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Kirby Dream Team
Join Kirby and his Dream Team as they team up to take down evil! -Slashy

Tired of people asking about sprites, so I'm just gonna put it up here: Sprites are linked to character profiles in the Characters section. -Mels

Accepting Applications

Now we are back! looking foward to decent comic making recruits! ~ Slasher(The guy in charge)

If you are applying, fill out this bio:

only 3 characters
19/25 Authors Max
No 4th wall breaking
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Latest Comments

Comment on Crashing the Party
littlekirby61524, 2014, Aug 01
@Hanna B: I fixed the sheet, I just need to redo the comic itself now
Comment on Crashing the Party
Hanna B, 2014, Aug 01
@littlekirby61524: No there's still pink where orange should be on the sprites in the last two panels.
it's the second shade of orange that's missing that you have on panels 3 and 4 for some reason not the last two.
Comment on Aaaaaaand finally again (D3210)
Flare_The_Kirby231, 2014, Aug 01
Should I be worried about this?
Then again, he was getting beaten by a tiger, so I think we're okay.
Comment on Crashing the Party
littlekirby61524, 2014, Aug 01
@Hanna B: alright, I can fix that, and no it isn't pink, it's blue
Comment on Crashing the Party
Hanna B, 2014, Aug 01
@littlekirby61524: OK uhh I think I'm just gonna say...
Those last two panels, Lucas is kiiinda recolored oddly. Some of him is still pink it looks...um...weird? and uh...the zoom, always use a zoom multiple of 100%, so like, 200 or 300. Because the zoom is kinda...uh...weird here too.
H-hope you didn't mind me saying but uh yeah..
Comment on Crashing the Party
littlekirby61524, 2014, Aug 01
Well there's Lucas for you, he's crashed but he's still cheery, and I'm debating whether I should have someone follow him now, or show up later.

here are his Cutter sprites just in case if you need them http://prntscr.com/481j0w
http://i.imgur.com/506RzwX.png (easy to read bio)
Comment on Scanning For Plug-Ins...~DaBrokor
Firecat1311, 2014, Aug 01
now that is one massive forehead if I ever did see one
Comment on Agape's Abilities Part 1: Purge
littlekirby61524, 2014, Aug 01
@Ryjora: hey, once mine is put on the characters list what you are saying now is going to be proven wrong.
Comment on Agape's Abilities Part 1: Purge
Ryjora, 2014, Aug 01


There is a core issue with you and ALL your characters.


It makes your characters boring and barely memorable.
Comment on GK Trips In
Napo, Unlaunched Cannon, 2014, Aug 01
@Melody-Pika: Actually, it wasn't Slasher who made that opening sentence in the description. That was made by me.


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