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Sunny Girl

A story of growing up.

High-schooler Juu learns firsthand both the sweetness and pain that accompany the fleeting adolescent years.
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5 Years Ago
A story of growing up.

High-schooler Juu learns firsthand both the sweetness and pain that accompany the fleeting adolescent years.

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September 12th, 2014
GAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! I wish this was going to be continued! I love it so much! I wish pancake-waddle would complete it... QnQ
Black Stars (Guest)
January 26th, 2014
Noticed how the character's names are after "Romeo & Juilet" ...LOVE IT!! <3
Ashwee (Guest)
December 21st, 2013
This work is just...gah, I can't even come up with appropriate adjectives to describe how amazing this is. I hate to harp for updates when I know you guys are most definitely busy, so I won't. But I will let you know that I will be patiently waiting for the continuation of this beautiful project:)
mangaluvr1218 (Guest)
December 5th, 2013
omg please update, i really love this so far, i really really wanna read more! THANKS
MS Seymour
October 17th, 2013
So, first I want to say that I'm totally on board with supporting this awesome comic :) Even though it's short so far, I hope you guys will continue to update in the future.
I love all the cute scenes as much as anyone else, but after a few times of reading it, this is still my favorite page by far. I laugh as hard as I did the first time, every time. Thanks for making my day :)
Leeane (Guest)
September 20th, 2013
I love it! Simply amazing! Please continue!
MangaLife (Guest)
September 9th, 2013
OMG! This is so cute so far! I really wish there was more out! The art is so beautiful! <3 Please let more come soon
Silverfox (Guest)
September 2nd, 2013
Oh my! I can't wait for more!!! I started this thinking that there would be a lot more pages to read and suddenly there I was all caught up and completely sucked up in the story. I am totally excited to follow along and I eagerly look forward to the next page! :D :D :D
Lady Keiko (Guest)
July 21st, 2013
This was so beautiful! Not to mention lol funny! You have to continue >w<
July 18th, 2013
you guys did such a good job holy crap.
i'm so proud to have ever drawn with you guys
<3 hopefully i can make something as bad ass as this.
OMG I'm in love
Omg I reallllly love the art. It's really pretty. Your comic also gave me a good laugh ^^ I can't wait for upcoming pages. Will definitely stay tuned for more C:
Oh my GOOOOOOOOD, you art is so beautiful!! I really do look forward to your new updates!
Ayashides (Guest)
April 24th, 2013
Thank you for advicing me your comic pancake-waddle ;)
I will follow this story with the biggest interest <3
I really enjoy your art, a mix of simplicity and emotion, very pleasant to look at.
I wish all the best to you and your colleague for "Sunny Girl" !!
April 21st, 2013
Dat art. <3 Your lineart is so smooth. pls sensei tell me your secret. how is your lineart so gorgeous and smooth.
This is so gorgeous! Love the drawing, toning, and coloring style. It flows really well and I'm excited to see more.
StoryRPArt (Guest)
February 20th, 2013
This is amazing so far!!!
I absolutely love it and cannot wait to see more!
lolz! (Guest)
February 19th, 2013
eep this is great! what software did you use for making the comic panels?
youka (Guest)
February 19th, 2013
clarissa (Guest)
January 9th, 2013
@Poopin: Sadly enough they wont be able to update often because of school and what not
January 6th, 2013
WOW! I gotta say the art doesn't look rushed at all and it's so clean and beautiful. You got some serious talent over here (and I'm seriously jealous.) I absolutely LOVE the transition between each panel it feels like I'm watching a magical movie with sparkle desu written all over it (lolwhut?) It's just so amazing!!!!!! *A*drools. I love the cute little humor you added in- it really threw me off the chair laughing and I didn't expect any of it either!! Which is great I enjoy suprises and the unpredictable it shows me you got some swag magic tricks up your sleeves. >v<! I like the dramatic emotions- especially when the girl is like "NO DON'T CLOSE THE DOORS." and she flew passed the old geezer lol and flew into the arms of stuff with her eyes widen and stuff flying around and alasda;djspdfsadfjaspd.

I hope you don't mind me expressing my love for this. You got me rereading for 2 hours straight and i'm supoosed to sleep omg why won't you let me sleep. Now I have to come back here everyday to check for updates so I can make love to your art. <///<