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5 Years Ago
Created By MageFX and ZalMikku

This isn't your typical sprite comic. This is just a place for us authors to have some fun with Sprite Comics that we can't normally do in our regular comics.

Expect epic fights and big budget blowout of effects!

Credit to all Sprites used in this comic.

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dang man, looks boss.
Quality Issues
I guess this new image host I'm using isn't doing a very good job. I'll change this sometime today!

EDIT: Quick Fixed! :)
Inspired to do a bit of spriting and this is what came of it. Just a bit of fun. Why these two guys? I had their paint files open :P

Just toyed with some effects and YOU GUESSED IT! LENS FLARARARARARAEE!!!!1!!!1!

The Turtle-esque van was edited by me!

@Luxbot: Think of it like Dormammu's purification attack but comes from the body rather than from a certain point on the field.

Aka Chaos Blast but in a cylinder shape rather.
Well talk about a hiatus. >_>
...I don't get what happened when Shroud charged at him and then a random white light.

I mean, it didn't seem like the blast was directed at what happened?
Now he's thinking with portals.
@Tex: eh, Zal's just one of those characters that gives the vibes of "I don't want this fight to go on too long" cuz he has pretty amazing amounts of stamina, and is capable of easily pulling things like at the end of the page. Beyond that, I don't really know, it's just the first line that popped into mind.

EDIT: Eh, whatever, there was something else I needed to change so I just changed that as well.
i'd better update my sheet.
Aside from the gun-jumping 'time to end this' line it's p. cool.

Seems a little anti climactic and soon to have a line like that pop out, to no avail.
Zal's Time to "Shine"
Or as much as a shadow manipulator can shine anyways.

The first page of the first of Zal's debut fights. Seeing as Ultimate was the first to provide me what I asked, he gets first dibs. Samurai Pizza Hedgehog, I still need to you to send me the best example of HOW Ryu fights before I can pit him against Zal. And Tex informed me of some issues so he'll get his chance whenever he can manage to send me anything.

I'd particularly pleased with how this page came out, and I FINALLY get to have some fun with Zal's shadow abilities *claps happily*

As for a sound winner, I'm honestly not sure right now. You'll just have to keep reading!

Also, if you haven't already, you should totally check out this new tournament comic based on Team Skeluso's Eternal Dominance Tournament.

Ultimate Destruction Tournament, We're in need of 3 more fighters so that the comic can begin, I'll see anyone who enters in the brackets >:D

Credits to all sprites used.

EDIT: Made a couple of small changes to the page.
@hockeydude77: lol, sure, I'll do more as I progress and finish sheets for my characters. I'm workin on one right now(on and off, been kinda busy)
If you need an opponent for future fights, let me know.
@Zalmikku: k, i'll send it later
@Samurai pizza hedgehog: While Tex gets me Violet's sprites and an example of how she fights, I still need an example of how Ryu fight from you.

@Ultimate the Hedgehog: And the same goes for you, I need a good solid example of how Ultimate fights
I don't suppose mutliple fights could hurt, but you three are it(mostly on account of me falling asleep and all of you being here and me being too lazy to wanna have to tell you two no)

But No One Else!
me me me!