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Under the Dead Skies

Bethany had everything you could ask for. A condo that was (almost) paid off, a well paying job, and most importantly, a family. It all changed in a heart beat and she had to watch as her whole world crumbled around her and soon she found herself alone in a city of flesh-eating zombies.

Despite the overwhelming odds against her, Beth has managed to do what very few people have been able to do in this post-apocalyptic nation.

She has survived.

However, after coming across a young man with an unexpected trait, she finds herself torn between staying in the comfort and safety of her current routine or risking it all for the greater good of humanity.

As expected, there will be blood, guts, bodies and other unsightly dead things, you have been warned!

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So Expo time is less than two weeks away and I have been working like mad to make sure I'm ready to go this year. It's been really tough, but book 4 is already at the printers and I'm fully stocked again and ready to go.

I know my update schedule has been really erratic this last month, and I'm hoping it's going to smooth itself out, but I will do my best to keep you guys updated!
Huzzah new page! Sorry I ended up taking a little longer than expected. There's some big personal changes going on in my life right now and it's taking a lot more adjusting than what I thought...

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the page, and seriously look up how cute svalbard reindeer are, so cute!

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March 31st, 2017
@moonjellybeans: A new page is coming soon guys!!! I apologize for the set-backs but I am gonna get a new page up very shortly!
March 19th, 2017
@Onyxlight: Thank you so much! They needed a little bit of calm.
March 19th, 2017
@Xylas_Incarnum: Man, they really do! I've never been kicked, but I got dragged by a horse once XD

Micaela's just being mean
March 18th, 2017
So much love for the last half a dozen pages!
March 11th, 2017
Nah, horses kick much harder than that. looks more like he just got sucker punched by... someone with medium-low level strength. Swelling's not too bad.
March 10th, 2017
He's just tryin' to be a good kid, Micaela. Though...she is right.

Now, I have a couple of big deadlines I have to hit in the next couple of weeks, so I will be taking a short hiatus until the 24th of March. It's nice to be so busy, but at the same time, I need to take a little breather!

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@Rip the Hunter: It's like GET ON WITH IT! XD
Wow, that sun went down in a DANG HECKIN HURRY XD
@Guest: It's only the beginning~~ >:3
@Clay Goddard: Thank you so much :D
March 5th, 2017
not the hard choices one expects of this genre
Great as always!
Sorry for the later page, I don't know what it is but I have been absolutely exhausted this last while...BUT I got a chance to play with different colour palettes for this page, so I am happy about that!

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February 24th, 2017
@Mar-ee: Maybe a little ;3
Mar-ee (Guest)
February 24th, 2017
Ohhh someone blush, blush XD. Magnus got a thing for the muscular type XD?
February 24th, 2017
It's almost funny how much Micaela's mood can shift if she's got someone to aggravate a little XD

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February 16th, 2017
Micaela is lucky she's tall, it adds to the whole persona.

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He does indeed look like a man. 100%