Legend of Zelda: Staff of Power
An ancient weapon created for harmony brought civil war. Shattering it brought tentative peace, until the leader of the Gerudo attempts to slaughter an entire race of people, then turning his hatred upon the monarchy of Hyrule. Defeated by the Hero of Time and the Princess of Destiny, he was sealed away in the Sacred Realm.

Years later, he has gained more power, and has broken free. Now it will take the very weapon he seeks to destroy him, and an unlikely wielder to complete the task. Who will win?

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Comment on Chapter 5, Page 22
Murohshei, 21 May 2015 06:17 pm
Comment on Chapter 5, Page 22
ashstoner021, 20 May 2015 02:53 pm
@Joemon8: Thank you! I'm glad! I went a different direction than I think a lot of people suspect I did, so I'm rather interested to see how people react once it's all laid out to see. I myself LOVE how this arc went, I hope others do too.
Comment on Chapter 5, Page 22
Joemon8, 20 May 2015 08:11 am
Totally loving what is happening! This is so exciting!!
Comment on Chapter 5, Page 21
Koal, 17 May 2015 02:43 pm
@ashstoner021: GET OUT OF MAH HEAD. D=
Comment on Chapter 5, Page 21
ashstoner021, 17 May 2015 02:32 pm
@Koal: This part is already written and done but neat idea. :)
Comment on Chapter 5, Page 21
Koal, 17 May 2015 01:57 pm
Ya know what? If they end up an alternative temple, I have an idea you could try: Have them read and answer riddles in order to progress deeper.
Comment on Chapter 5, Page 20
ashstoner021, 16 May 2015 09:24 pm
@Joemon8: Adventure time... come on grab your friends. We'll go to very distant lands!

Serenity the Faierikin, and Link, the Hero. Fun that never ends... ADVENTURE TIME.

Shhhh I'm in a very weird mood right now don't judge me.
Comment on Chapter 5, Page 20
Joemon8, 16 May 2015 08:42 am
Advveeenttureeee <3 <3
Comment on Chapter 5, Page 20
ashstoner021, 15 May 2015 04:47 pm
@Koal: Ooh I like that! I like that a lot!
Comment on Chapter 5, Page 20
Koal, 13 May 2015 11:48 pm
So many memories this graveyard holds
The roaming poes whose hearts remain cold

They serve a powerful creature within the temple.
But finding him isn't so simple.

For within the shadows lays a mighty foe.
A beast with a red eye known as Bongo Bongo.


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