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Brooke and Kirby
A comic about my fan character Brooke and Kirby. This is the first webcomic I ever posted here, so expect some mistakes. And don't expect updates daily. I can sometimes get Author's block.


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Comment on Temper Tantrum
Guest, 03 Apr 2016 03:10 pm
Dedede's look in 3rd panel is the best part
Comment on Someone's Cranky
Guest, 09 Jan 2016 05:44 pm
Mid boss,not mod boss
Comment on Helping Out
MT (Guest), 22 Nov 2015 10:24 am
kirby has a brother?
Comment on Background Adorableness
Dawn teh eevee, 16 May 2015 02:53 pm
@MecanicalCH: And he does.... its so cute :3
Comment on A Little Drawing
Super Bluey, 07 Mar 2015 09:47 am
It's only a matter of time before it's been 1 year since the comic last updated...
Comment on A Little Chat
Guest, 03 Mar 2015 04:52 pm
If I did I apologize. That was so long ago that I don't really remember what I said.
Comment on Dedede Attacks
HOOPLA!, 30 Jun 2014 03:04 pm
This will make me imagine dedede saying "FORE!"
Comment on A Little Drawing
shogun64, 17 Jun 2014 07:24 pm
Just checking, is the comic still running?
Comment on Look who was finally cut down to size
lunerkirby, 11 Apr 2014 04:44 pm
Ha ha Dedede was soooo owned
Comment on Suika
lunerkirby, 11 Apr 2014 04:42 pm
I love waterm.... I mean suika!!!


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