The Tyton Nuzlocke Challenge: Emerald Edition
Kids, I'm going to tell you a story. The story of how I... no, wait. Sorry.

Welcome to the Tyton Nuzlocke Challenge, a character-driven graphic novel created entirely in Microsoft Paint. It updates daily, including weekends, holidays, and apocalypses (apocalypsi?).

In a world overrun with eager trainers, the Pokemon Administration has taken desperate measures to ensure the remaining wild Pokemon survive, while allowing trainers to continue their paths. This has resulted in the limiting of catching wild Pokemon, the banning of certain items, and finally--the closing of Pokemon Resurrection Stations in all Pokemon Centers.

Enter Tyton. He's thirteen and has less than a year to get all the way to the Pokemon League. Join him and his team as they follow the road to the Elite Four, get wrapped up in the schemes of Teams Aqua and Magma, and (possibly) uncover the mystery of Scott the poofy-haired stalker.

There's also a Latin ladies' man Lombre, a swagalicious Gloom, a Numel that hates everyone he's ever met, a firecracker of a Whismur, and the most lovable Dustox you've ever seen. But we'll get to that.


Latest Comments

Comment on Page 628
Pokemontrainergigi, 22 Jul 2014 02:15 pm
He doesn't seem phased. Or bleeding. :U
Comment on Page 627
Lockman, 22 Jul 2014 12:15 pm
It's about to go DOWN.
Comment on Page 627
gothaman1, 21 Jul 2014 05:42 pm
well...that escalated quickly... SHAAANK!!!
Comment on Page 627
Pokemontrainergigi, 21 Jul 2014 05:22 pm
Human fight! :D
Comment on Page 627
ScottishWolf, 21 Jul 2014 02:45 pm
Comment on Page 626
Barn0wl, 20 Jul 2014 08:16 pm
@Epicguy27: To be fair ... DJ hasn't actually put the knife down yet.
Comment on Page 626
Epicguy27 (Guest), 20 Jul 2014 03:57 pm
Cant Fight
@gothaman1: remember Dj isnt allowed to fight i dont know if this counts but i dont think dj wants anything bad happening to tyton or him thats probably why he put down the knife.
Comment on Page 626
gothaman1, 20 Jul 2014 02:32 pm
WHAT? NO! Shank him, SHANK HIM!
Comment on Page 625
Blitz3124, 20 Jul 2014 01:48 pm
i like the little details you put into the desk of him getting bored, it was a nice touch man :D keep up the good work!

Comment on Page 625
gothaman1, 20 Jul 2014 01:09 am
maxie, yyou just made a mistake...That whishmur has so much guts, you are sooo scalped.


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