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All kinds of love in mid 90s fictional NYC like city. Vampires and other supernatural things included.

Updates Wednesdays, unless otherwise specified.


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January 25th, 2015
updates plz?
November 28th, 2014
@Infinity.: I believe the comic is set in the 1990s, so the flip phone is pretty accurate for the time period. It's okay though, I forgot about the year it was set in and was a little surprised before I remembered too.
Infinity. (Guest)
August 7th, 2014
Dude, he has a flip phone.
Yesh. She just ripped out his neck. If he's alive, he's gonna be in a lot of pain.
July 6th, 2014
I apologize for being late with this, but I got new computer and took while to get photoshop going and I am still trying to adjust tot he new monitor and WIndows 7 smoothness and settings. ( I swear, my previous computer feels like a rock at this rate)

Colors are in progress, because I did a derp and forgot to bring my palette over, so I gotta go back and forth with old pages/art to color this until I reorganize it, so I'll post colored page ASAP.
Update, July 2nd:One of the semi birthday presents was new computer which just got setup today, and I am having issues getting photoshop working and I am not used to SAI just yet, so next page will be late, saturday/sunday (still in color) :D
June 6th, 2014
trying to figure out fast paced method for these, maybe I can go back to 2 pages a week again :D
May 31st, 2014
I guess she's not good at being calm at these situations.
May 17th, 2014
Everyone laughed at his twig.....
May 13th, 2014
Now if there's anything peculiar about Dyl, as I suspect, Abs may be just the person to suss it out.
May 7th, 2014
Welcome back!
I love Cassandra she's my favorite vampire it's nice seeing her with a friend that doesn't annoy her.
Cool page, one thing though, you misspelled "strength" in that fourth panel. Welcome back!
May 6th, 2014
Yay! Welcome back~ I really missed your comic ;w;
May 6th, 2014
Aaaand we're back! :D
April 5th, 2014
Self explanatory. :D
March 8th, 2014
@Tiggs: no worries. congrats on the job:D
March 8th, 2014
This post spoke to me on a lot of levels, so I had to draw it. <s>'Cept Scott's vulgar as hell so there.</s>

Guys, I have not forgot about anything, it's just that I picked up a job and it sometimes interferes with my art time, so I am working ultra slow on things, but I am working on them <3
January 24th, 2014
@BurstThrough: She didn't exactly fear the whelp, but rather fearing of losing control, with to many vampires. That is all I am going to say about it for now. ;) I haven't decided what nationality the Savant is, but it's a he. :D