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Kirby Dream Team
Join Kirby and his Dream Team as they team up to take down evil! -Slashy

Tired of people asking about sprites, so I'm just gonna put it up here: Sprites are linked to character profiles in the Characters section. -Mels

Accepting Applications

Now we are back! looking foward to decent comic making recruits! ~ Slasher(The guy in charge)

If you are applying, fill out this bio:
Send me the bio and sprites when finished

only 3 characters
20/25 Authors Max
No 4th wall breaking
Apply as a Co-Author

Latest Comments

Comment on Meanwhile - Kuro
Scatman63 (Guest), 2015, Aug 19
Comment on The Infiltrator (Flare)
ForestFire, 2015, Aug 05
Gotta go fast
Comment on The Infiltrator (Flare)
littlekirby61524, 2015, Aug 05
For people who would like LK's sprites

I've updated LK's sprites, and I think this fits a bit better than what I had before. I was told that Fighter ability would fit, so I gave LK the entire ability, then there's a couple of added ones since LK, well, that's for another time.
Comment on The Infiltrator (Flare)
littlekirby61524, 2015, Aug 04
I may be able to do the next page, but I have no idea what to do.

((I do have one, but I would need to have to talk to Slash about it))
Comment on The Infiltrator (Flare)
Flare_The_Kirby231, 2015, Aug 04
Just in case...
Basically, GK already left, and the "GK" that was with them one page ago, was actually a TAC in disguise. There's the explanation. sorry for the confusion.
Comment on The Fighter (Flare)
ForestFire, 2015, Aug 03
@Flare_The_Kirby231: Well, if he's canonically leaving, then maybe you should give him a look of annoyance whilst riding warp stars.
Comment on The Fighter (Flare)
Flare_The_Kirby231, 2015, Aug 03
@ForestFire: Whoops, someone needs to keep track of who leaves the base, cause now it's getting confusing... I will take care of that though, I have thought of a reason he was shown there.
Comment on The Fighter (Flare)
littlekirby61524, 2015, Aug 03
I like where this is going~ I wonder how this will play out.


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