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Inspired by real people and real events, Pictures of You follows the ill-fated deliverance of Peter Morris and the best friends he ever lost. Comic and tragic, Pictures of You is a long road filled with sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Currently posting Book Seven, Disintegration. Updates MWF.

Not entirely safe for work.

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*Doesn't raise hand*
He was a powerful wizard.
My first thought for what he's writing was a eulogy for Wiley, although the book he's writing in looks more like a journal.

Given that Wiley's family is homophobic, I'd guess that it's probable "the group" will be the ones attending, and likely paying for, the funeral.
Oh no! He's writing a manifesto!!!
Safe and sane...
That's why you sometimes need a reminder
I'm doing a re-read of the comic and this reaction is interesting. Melanie has both her parents and brother living in the same town that she could have gone to, but even in her most desperate moment, when she's hurt and in shock, she went to Bishop Street instead. Definitely shows how strained her relationship with her family is at this point.
@ Maritza Mental problems are a very complicated matter. In this case, there isn't really anyone to blame really. And sometimes the ones giving a lot of support CAN be the ones, that trigger a turn to the worse. Like in this scenario, when she snapped under the sheer pressure she had to endure. It was a bad situation handled in a suboptimal manner by everyone involved including Wiley (even before the jump). As I mentioned in a previous comment, I have been on both sides and I can tell you, that caring for a person with mental issues can be very hard and extremely exausting. In many cases it's simply too much for a non-professional to handle. So again, I don't think anyone is really at fault here. Of course there will be blame and guilt nontheless.
Oh, Wiley...
She is ether going to blame herself so much.Until she snaps and have a breakdown.Or with draw from every one maybe even run away.This is really sad there are no easy anwers to this.
Honestly Michelle was the one who did the most for Wiley for the longest time so it's everybody's fault BUT hers
I think a hug maybe the only thing to say for the moment
What do you say?
Man, I wish I knew. When things like this happen and the people close to it break down into pretty much incoherent panics like this... there's really nothing to do but stay with them and wait for it to pass.
First time we've seen a word spoken in this comic since February 24th. And yet the past few weeks of comics have been beautiful and sad. You have a way with pictures, Mr. Gibson Twist.
I respect your feelings (guest above) and I know this is a controversial topic. I am very fond of this author because he has a habit of addressing these matters in their immodest, hysterical reality. I know where you're coming from and I am sure in some artistically critical ways I might be inclined to agree with you. But that would be dishonest. I think this was correctly done. Correct being the best word I can find for this.

I know I'm projecting here, but I just assume that Wiley has paranoid schizophrenia. It reminds me exactly of my mother when she's not on her medication. This doesn't feel like romanticizing to me. It feels like how things would've been if my mother's suicide attempts when I was a child would've been successful. I would've been prepossessed with the hysterics of "why". I am sorry to everyone else who wrote on here- with their experiences where the question is so evident and appropriate- and for their loss in general. But in my mother's case- and in Wiley's case- there is no question. Their worlds are worlds of perpetual pain and inconsistent awareness of a world they will never be able to attain that everyone else lives in and wants them to join. My mother tried to kill herself again a month ago and as an adult with an intimate awareness of that world, I don't wonder why. I almost pity her that she wasn't successful.

Twist does a masterful job to me. I know there are probably some elements he's not familiar with. That there's artistic license. That no one is perfect. But the word 'hysterical' keeps coming to mind. It's melodramatic. It's excessive. It's pathetic. And that's how it really is. That's how it really was. I can't blame Twist at all for this rendition; I commend him because it's correct- in want of a better word.

I know we have employed all kinds of issues on the wild ride that Pictures of You has become, and some of those issues are easily employed for the sensational and dramatic. Again, I respect your opinion. But I've never felt Twist's grasping for our heart strings or hits on the internet. I just feel empathy. And for that I'm grateful.
April 16th, 2017
This is truly bordering on being very cringy. I say this as someone who has actually gone through this experience before-- the way you are "romanticizing" the trauma, emotions and air that surrounds these sudden and painful moments is very sickening. It's like people who romanticize mental illness because they believe it creates a certain type of attention and loveliness from being classified as different and detached from morality without knowing that people who do actually live with mental illness are really suffering and trying to do everything they can to end that pain. These stories and arc are becoming more and more forced and cliched and while I keep hoping for the best from you (because you do seem like a good writer who really just needs to improve their art much more) I can't help but feel disappointed and somewhat insulted from what's being produced in these more recent pages. I'm sorry.
Only he knows
atleast he freed himself