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Diary comic of Vi, William, and Alex.


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Third down, second, third and fourth across were my favorites.
@ErrePi: haha I sort of suspected that it might of have been not real (I did a lot of digging) but, I was really liking the comic so I just ignore that and continued to enjoy it. I have truly enjoyed what you have written thank you.
@Panduhr: Guhhhhhh. Oh my god.

Your comment made me really, really happy. Thank you so much! I accept your love graciously.
Hi wow
Was super confused at first till' I went digging.
You.. You are one of the most fantastical people on the planet. Really amazing. I felt like he was real. Can I shower you with love? Yes? Okay.
*love love love*
Thank you.
@Panduhr: Heyyyy, you found me! I draw and write David Doesn't Get It, hello.

@redleaveshavefallen: Eh?! Nothing about this should indicate that I am cute, not at all.

Haha, I thought the anatomy was weird at first, like the heads were too small, and it kinda feels like they were trying to, uh, transition from a moe style they're known for to a more realistic, BL style. Say if I'm blinded by fandom, but I got used to it, eventually, hahaha.
You are such a cutie, and I'm glad you have such nice frienships in your life. That sounds just blissful. ;u;

Oh gosh, Free!, it's hard for me to watch becaused of the anatomy. I have no idea what they were thinking. They all look like scary, ribbed monsters and it makes me cry.
You wouldn't happen to know this comic, do you?
The styles are strikingly similar.
I'm not the type of person to document my life, I rarely take photos, I rarely do much of anything, I just kinda assume that if the memory is good, I'll end up remembering it. If not, I'll forget it.

I'm having a hard time moving away, I have to move all the way across the country from a place I've spent my whole life so I've been basically moping around and taking stock of my surroundings one last time, haha. I think it's 'cause I know, somewhere, there's very little chance of me coming back here to live.

Drawing this comic reminded me that I had spent July 4th with my other friend, Ashwara. I had completely forgotten until Alex and I were watching the fireworks. I had gone up to visit Ashwara in Boston and we had spent July 4th on the roof of his apartment watching the fireworks. Kinda makes me wonder how many good times I forgot over the years?

To end, if anyone doesn't get the joke about the trees, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, they indicate you've watered a flower by having is sparkle.

ALSO. People who say just 'cause I'm a fujoshi I should get along with other fujoshis? Those are probably the type of people to think females befriend each other easily just be being females! IT'S ABOUT THE PAIRINGS, GODDAMMIT. As I've found out from my many years of being into BL, I tend to like one of the least popular pairings which is the ONLY thing holding together mine and Alex's friendship!

@Justea: It's just about a comic I'm in no way affiliated with! You can probably figure it out, haha.
Why are those two names censored??? What are you hidingggggg
@ErrePi: He seems to really enjoy life!!
omg Shin and Sena!?
that's totes one of my OTP's too
Alex was just yelling about OTPs that she liked and I realized when she interrupted me, she was just sleep talking.

I don't know how long she was talking for 'cause I just fell asleep out of anger of her waking me up, haha.
I have the same problem, dude. Pisses my whole family off. XD
annoyingly bad character writing is probably why i stopped watching anime altogether.

although i miss rumiko takahashi...
and then i, too, spent 30 minutes laughing to myself.
the man of my dreams! *can't stop laughing*
As you guys may have noticed, this comic doesn't update as much as it used to. Not due to lack of interest, no. Ashwara moved out and I've been busy with adult life but we do plan on living together again. But not for awhile.

Haha. In the meantime, enjoy this comic of why A Well Lit Path always updates late.


Only the scene in Nichijou where Mio is trying to get her manga done and just yells at Yukko for five straight minutes properly expresses my feelings in working with Alex.
@ErrePi: no worries