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The proper story of Plokman.


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I love those sfx's you're using.
Oh dear.
You guys do realize that for the last three comics I've been showing Souls born of lightning in Cyberspace right? They are true Souls too so Plokman, Sari and the character the Green soul belongs to are alive. This soul is at a lose even at its start. Corrupt Data merged with a soul can't be good.
She turned into a lazor! :O
Meet Sari. It'll be a bit before she meets Plokman. But the share a bond.
@P.T._Piranha: Yes and you'll see why I have my mask.
So that's what you look like without the mask... kinda obvious given the sprites used, but still.
O snaps, Its Plokman! :O
Here we go. What could happen when lightning and cyberspace merge? What are those three flames and why does Plokman have a face? It will be revealed. I'm going to post two more parts before I'll need the sprites Pat is making. They will be kinda light on the dialog though.
Fun facts my two favorite Sci-Fi Elements are Robots and Cyberspace. My favorite mythic creature the Golem. I had to have Cyber Space in use in the prime story of Plokman.

I am going to be able to update one more time before I will need the custom sprites from Pat so we may be in for a slight wait after the next update.
March 2nd, 2012
We should all get awards for our backstory comics :U
March 1st, 2012
Aw, I started a trend of AWESOME.

You know, I'm a hair curious as to how you come up with the names.
yay now we all have our own backstory comics
February 29th, 2012
soon as i get my new house dun
sayl awai ladees sayl awai
February 29th, 2012