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NvP Online

NvP Online
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No, Lando isn't gay.
The rainbow colors were to emphasize the flipping-out-itude of the comic.
Just wanted to inform you...
I, nor Gulstab, have approved this comic, however we're going to let it slide because we like Portal.
February 9th, 2008
WoW Inside Joke
Make a male Draenei and type in "/silly" a few times until you understand the joke.
until what....
November 18th, 2007
The GM isn't a bot. That just makes him sound "kewler".
A few notes
This is our very first actual game comic. The short guy is a Gnomish Locksmith weilding a shuriken. Gulstab represents a Trollish Acrobat weilding Tiger Claws. Bolts are the currency of the comic. You can't actually harass newbies like that, and I'm not actually that cruel. It's to represent how scary a huge troll can be to a Lil' Gnome.
Mystery Poster
"the late ,lode" should probably log in before posting. im just lazy
Gulstab out (GB)
This makes sense. And about interviews....
He's standing...
because he's applying for NvP Online, the diner is really Gulstab's office, and Gulstab can't afford two chairs. Just picture it that way.
Bean, I oughtta slap you!
Great. Just great. You've scared away ANOTHER viewer. Sorry, Fauna, if my friend has angered you. He sure did anger me. I try hard to make good comics with a point, and you've ruined it. New comic when my computer comes back.
Lame-ey lame-ey lame-ey
Just FYI
1.The crayon is gone because it was completely used up.

2. The lines go outside the panels because Bean am'nt confimned by little black lines.

3. This was posted late (4-12) due to CPD, more on that later.
April 3rd, 2007
Whoop ass is canned now?
I'm Such a Narcicist
Man, I love how I've made my own character mature into the nice guy he is today. He has his own giant turtle, y'know.
Why Is Mr. Explode Standing While Gulstab Is Sitting? That just struck me at 2 A.M., So I posted It.Now, FATHOM IT!!!
Bitter Sarcasm
I like Steve's royal blue carpet. It compliments his hot pink paint/wallpaper.
Mystery Bowl
Those bowls that Crack is holding are filled with hot sauce, left, and human blood, right. People use guacamole as a sauce. Plants use blood as a sauce. Steve didn't put that there, tough. Slapfish stole it from somebody...

The way the comic goes is Slapfish slipping through the shadows via ceiling, Gulstab wandering in the darkness with his sword at ready, and then Crack blows their cover. You can't really tell they're in the shadows/darkness, but paint can only do so much.
I have the answers to the questions. First of all, Bean's speak-o is supposed to be there. Second, he can't get him a drink. Third, there's no room for Gulstab's turtle. Fourth, Earnest is too destructive.
Don't even go there
Kwitcher swearing, Earnest. We're trying to make a loving audience, not a pack of wild donkeys!