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Nadia is the illegitimate daughter of Hiro Yamazaki and a Nigerian woman whom owed debt to the Yakuza. Because Hiro wants his clan to become bigger, he claims Nadia as his daughter but she must wear makeup to look more 'Japanese' and to hide her bi-racial background.

Nadia, in reality, wants to grow up a normal kid.

But not until her father tells her that she is arranged to marry an heir to an equally powerful Yakuza clan. How will she get through this?

Planned to update ATLEAST one a month. Will be uploaded as a bulk. Planned to have atleast 20 chapters.

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Andrea C.Castro, 05 Apr 2012 10:47 pm
I like this cvoer I don't know why you haven't updating
this comic but you have your reasons n.n!!
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ChibiVampire, 20 Nov 2011 11:04 pm
Student Yakuza
Alright! I actually had this title a long time but never thought about using it.

Note: I know REAL Yakuza would never think about sleeping or getting near a Nigerian/Black/African-American or making the 'children' made from them an Ojou but it's a made up story, why not?

This will definitely be different than most of my comic. I like interracial couplings and idealize them but I want to make Student Yakuza a bit...different.

So I plan to upload this once a month(on top of work and school)with a 32-page bulk

SO! Enjoy the story!

ANOTHER note: I didnt draw the dragon. However in future pages, i will draw it


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