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We hope that you are enjoying the story so far! There are still two more chapters!
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trying this out for opening.
Dani (Guest)
February 13th, 2013
On page 4, I thought the child's hat turning into the idea lightbulb was genius!
i know how to add bulk... it's called cookies.
i'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in...
when the rain comes...
thanks molto!
i'm trying not to rush this story. i've had it on my mind for a long time.
and there will be balloons!
i wish i still owned some of my elementary school book reports.
it's kinda like carbo-loading.
thanks shadowmagic! so many of my favorite kids books are limited color.
I'll say. love the shading...totally reminds me of the chills of winter. Burrrrrr *grabs a sweater*
there's an entire unexploited workforce of snowmen just ready to work out there.
oh, there will be a lesson learned!
March 28th, 2012
If this weren't a kid's book, I would be thinking "Doomed! You snow people are doomed!" I suspect they are anyway.
pyramids are cool.
top of the world, ma!
i feel like i've seen piles of snow in parking lots into the summer.
i wouldn't mind a little snow frolicking about now.