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Contains: Violent Comedy... as in things dying = funny


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September 28th, 2010
Yeah I know... I didn't even get them off the elevator... But hey after I get the first volume of O-W done I may return...
April 20th, 2010
gah...we really got to get a new page up
Nice one guys
Nice one, I loved the old gears reference there :) l8rs
I was liking the new look, and then this... xD *shouldn't complain because she doesn't update regularly either* QwQ

Anyway, get it done when you do, I look forward to reading more of Gunned-Down!!! >w<~♥
Wow, he must be a really bad driver. XD There are many out there.
I know... I know... But you all know I'm bad with updating...

A few more pages and the story picks up...
Okay... I know I'm wicked late here, but I am just starting to catch up on all my comics again... but...

It's nice to be back.

I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that we have kinda restarted Gunned Down!

Everything after chapter 1 is retconned out. Besides the fact that the other scripts are gone I didn't like the way the comic was going... so NEW START!

This chapter happens the day after chapter 1. Ichi and Lavrin finally get their car...
Do you mean Lavrin? He's looking right at the Deviant...
*pout*i liked it...)=
There was a colored chapter one cover, but Ichi's hair color wasn't right, so I had to take it down.
Good poses and that fifth panel is terrific. Nice dialogue!
Annd, I'm guessing that's a deviant. I like the way your characters' personalities come out in their physical appearance so far. =) Good work.
I like it.
I like it alot.
A lot.
It's Good.
Gunned Down definately kicks ass. :)
This page is just too awesome
And.. The final page of chapter one of Gunned Down! What do you guys think? Read back through if you like. It's supposed to read better as a whole. Anyway Gunned Down Chapter 2 starts WEDNESDAY!