ATTENTION SPAN. AND EXAMS. And I had a sudden Adventure Time fad going, it's still going actually, but I have now channelled my crazy drawing ideas into this comic as well, so hopefully updates will be more early.
Man, I fail.
I'M SIXTEEEN! Have been for...a few days now. XD Too lazy to count.
Anywho, enjoy!
metal weirdo100
December 12th, 2011
Yesterday morning, two people died four hours apart. One overdosed on drugs, another lost control of her car and crashed head on into a truck.
I didn't know either of them, but many of my friends did. And it killed them, which killed me.
It was depressing. Today morning, hardly a word was said at the Junior hallway. Absolutely silent. People crying, and my teacher was trying to hold himself together during class.
It was difficult to see all my friends who knew them, depressed and crying and me trying to comfort them, support them and make things better, knowing I am unable to.
It hurt so bad. All those emotions in one place, it filled me up and drained me dry. I'm aching, and hurting, and I was forced to fight with my sister because she tried to say her day was worse(She got called a bitch) and make me feel guilty about wanting to watch the news(Channel 11 came in our school to tell about it)
Lives are ruined now, futures. And it hurts.
I'm better now, of course. But today just overall...
I know this isn't a update, but I doubt I could just a day this happened.
I like her....outfit. XD
Ahh, not really proud of this picture, but I was making it while watching Kung Fu Panda, then Horton Hears a Who, so I was kinda distracted while drawing.
Anyway! The typical in the alleyway routine. Likia isn't even trying anymore.
Don't like the girl, she ain't gonna survive.


AnimeFan: I missed them too man, they were fun to draw. Still are!
November 22nd, 2011
YAY!! I missed these guys sooooo much! :,D

Im glad you brought them back. <3
metal weirdo100
November 15th, 2011
First page!
Hallo everyone! I originally made this comic before, but it was so horrible(And luckily no fans) so I deleted it and am retrying it!!
So here we have the cover page! Enjoy.