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The Life Of hitkid96fan

hitkid96fan's life in a comic!

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cool yeah pretty good
@Super Bluey: So much that I still need to update this and New Super Mario Series on YouTube.
for how much time i've been gone
Hey look, this fight scene actually turned out kinda well.
Funky Bike Wii is no more!
That green door is ttly not mine. ttly. That green Kirby also wasn't Smug, my FC. ttly.
And another fight starts.

Also I updated for a whole week, now let me rest, it's hard to make plot sometimes.
Apparently, nothing to laugh at.
Visiting places which are probably considered bad comics at most.
*nostalgia flood incoming*
Tall Tall Tower! Good times...
This scene wouldn't of happened if I didn't fish these stuff out of my old laptop. Also I know someone (and a rare group of people) who will know this.
You should see where this is steering to.
Well maybe all of these will hold a fancy pool or something.
November 11th, 2013
Need there more to be said?
<img src=" y553c.png" />
Where could they lead?
Find out yourself after (probably) 2 comics or guess for yourself.
Another comic is here... also being downloaded into a computer upgrades stuff.