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A collection of shorts and one-shots featuring themes of comic books, video games and day-to-day life.


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This is Victoria.
I am embarrassed to say how low it took me to get this comic BUT I LOVE IT. so funny!
I can relate......really well.
This makes me feel bad for not having Crispy's character in any recent comics. I promise he's making an appearance soon!
Eri has plenty of patien - SQUIRREL!
Celeste needs to slip some Ritalin in her coffee
Yo bro, I like your stuff. Ima give ya 10 billion dollars to keep up the greet work, just give me your credit card number, and pin so I can transfer the money to your account thanks -rich guy
@Frankinator: I knoes, she's a star!
Squeebee has been immortalized on the internet <3
@Frankinator: Yeah... sort of. YOU'RE NOT MY MOM!
Is this... plot?!
The kitty is really cute! <3 I think you should put a kitty in every panel of every page!
March 14th, 2012
@Spencer: Thanks so much!
Sorry it's so sketchy, it was my first try in ink and the pencil lines were difficult to completely get rid of.
This is funny