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Boy X Sword

by -Ruu-the-Dasher-
Ruu, a young wanderer with a mystical sword, travels across a victorian era Equateur. Along his way he'll meet new allies and enemies...!!
Daily updates!!
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6 Years Ago
Ruu, a young wanderer with a mystical sword, travels across a victorian era Equateur. Along his way he'll meet new allies and enemies...!!
Daily updates!!

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Sanosuke?! What???? But he uses his fists and his Zanbatto got busted! Why is he there???

Silly, silly ^^ if you include someone else's characters in a sword tournament, courtesy dictates they use swords as their primary weapon.

This is pretty cool, so far. I look forward to reading more ^^

(edit) wait.. sorry, my mistake. that's not Sano's name ^^U
It looks great! Having your comic printed is always amazing. Did you literally print it yourself, or did you have it done by a local print shop or online printer?

I have my comic issues printed by RA Comics Direct, a print company based out of California. The price is the best I've seen anywhere, the quality is very good, and the customer service is excellent. I messed up my last order, but they emailed me back the next day and fixed it for me.
Oooh, I like it! I still haven't ever drawn any of my comic's characters in color, I should.

Just wanted to let you guys know that today I've uploaded the first page of my new comic, Guerra + Santa. It'll be updated on tuesdays and fridays. Please check it out! :)

(Unfortunately I won't be working on BxS until I'm done with Guerra + Santa, so for now this comic'll remain on hiatus)


Sólo quería avisarles que hoy subí la primera página de mi nuevo cómic, Guerra + Santa. Lo actualizaré los martes y viernes. ¡Por favor léanlo! :)

(Desafortunadamente no trabajaré en BxS hasta que termine Guerra + Santa, así que por lo pronto este cómic sigue en pausa)
Ok another filler, I probably won't be uploading (or drawing) new Boy X Sword pages for a while but I want to keep this comic around. Some of you might've seen this picture on my deviantArt gallery (@ruu-the-dasher), but I still wanted to post it. This is what the BxS volume 1 paperback cover should look like, I think... 18th century Ruu. :)
Dude, es un sueño *u*
this looks so awesome!!!!

and very well done >w<
@-Ruu-the-Dasher-: But even if it's just one book, I know it is a wonderful feeling to just... you know... have it in your hands! Being able to touch the pages and such. Awesome, Ruu! Also, can't wait to see more xD AND. The toning looks very neat :3
Sorry guys, it's another filler!!

One of my dreams came true last semester: having Boy X Sword printed on paper. I scanned, toned and added dialogue and sound effects to over 100 pages for this printed version. Here you can see a few images that show how it came out. Too bad I could only afford to print one book!
I like the boots particularly! C:
Hey guys, happy new year!! I hope 2013 brings you plenty of wonderful things!!

I decided I'd post a small filler-- this is a small sketch I did the other day, I was playing with concepts, and Ruu's concept was "a member of a tribe that respects nature, life and death". According to my "game", his name would mean "Small Raincloud" XD

I think he looks a lot different, doesn't he!
Will be interesting to read more about his past, I dont like him so far.(How dare he hurt Ruu like that >:1) But Im starting to think that Ive just misjudged him and he cares abut Kathy more than I
Wow very nice page! But er not so nice that Ruu has been hurt like that :S
Wow I really dislike her Grandpa! Feel sorry that she is related to someone like that! She doesnt even know him, so this must be really upsetting for her :(
Epic facial expressions!! Did you draw the action lines by hand? Feel like Ive asked you this question before but I dont remember your answer xD
Geez...what a mean guy :/
Plot Armor. Ruu still has 1 HP left.
Whoo! All caught up! o A o

Wow, Kathy's grandpa is quite the eccentric person! Quite influential on the storyline. XD
WHOA! What he said!!!! ^^^^^^^^^