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Kirby Dream Team

Join Kirby and his Dream Team as they team up to take down evil! -Slashy

Tired of people asking about sprites, so I'm just gonna put it up here: Sprites are linked to character profiles in the Characters section. -Mels

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11 Months Ago

Accepting Author Applications

Now we are back! looking foward to decent comic making recruits! ~ Slasher(The guy in charge)

If you are applying, fill out this bio:
Send me the bio and sprites when finished

only 3 characters
20/25 Authors Max
No 4th wall breaking
Apply as a Co-Author
Join Kirby and his Dream Team as they team up to take down evil! -Slashy

Tired of people asking about sprites, so I'm just gonna put it up here: Sprites are linked to character profiles in the Characters section. -Mels

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Mr. Kirb, I don't feel so good...
So some of y'all want to revive KDT. Funny enough I was thinking the same thing, but if y'all really want to make a proper revival, I want to propose a proper reboot. One that involves more communication, I feel as if that's been the main issue of the comic really. I want to thank Scratch, LK, and Muix. As well as a message for Chunck.Co: I'm sorry we couldn't have talked about the issues with the other members in the past but nobody hates you. I'd be happy to welcome you guys to the discord if you guys really want to hop on this boat. Even if you dont want to make comics you could always talk about it or kirby related stuff in it too.
Also I moved to TheRoboKnight now so if we do create a new comic it wont be from this account.
November 9th, 2018
November 4th, 2018
Got bored of waiting
So I had the page ready for a while now, but since nothing seemed to be going on I decided to just go ahead and post this.

It seems that those three didn't find treasure, instead they found trouble. Yes, they could fight, but there's too many Squeakers.
So because why not, I decided to have LK be in on the fun, just too bad for Lucas that LK detected him before he could even "attack". Don't worry though, Lucas didn't mean any real harm.

Can you guess where they're going next?
October 5th, 2018
And so he appears again. To contribute basically nothing.

Edit: Fixed a mistake with the 4th and 5th panel being merged.
@SuperScratchkat: lets go
kdt v2

(i'll probably work on a page later, going to just update eric's sprites and bio ehhh)
Seeing a new page got me inspired to make one of my own. Yes I realize the last update wasn't that long ago, but it doesn't take long when I still have all the files I need.

That aside, this is what the siblings Lucas and Lilly (yes, two "L's") are going to be up to.
If it wasn't for fact it hated on me in the past cause of mistakes I'd probably be more excited for it's return \_'-'_/
@SuperScratchkat: I definitely miss helping out with this comic, I'd like to do what I can to get it back on its feet.
you want somethin' done right, ya gotta do it yourself.

hi. i'm scratch. i work for a cartoon now, i'm not a boy 100% of the time anymore, and despite all the things that've happened to me, i still can't let kirby dream team die.

until slasher returns and takes the wheel from me, i'm assuming control of KDT. there's no concrete plot set in place for the moment, so feel free to add some pages. there's no real continuity for you all to follow just yet.

for clarification: the events of chapters 1 and 2 are in the past. this page takes place after the events of kirby star allies.

if people are invested in reviving the comic for realsies, i'll make us a funny little discord server to coordinate stuff.

see you soon! 💖
September 28th, 2018
September 25th, 2018
So I come here because I noticed this comic had a new comment, then looking here on this page I saw that a certain comment had been edited.

Is there hope for here yet?
The repetitive noise from the elevator was becoming unbearable for him, due to his large ears, until he overloaded on electricity and used Discharge, which subsequently overloaded and knocked out the building's power.
They're finally going on an adventure!
I love the Photoshop message!
April 17th, 2018
I need my beauty sleep.
April 17th, 2018
Lucas finally had enough getting beat up by an umbrella.