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Mario looking for a new job after Bowser stopped kidnapping the princess.

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Man, I miss this comic so much.
January 31st, 2013
Ah, the memories.
The fucking black hole glitch.
The broken giga bowser.
Sigh, fuck you melee.
January 31st, 2013
wait no...
argh, can't remember- oh right.
Had a headache I told none of you about. Apparently, none of you even noticed a whole week without updates. (Assuming you didn't go to DrunkDuck already.)
Yeah most of them are guys. Add a flying wiggler into the comic. They are usual classed as girls.
January 16th, 2012
Which ladies?
Is it me, or is the Mushroom Kingdom mainly inhabited by dudes in my comic?
...It doesn't matter how fast he updates. He should still get the same amount of fans either way.
*sniff* 8(

The fan number would've been through the roof if you didn't upload so quickly! I understand the wanting to post the old comics first would've had over 1000 fans by now! This comic is so WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT FUCK ASS FUCK freaking AWESOME!
This would've had an Alt Text, then my Page Title took an excessive amount of words to it's 64 letter limit
Skyrim jokes? Fuk-Dat-Shit!

Anyway, moved all my stuff from the other site to here, and now I'm all settled.

So... what's new?
Hello again.
If you are reading this, I just finished putting my entire archive from elsewhere here on SmackJeeves.

What is it about? Basically, it's about Mario being out of a job after Bowser has stopped making attempts to kidnap the princess. As such, he decides to look for something else to occupy him in the meantime, with usually disastrous results. Updates once a week. Enjoy!
He's joking.

Because this is a six year old comic.
@Petah-Petah: text bubbles aren't bothering me, though the dialogue really does.

I'm not sure if I want to help you or not, I'm in the process of starting a comic.
@Pizzaman_Colors: Nah, that's just the text bubbles that's bothering you. I just need someone else to do my dialogue and word bubbles. Now who would be a bro enough to help me out here?
@Petah-Petah: Then it will become a big eye sore...And it already has, IMO.
@Advertisement: It doesn't? Then why didn't you say so five years ago?

@Pizzaman_Colors: They're my updates and I whore them as much as I want to. :[
@Advertisement: The title is a troll. Also, some mentally retarded 12 year old wrote it.

@Pizzaman_Colors: Stop being an idiot and realize he's posting his five year old comic onto a new website.
Wait, mario said that luigi shouldn't be a pansy, and now he feels sorry for him and says HE should've done it?


Also, stop whoring the updates so much.
Putting a clusterfuck of swear words dosen't mean its a funny title.