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Kirby Dream Team
Join Kirby and his Dream Team as they team up to take down evil! -Slashy

Tired of people asking about sprites, so I'm just gonna put it up here: Sprites are linked to character profiles in the Characters section. -Mels

Accepting Applications

Now we are back! looking foward to decent comic making recruits! ~ Slasher(The guy in charge)

If you are applying, fill out this bio:
Send me the bio and sprites when finished

only 3 characters
23/25 Authors Max
No 4th wall breaking
Apply as a Co-Author

Latest Comments

Comment on Charge!
littlekirby61524, 2014, Dec 15
@Deuce3210: Hey um... where are the rest of your sprites? I can only find the sword-ability ones.
Comment on Hallway people
littlekirby61524, 2014, Dec 15
@Deuce3210: where are Deuce's other sprites? I only have his sword-ability sprites...
Comment on The powers are out, literally
Scatman63 (Guest), 2014, Dec 14
Sorry, I get weird sometimes.
Comment on Charge!
Deuce3210, 2014, Dec 11
@GokentoPower: I have Paint.net in my Windows XP computer and it works perfectly

So, i dont think Paint.net ins't compatible with Windows XP
Comment on Charge!
GokentoPower, 2014, Dec 11
@Flare_The_Kirby231: Well, Paint.net Ins't compatible with Windows XP.
Comment on ... Don't even mention it. (GokentoPower)
GokentoPower, 2014, Dec 08
Can you guys add melody's arcadian sprites to the bio?
Comment on Hallway people
8bithuman, 2014, Dec 07
I changed skyy's dialougue so it is more in character.
Comment on Hallway people
8bithuman, 2014, Dec 07
@SkyyKirby44: oh...oops .-.
will fix after i think of something that she'll say in place of the current thing


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