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Inspired by real people and real events, Pictures of You follows the ill-fated deliverance of Peter Morris and the best friends he ever lost. Comic and tragic, Pictures of You is a long road filled with sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Currently posting Book Six, The Romantic Junkies. Updates MWF.

Not entirely safe for work.

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I messed up a bit when I first uploaded this chapter, so here's a bonus off-update-day page.
Chapter 20, The Highest and The Lowest
The final chapter in Pictures of You Book 6, The Romantic Junkies.

Hold on.
And they lived happily ever after, forget the prologue.
"You had me at smelly feet."
Everyone say Happy Birthday to Rori! Without her, this thing would've gone off the rails so long ago.
Nothing says Valentine's Day like marching angrily down a hallway and screaming.
If I had any kind of technological know-how, I would design a VR app program that simulated slamming doors, so when you get all pissy you can just slam doors for an hour, because it is truly quite a release.
The list of people who've saved me from sleeping under a bridge is longer than I'm comfortable admitting.
And now, let's get into the next 10 years of Pictures of You.

Kidding, three at most.
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Evan has been replaced by Grape Nuts cereal.

Hey Our Time in Eden fans, not only is there a new page over on the Eden site, but we've also launched a funding campaign to print Chapter Four! Find out more here: backers
Hey, Pictures of You turns 10 years old this weekend. Ain't that a trip?
His logic is unimpeachable.
Spoiler: Wiley is the January Elf who lurks about to give presents to retail workers after their shift. The gift is always a beer.
Her high from beating up a dude has been ruined.
Sometimes that little voicemail light when you got home was exciting. Sometimes you knew it weren't no good no how. I wonder how that sense of anticipation exists today.
I've been kicked out of better places than this.
I'm alright, Jack, keep your hands off my stack.

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I'll admit it, that line is the title of one of my favourite albums, from a band named for a character in one of my favourite books. Sadly, it's the only album from them that I enjoy, and the book is the only one by that author I'll ever read.