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Matilda's Sweet Cake Cafe

Welcome to Matilda's Sweet Cake Cafe!
Here you'll find four (fan)service minded girls ready to satisfy your sweet desires.
So come on in, have a seat and enjoy the scenery.


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She's so mean.
@teetonify: I'm sure they're attached nice and tight.
Merry Christmas!
I wonder how those tails are connected? Hmm...
December 11th, 2017
5x Matilda
5x the T&A!
December 11th, 2017
Truly Evil!
December 9th, 2017
may i ask will we ever see a vagina or an actual sex scene
Guest of Honor
November 24th, 2017
Trunks on the beach? Where is goku, vegeta, and krillan?
@HumalaDuck: Apparently you can eat them, though.
She should have worn shorts. No one ever says that something is scary enough to scare the shorts off a person.
It's a movie trailer! Only it's a comic. So there's no movie.
More updates to come sporadically
just a peek
@teetonify: in her massive wardrobe.
A plethora of costumes for the stunning Matilda.
All the girls are looking especially beautiful here.
Fun times
@magnuspraeda: Thank you.
Nice comments doesn't hurt its chances :3
@Nesselrode: I just discovered this comic and read the entire archive over the past week and I, too, would like to encourage you to continue!
@miamistax: Well, I haven't hit that "comic is completed"-button yet so maybe some day...

Thanks, glad you liked it.
@Nesselrode: Yeah, ok. Your page 213 is somewhat confusing. The last panel indicates "to be continued" and your Author Comment indicated it was a good place to end it this time. I figured that combination of remarks meant you were just taking a well-deserved break. But if you're done, then thanks for the ride. It's a nice comic.
@miamistax: Thanks :)
But I'm not working on any comic at the moment :/
Hope you had great holidays
C'mon back.