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A diary comic of me and my three siblings.

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September 19th, 2019
I cant believe i remembered this comic after years , I checked this weekly for so long. Im sad that You have to go , i wish i could see you and ur life on other sites but i hope everything is going well for you now...
@daviddoesntgetit: ITS SO CUTE!!
Err...He`s So CUTE!!!
Ohmygod, i completely regret not leaving a comment. I've tried writing drafts DRAFTS years ago of how visceral reading about your life was to me. You were like a cool uncle that made me feel ok about myself and made me feel less lonely by being so honest about your problems, i hold YOUR family narratives so close to my heart. And your simple joys, you make my insides cry. And really the blistering honesty of your comics is something i can never repay you -I don't even know what to say but best wishes from a 20 year old girl from the philippines; (i'm studying architecture, and seeing brad being so chill is so much comfort to me)... Whatever prayers are i'm sending them to you , i wish for you peace and i am thanking you again and again for sharing us such precious parts of yourself- thankyou, thankyou!
Onyx (Guest)
February 29th, 2016
The One And Only
I doubt that anybody will ever read this, let alone David himself considering how this comic ended, but I wanted to leave something. I think I'll be leaving comments spread out and scattered around here. It's just, my way to run away from things. This comic has given me so much, finding another asexual/aromantic online is getting easier, but I've never found a life that parallels mine so much. Although I haven't found my 'Brad' yet, and the situation isn't completely alike- it helped a lot. To see a life somewhat similar to mine, having people care about others, just venting through different forms of storytelling. It's really been an overwhelming emotional ride, reading this, but it's definitely one that I'll remember for as long as I can.

So I just wanted to say thank you to David, and everyone else, for sharing these stories- and giving me something to help me along the way.
February 18th, 2016
Noooo! I haven't come by in a while but I would every so often when I needed a lift. It meant a lot to have another asexual person, just living their life, to relate to. And it was always great to see your strong bonds with your family (Brad included). Thanks for making this comic, and I'll be looking forward to the day you start another one.
I've had reoccurring nightmares similar to that since My girlfriend killed herself. They're horrible.
I highly relate to this page, While I'm not Asexual, I am Aromantic. I'll see people I think are pretty, but not /more/ pretty then anyone else? They're just, there? I'm not attracted to them I don't want to date them they're just

November 30th, 2015
Havent been around
So sorry i havent been around
i proud myself in the fact that i read this comic pretty early and enjoyed every entry even the sad ones and felt a connection with you and your family
That being said
i am sad that i wont be knowing how you guys are anymore but i hope and i hope hope hope so much that you are getting better each day and that baby keeps getting amazing
sorry i havent been around to catch this update until now
but im here and David i want to say thank you for sharing your life with us, it helped me to take some decitions as well even if you dont know. so thanks!

from a small town in guatemala
i say thanks

keep doing good and imma send ya some hugs to you and the rest of your family (of course brad goes in there too)

Titi (Guest)
November 27th, 2015
Αντίο (Goodbye)
Wow....haven't visited this comic for months and now this. I was never obsessed with it but look at me crying, it's 10 o'clock in the morning after a all-nighter. It's probably because i didn't ever believe there would be an end, or because i thought i would't care when the time came(oh the irony). So Dear David, i don't know if you will read this and i don't care, i am writing the long-ass goodbye comment you deserve this. I am that bi girl from Greece whose comments you probably don't remember. I always found your comic so excellent that even my friends wanted to see after all my yapping and trust me they aren't the comic type. Now to the important stuff. This comic, sure kept me company. Taught me that i was not the only one who has been through shit, the only one feeling alone, the only one whose family was different, broken. You might not know this but you are one of the people that helped me accept that i'm bi and that's alright (Brad you are the best) and that you are probably some of the first people i told. I related to many things, many thoughts, many situations you described. And that helped me. And so i want to help you. You are awesome and thank for everything, don't feel bad about yourself again. If you can help a girl in Greece, a stranger imagine what you can do with your beloved ones. You are going to be an excellent parent. Best wishes, i want to say much but i can't just put all of it in a comment. Honestly i'm gonna miss you guys but i understand, i just wish all happy lives and best of luck. I don't care if you read this but you still owe me hug. Ευχαριστ&am p;#974; για τα πάντα (Thank you for everything). Brad είσαι φοβερός!
November 18th, 2015
The Last
I've commented once or twice, but I just knew I had to comment on the end.
I hate endings. I think a lot of people do. But they always seem too soon, or bittersweet, or heartbreaking. But the end of this isn't sad, because it's your life, and I know that you're out there continuing it every day, even if I'm not seeing it.
Thank you for sharing some of the most personal parts of yourself so that I could relate to the life of a person so different from myself.
Either way, I actually think this is a great point to end your comic, simply because while lives are messy and a comic like this, a comic about your life (or any life) has no real plot--since things just happen--I think it's quite poetic to stop here. You entered a new phase, living without Connor and Miriam. A new child entered your life, which you had talked about, although not in the way that anyone expected, or even would have wanted, but that's OK. It's like a chance for you to come to terms with your own childhood and, as they say, do it better. And you made up with Brad, or at least you're working on it, which was a serious thread that everyone was waiting to see resolved.
Honestly, despite being unscripted life, it wrapped up far better and more poignantly than a lot of stories I read or television shows I watch.
Anyway, thank you again David for what you brought to Smackjeeves. I wish you the absolute best of luck, one human to another. You understand more than you give yourself credit for. ^^
October 26th, 2015
I don't think I've commented on any comic on this entire site before. I'm just not usually one to comment anywhere really, but I did want to say thanks for sharing your life with us. I've always wanted to start my own "comic journal" but I've never had the motivation to do it. I think you've given it to me though. I'm at quite a rough spot in life right now, and I think drawing will help me de-stress a little. So thanks for giving me the motivation. I hope for the best for you, Joshua, your family, and friends.
Thanks, again.
Thanks a million, David. I've been reading this comic for over two years now and enjoying every step of the way. It's been awesome watching you grow and develop.

You're an amazing person. Someday, I'd like to be someone like you.

Sorry for not talking to you more. I would have really enjoyed knowing you "personally". The beauty of this comic is that it seems like we all know you already. I feel like a distant part of your family, and that's comforting. I'd like to believe that if I met your family someday, I could just say hi and be happy about it.

Take care of yourself as well as you can.
Thank you
First time commenting but I just have to say thank you for everything. I've never been one to have a way with words but I just had to let you know that you've impacted my life. You'll be greatly missed and I'll miss adorable Joshua updates! Thank you David.
Ps. As cheesy as this sounds I really think "David does get it" :p
argon (Guest)
October 24th, 2015
I haven't been reading for very long, and I've never commented.
But thank you.
won (Guest)
October 24th, 2015
hey david! it's been a while, huh? i didn't realize how much time had passed since this comic began. i'm looking at your old pages and they're still pretty entertaining to reread haha. your art has changed a lot since then!! i've been reading your comic since the beginning and it's been a good journey haha. sometimes i laughed, sometimes i cried, and sometimes i learned something new. i particularly like the way you tell stories-- whether they're funny or sad, i always feel like they're drawn really well to suit the mood, and your descriptions at the end can be quite thoughtful. your opinions and outlook on life are honest, impartial, and profound. i really do think i grew as a person while reading about your thoughts and experiences. i'm also vietnamese, ace/aro, and our personalities are quite similar, so i related to this comic a lot!! i recall telling my friends and family about it a bunch of times because i wanted to share it with everyone haha that's how much it meant to me. i'm going to miss it, but i'm thankful that you shared your story with us during this time. i wish you guys all the best, and good luck with the baby!! even though you're technically an uncle, i think you'd raise him well as if he was your own, because you'd make a wonderful father ;v; thanks for everything, david!!
October 24th, 2015
I really wish you and all the people you love all the happiness in the world. You may not think so but this comic was very beautiful and touching and just so genuine. It affected myself and my friends in such a positive way. Getting to know you and your family and friends through this comic has been an amazing feeling and you all deserve happy and great lives. Thank you for making this comic. 8)
October 24th, 2015
Hiya David, I just started reading your comic a couple months back and I wanted to let you know that even though I never said anything I really enjoyed absorbing your thought process and reading about your family and friends and that I'm really glad you're gonna do okay now. You're really cool, I think. I don't have much to say, but I'm really happy for you!
October 23rd, 2015
I always wondered too when this comic would end, and I agree this is a good time. I know you made them for yourself, but thank you for the comics David.
I've actually been reading them since your 5th one. I've been reading them since 9th grade and now im on my way to my 2nd year of college, so ive literally grown with your comic and its so reminiscent and touching to read your last words. I never commented much (prob 3 times) but I always checked almost every day to see if you posted, on good days and bad, and I wish you the best from now on. Like you said, the ending of this comic marks a new stage of life for us (well, not your exact words I mean you just said we now could spend time on something new haha, but still) and i'm excited for the rest of your life too, whatever happens I wish you the best, I wish you the happiest.

Have a nice life David ^_^ I learned alot from your words-I grew with your comic.
Goodbye and thank you.
October 23rd, 2015
It's kind of hard to think that this is the last message I'll ever write to you, haha. But just like over the years, the comic pages, even your last message makes me open my eyes to something I hadn't really thought about. Or considered. And it's almost funny how the stories of someone else's life became something I was so interested in. I hope and wish that you have a wonderful life and just like everyone else, I'm going to miss you.

Goodbye and good luck.
October 23rd, 2015
I'll miss you, David. I've only read this comic for the last year or so, but I've enjoyed seeing your updates.