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Pictures of You

Pictures of You

by Gibson Twist
Inspired by real people and real events, Pictures of You follows the ill-fated deliverance of Peter Morris and the best friends he ever lost. Comic and tragic, Pictures of You is a long road filled with sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Currently posting Book Seven, Disintegration. Updates MWF.

Not entirely safe for work.
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Pictures of You

Inspired by real people and real events, Pictures of You follows the ill-fated deliverance of Peter Morris and the best friends he ever lost. Comic and tragic, Pictures of You is a long road filled with sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Currently posting Book Seven, Disintegration. Updates MWF.

Not entirely safe for work.

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Kind of Odd but compared to the beginning of the story. Christo seems to be the most "together" at this point. He might just not be there because he made it out.
He isn't. There's the lines asking where Wiley, Patrick, and Christo are up there though. I've been predicting OD for Patrick since Wiley died. Still not sure what's going to (or did, apparently) happen to Christo, but I'm pretty sure all three of them are dead during the time of the prologue.
Why do I get the feeling he's going to be dying of an OD sometime soon?

I don't remember seeing him at the reunion in the beginning...
Well he clearly doesn't want to listen
September 22nd, 2017
Got it in one.
Knowing what I know about this comic, and it's writer, I would say that you are correct.
ahh sounds like it might be a statue of Cornwallis...hard to tell...there are lots of jerks with statues
What I find interesting in the reaction to this particular scene, is how quickly people (readers) tend to pick sides. Not all do, but a lot seem to react to it based on their own experiences and believes. I still recall the last time that happened with the Lauren and Sam jealousy subplot when comments got so out of hand (because the side-picking turned into veritable hate-speeches) that Mr. Twist was forced to shut the entire comic section down. I am hoping for a little more reflection this time and the awareness that often, there isn't a recipe to do things right.
September 21st, 2017
What is missing in all this judgement of character for Melanie is that she was trying to understand, but Patrick is being bitchy and insisting she wouldn't, as if in his mind she's just a spoiled daddy's princess. In this case, she is totally right in calling bullshit.
Yes, the character on this page is Melanie.

And thank you, I try.
I have to admit, the fact that (Michelle? Melanie? I lost track of this particular character's name, I thought Michelle was Wiley's roommate) uses invalid arguments make the writing feel more genuine. People aren't always going to say the right thing. Isn't that the point? None of these people have acted wisely or well, but she's still reaching out, and that means something. Whether it will have the effect on Patrick, I doubt, because I agree that Patrick tends to avoid responsibility.

Personally, I've found the characters in this webcomic some of the most relatable I've seen anywhere. You're doing excellent work, Mr. Twist. Thank you for sharing it with us.
He just got put in his place
So I'm finding it somewhat hard to pick a side here. It really seems that neither of them is completely in the right. Michelle does have valid points. I tend to agree that drugs are going to do more harm than good, and it is also true that the situations that Patrick is in are not worse than hers.

However, comparing his situation to hers is not super valid, because what some people are strong enough to power through, people with mental illness sometimes just cannot. When I was depressed, the thing that someone said that hurt me more than anything else was that they pulled themself out of depression, and the only reason that I couldn't was that I didn't try hard enough.

On the other other hand, in my situation the person who said that to me was in my life for a long time and constantly said that my depression was my own doing, even after I had been trying hard to pull myself out of it for the whole time that I knew him. Patrick may still have the ability to take this as a wake-up call.
September 20th, 2017
Michelle, of all people, is the one to tell him this. He got robbed, yeah, but he didn't fear getting robbed every day of his life for two years, and his betrayer never threatened to kill him. When she left her attacker, she was in the same place Patrick was. Little money, little clothing, but she pushed through and worked to get back to where she's at. Meanwhile, what did he do?

And shutting someone down with that whole "You wouldn't understand" bit is one of the most infuriating things I've ever encountered. It's not that Michelle wouldn't understand, it's that Patrick doesn't feel like explaining it, or more likely, he doesn't actually have any justification.

Good on you, Mr. Twist. I'm excited to see where this goes.
September 20th, 2017
I guess I don't see how this would serve as a wake up call, he's already aware of the problems, he just doesn't want to deal with them.

Especially with that last line, she crossses over into personal attack, that's how you shut the other person down completely and ruin any chance they might have listened to you. She's not taking his problems as seriously as he does, he's not going to listen to someone who from his perspective is dismissive and minimalizing his life. You can't beat someone into seeing things your way, you have to work with them.
I think 'getting robbed' is pretty dismissive of what happened. He didn't just get robbed, he was betrayed by somebody he loved, much like Melanie did.

To be honest I think it's pretty awful for her of all people to say that.
September 20th, 2017
'tragedy oneupmanship?' He was the one who started it by claiming that she of all people wouldn't understand.

He absolutely deserved to have that thrown back in his face.
September 20th, 2017
Honestly this is the thing about Patrick; he's not dumb, he's just incredibly self-destructing. Just like Michelle. Patrick is exactly the kind of people who must never try drugs.They are incapable of restraint and deep down just want oblivion
No, he absolutely needs to hear this.
The recovery process in addiction needs strong loving caring people, but a little wake up call? Not going to be a bad thing!

The number one (in my experience) problem with an addicts thinking is that everything is someone else's fault. So you can never do anything about it, you're powerless.
September 20th, 2017
"Our brains only have one scale, and we resize our experiences to match it."

Not fair of her to try and throw her own experiences at him like that, like they are supposed to change how he feels about his own. He's struggling to cope with the problems in his life and his own emotions, and there is no way to judge those by some external scale.

He doesn't need this. He needs supportive friends and someone to teach him better coping mechanisms. He's never going to get off drugs if life is shitty without them, and he doesn't learn how to handle his pain in healthier ways.
She has a point, but tragedy one-upmanship isn't the best argument. And it makes sense she'd take their parents' side, they reserved their passive aggressive needles for Patrick. He needs to hear this, but he wasn't exactly wrong either.