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by chicken-blast
Jack Phoenix leads an ordinary but miserable life. However, his mind holds the key to the Omniconscious, where powerful forces are waiting to tear at the fabric of reality.
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3 Weeks Ago


Jack Phoenix leads an ordinary but miserable life. However, his mind holds the key to the Omniconscious, where powerful forces are waiting to tear at the fabric of reality.

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I suppose sympathy could be seen as condescension if you view it through a slightly different lens.
Exactly a week since the last update. Not too shabby, considering my baby daughter has been going through a super-charged growth spurt which demands a whole lot of attention.
@JoKeR: Yes I am! And thanks for sticking around
September 3rd, 2019
Yay... you are back!
Comatose returns from a 3-year hiatus

A new page in what feels like forever.

If you are/were a reader, I'd like to apologize for dropping off the face of the earth. Things have been crazy for me over the last couple of years with a new job, family (I got married!) and my overall motivation level for drawing was pretty much non-existent. I wasn't in the right head space to write and make new comic pages. With the recent birth of my first child, however, I'm starting to have more time to sit down and get myself back into the swing of things. The comic will officially resume, although updates will most likely be sporadic depending on how many poopy diapers I have to change during comic making hours. The process is almost entirely different now: different platform, different apps and a slightly different approach to what I think is effective storytelling. Visual differences will be noticeable. Having said that, I'll do my best to keep things consistent and retain the look and feel of everything.

Thanks for being patient with me all this while.

See you in the next update!
We're back on Haven with scenes of celebration.
Enjoy it while it lasts, you clueless beings.
What would you think if you were in Billy's shoes? It's sometimes difficult to tell whether someone is a stuck-up jerk or a depressed loner.

Young Billy doesn't seem like the over-confident young adult he grows up to be either.
Jack, meet Billy.
Billy, meet rejection.
September 14th, 2016
You've only improved since you've been away :'D. This page blew my mind.
And we start off with a mandatory Conscious flashback.
First day at Phoenix for 14-year-old Jack.
Chapter 1.8: "Shock & Awe & Insecurities"

Synopsis: It’s Traveler versus Billy, as the Explorer commander's scheme and underlying motivations are revealed.
It's been a long time coming but Chapter 1.7 has finally concluded with the Space Opera entering its climax.
Billy and Jane are not playing around, that's for sure.

P.S: I totally wanted that to read "Intruder bitch, who are you?!"
Billy's had it. Shouldn't Traveler be fazed, at least once?
Commander Kelly has zero bullshit tolerance
Comatose is back from hiatus, picking up where it left off with Traveler vs Space Billy and Joey Prime vs Commander Jane Kelly.
Jane's onto him.

After this update, pages of Comatose will be released at a slower, irregular pace depending on how much free time I have to draw, which isn't too much these days.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the entire journey so far, though. Please feel free to post comments.
More backstory of this Unconscious dimension inbound?
this comic looks amazing, if it ever comes out in retail , i will buy it for sure
@aqua the hedgie: Haha, I was trying to be cheeky. Of course I knew what you were referencing. Sarcasm really is hard to pull off through text.
@chicken-blast: Since I am unsure of whether you are serious (after all, text is a horrible medium for sarcasm), I will play it safe and explain.

The number 420, for reasons I admittedly do not know, is associated with getting high and smoking weed. It is often uttered in the phrase "420 blaze it"

So naturally, when I saw that the ship was called the F420, I immediately was like "eyy the weed number" because this is all taking place in the subconscious of a person who is high.