The Tyton Nuzlocke Challenge: Emerald Edition
Kids, I'm going to tell you a story. The story of how I... no, wait. Sorry.

Welcome to the Tyton Nuzlocke Challenge, a character-driven graphic novel created entirely in Microsoft Paint.

In a world overrun with eager trainers, the Pokemon Administration has taken desperate measures to ensure the remaining wild Pokemon survive, while allowing trainers to continue their paths. This has resulted in the limiting of catching wild Pokemon, the banning of certain items, and finally--the closing of Pokemon Resurrection Stations in all Pokemon Centers.

Enter Tyton. He's thirteen and has less than a year to get all the way to the Pokemon League. Join him and his team as they follow the road to the Elite Four, get wrapped up in the schemes of Teams Aqua and Magma, and (possibly) uncover the mystery of Scott the poofy-haired stalker.

There's also a Latin ladies' man Lombre, a swagalicious Gloom, a Numel that hates everyone he's ever met, a firecracker of a Whismur, and the most lovable Dustox you've ever seen. But we'll get to that.


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Comment on Page 638
Lucario01, 03 May 2015 07:16 am
@Haunshaul: Yoo can doo eet!
Comment on Page 638
Haunshaul, 19 Apr 2015 11:06 pm
@Miles Hikari: Shhhhh I'm working on it!
Comment on Page 638
Miles Hikari, 19 Apr 2015 11:01 pm
I finally make it back and the comic hasn't been updated in nine months?
Comment on Page 397
Alphabacon34, 19 Mar 2015 12:12 am
Theres a glitch in the matrix. =_=
Comment on Page 180
Alphabacon34, 18 Mar 2015 09:09 pm
@Haunshaul: Why did you not switch out to dustox, I mean confusion on a machop? O.H K.O
Comment on Page 66
silver-wolf, 18 Jan 2015 04:35 pm
R.I.P. Blu
You were always so calm and gentle, like a flower drifting in the sky.
Comment on Page 638
Laufente, 14 Sep 2014 11:29 am
Man I'm sorry for commenting super late! I started reading the updates as soon as they happened, although I never got around to writing anything somehow :I
But as a long-time fan, I'm really happy you're back. And one can tell from those new pages that you had fun drawing them again - that's what matters the most!

I'm looking forward to the next chapter^^
Comment on Page 638
Lucario01, 20 Aug 2014 03:56 am
Wow, I didn't realize you had made another chapter.
This chapter was nice, Maxie has to be one of the most interesting characters in the story. I'd love to see him more.
Comment on Page 638
Haunshaul, 06 Aug 2014 02:13 pm
@ozymandias_jones Thanks a lot for the input! The throwaway page thing is a really tricky balance, because I have to pace the comic as both a story with daily updates and as one that might be binge-read months after the pages have released. There's also my self-imposed limitations regarding page size and chapter length, and my tendency to prefer cinematic single images over multi-panel pages in a lot of cases. It's something I try to balance, and I realize I got carried away this chapter. =P

In regards to "Once More With Feeling", I'm not there yet. I'm a little over halfway through season five, and I believe "Once" is a few episodes into season six. I keep getting distracted by other things and haven't made nearly as much progress in the show as I'd like, though that's also because I'm simultaneously watching Angel. Hopefully when I start working on the next chapter in the next few days I can crank through most of the rest of this season. =)
Comment on Page 638
ozymandias_jones, 05 Aug 2014 03:09 pm
Did you think you were going to get away without an end chapter review? Well tough, cause here goes.

First of all, Maxie is crazy fun. He was a great way to remind us all how good this comic can be. I especially liked how his whole 'what do you think this is, a video game' speech was emphasised by the other characters (bar DJ) acting particularly videogamey. Tyton's face was certainly mirroring Ash in one panel, just after Haun put out the water, and Ted was total NPC in the way he sent Tyton up to the summit to deal with the rest of team Magma (unless of course he's a double agent.)

I also think I mentioned that I didn't see a way for the plotline to end in a satisfying way, but you completely surprised me with the Ted thing, and I like where we're at at the moment. I also really liked DJ's little bit. Given that this comic is moving away from the rigid in-game plot, I think DJ's probably in a unique position for you to treat completely as you want, since she wasn't on the team in-game. Plus, she's now been way more competent than Tyton against both Maxie and Archie.

A problem I did have, was that there were lots of what could be called throwaway pages in this chapter, like the last couple, the thunk page, or the one right after the thunk page, which could have all been combined with other pages. I hope you realise I'm not trying to accuse you of being lazy, since I know you put lots of work into this comic, but I feel like with this sort of update schedule the pace of the comic is badly affected by these pages. I'd much rather have some of these pages combined, and shorter chapters, even if it meant longer breaks between chapters.

Anyway, thanks very much for the great chapter, which managed to have a real sense of danger, make honest and insightful commentary on the games, and still be very funny in places (UNFIRE!!) Maxie's speech was really well written in places too (...they're crazy!) I really enjoyed having this comic back for a while, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it again when it returns. Best of luck with your trip, and also woo Buffy! Have you got to Once More With Feeling yet?


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