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PMD: Victory Fire

Sometimes the most interesting stories come from the strangest places. Victory Fire starts off as most Mystery Dungeon comics do, a human comes to the pokemon world. But THAT'S where the similarities end....

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Well, I think we all know what is going to happen. They are going to arrive there and find either Primal Dialga blowing shit up, Victini sitting on the Iron Throne (Game of Thrones reference XD) or the precursor form of Dark Matter from GTI who will then tell them something extremely foreboding about one day becoming powerful enough to destroy the world before pulling a Darkrai and flying off into another dimension to hide until the events of PMD: Gates to Infinity - Seriously this one's my favorite, mainly because it makes sense that Shadow Pokemon are the reason that Dark Matter came into being. :)
late one
One can only hope @DragonMoonWolf and given the given just how big a goof he is, well, let's hope she's got enough hoopspa to keep him in line.

Seriously, they kind of make a cute couple.

But really let's hope things go better then last time.
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Beam me up Gardey!

I don't see the reply button on my iPad, but read this as a reply to PJSam
Panels 2-4
Make them a wall paper. I know I've said this a few times, but the facial expressions feel real to me!
Panels 2-4
Make them a wall paper. I know I've said this a few times, but the facial expressions feel real to me!
Time for them to not be back before night and for Mewtwo to do dumb things!
I just love Mewtwo's expression in the 4th panel
True, Metwo cannot learn teleport that is why he fly XD
Two to beam up.
Oh yeah! I forgot ralts usaully know teleport!

Also sulfur bunny, are you gonna make gengar mega evolve?
Mewtwo I swear you better keep your promise
If you make Jen cry over this I will never forgive you
Not that it matters if I forgive you
But personal grudges and stuff
Huh, I can't believe I forgot that Gardevoir can teleport. I know a lot of people are probably going to say this, but that teleporting effect in panel 6 looks awesome!
My comment from the last page has been solved, as long as she can do it twice there's no reason not to take her.
Also, Gardevoir is adorable in the second panel. I think that's the first time she's smiled?
@Black: Iknorite? Small wonder the anime has become notorious for making little sense in light of the games. So many things, like the four-move limit and a "strict" application of type matchups just smack of game mechanics and make little sense in a more "realistic" portrayal. Example: there are quite a number of Fire-types that keep all their fire inside until it's time to use it. I'll use Vulpix as an example because I like Vulpix more than I probably should despite its lamentable hairstyle (I like evil-Umbreon's "cake frosting Trumpadour + riding sideways in a convertible" variant better than the official one) and creepy pupil-less eyes. It can breathe, absorb, and control fire, so it makes sense that it would be a fire-type - but at the same time, it keeps all its fire inside until it's time to use it and ordinarily presents nothing but fur and skin to the outside world, just like a normal fox. So why would it be any more vulnerable to water-based attacks than a normal fox, or less vulnerable to physical grass-based attacks like Vine Whip? Its inability to learn biting attacks is similarly nonsensical, as it kind of is a fox and those kind of are carnivores and predators. It certainly wouldn't have the beartrap jaw of something like a Growlithe or Poochyena, so it could be explained away in-universe as some sort of league convention, a poor fit for Vulpix's best abilities perhaps, but they still would have teeth sharp enough to sink a nasty wound; add instant cauterization and you have pain on a truly epic level. Given that the Mystery Dungeon series clearly shows that Pokemon are quite capable of thinking for themselves, you'd think many a wild (or at least wild from a human perspective) Vulpix or Ninetales would figure out Fire Fang all on their own as a desperation attack if nothing else. Of course, you could assume that if they're close enough to get their teeth on something they could just torch it easily anyway, but there may be other considerations at work, which I will happily list if asked.

Many water types, also, are not actually made of water; while their vulnerability to electricity makes sense, their resistance to fire makes less so. Many do live in or near the water, so would frequently be damp; this could help mitigate fire damage, but only if continuously replenished. You could also argue that the water inside them moderates sudden temperature changes, but that would have more of an effect on long-term and internal damage, not immediate surface-level damage. The same goes for their vulnerability to grass; while vulnerability to draining attacks could be plausibly explained by saying that there's more for the attack to drain (and plants do indeed suck water out of soil to live, but then just about everything imbibes water to live at some point), leaves and vines should do no extra to them. The list goes on.
Assigning Mewtwo a watchdog? That cheeky little!
Jen's earlobes reverse direction again, in the last two panels! If I wasn't pretty sure @sulfurbunny has strips buffered out a few weeks in advance, I'd seriously suspect she was just doing this to mess with me at this point...
Mewtwo is a goof :3
Nothing worse than Pokémon logic