sLightly abOVe avErage

Keiko Tachibana is an average High school girl.

Scratch that. She's a self proclaimed "Slighty above average" High school girl who has dedicated herself to being only moderately better than the social norm. However one day she gets a visit from someone Way over the top.

An inter dimensional cutie whom goes by the name Llla-Elac Ngtholi Cllegogg, also known as "Laila" to humans. She has come to destroy the sanity, and lives of everyone at Daisuke Ryuzaki high school.

However, poor Keiko seems to be the only one at school whom has noticed this terrifying beast, and to make matters worse, she's staying at her house!!

Will Keiko be driven insane by the ramblings of this terrible alien and her Slightly above average lifestyle tossed to the wind? Or will she succeed in defeating this strange alien menace!?

Find out in this incredibly odd web comic inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and slice of life Anime!

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Let the awkward photoshopping commence
February 23rd, 2017
Cleo tries to figure that stuff out, and we are.....

With our local, police photographer who's about to get into some silliness in photoshop...
February 21st, 2017
Cleo wears something nice and yellow, bumps into that girl she hates, and realizes she spend the whole night writing something other than she thought she was.
bekstorm (Guest)
February 16th, 2017
bob-watch report 009
quality of art is more then satisfactory.Fluctuation in size of our primary body parts is sadly on descendings line.
Development of secondary suport characters is on asceding tendecies.
Mayor eldritch event iminet.
Return of character codename "Thin chick" posibl in nearest future.
Supernatural entity code name "Black Goat" is incrising her involvment.
Posible reaction of codame "Fat Mayd" and "Scared Martyr" to Thin Chick unknow.
Addendum. Di she rember it was Laila who killed her, will she be able to recognize her?

Sorry still can get tat bowbies incident from head
February 16th, 2017
Back to our usual schedule.

Cleopatra wakes up in the bath tub and has to calm herself down from that weird dream she had.
Looks like something has gone r'lyeh wrong.
Drakanor Dream
February 14th, 2017
Welp I recognize those little 'statues'
February 14th, 2017
Cleopatra continues on with her nightmare of a horrible sunken city and some twisted thing..... These pages were so fuckin fun to do....
@not_the_one: Indeed, that is one of the philosophical interpretations of a soul! And she can indeed program them to do what she wants, or simply have them work like a hive mind all following her, however it would be difficult for her to maintain their form. Her natural form is constantly changing at random, forming and unforming limbs, so holding a humanoid form can be quite difficult for her if she needs to do it on a mass scale so it would be easier to give them their own mind, and in doing so they could be very dangerous because Laila knows that if she knew another creature just like her, she would, if given the chance, betray her and destroy her. She knows she's untrustworthy because she knows herself well and wouldn't fully trust one of her own clones even if they were working together towards the same goal. You just never know when she may turn on you from boredom or something.

And yeah, that's basically what she did with Little Laila, that's why she had stated that it would take her a little while for her personality to change from being super child like and simple to being more like her actual form because her body had to adjust and be able to accept and understand all of the memories and knowledge (Given it is millions of years of knowledge, though most was probably cut out since it wasn't necessary for her mission).

There is quite a bit of philosophy to be had in the story. It's just not.... necessarily focused on a whole lot, but I do try to have it there. For instance if you go back to when Haruko became that monster. Her face contorted and it came out of her throat and several other haruko heads spawned out of it's body. Keiko ripped that one off and then laila used her own body to fix her up and remake any lost organs. So is she even Haruko anymore? We don't know if souls actually exist as a fact, and even if they do did it stay behind in the one Laila absorbed? Haruko may just be something that happens to look and act a lot like Haruko. The same can be said for Keiko after she threw herself from that window and landed on her spine. Laila said she "Resurrected her". And if she does have a soul it may have passed on, meaning only her soul less body was brought back from the dead. Or even if it was, she still recreated part of her body with her own and so she may be more Laila than Keiko as well.There are also a lot of "Existence of good and evil" tones I try to fit in a lot of times and make it ambiguous as to if what the monsters are doing is actually evil. Sure it seems bad to us, but to them is it really? Or was Keiko burning that shed with those two dying kids in it good or evil? She was trying to protect her friend who was possessed by a demon, but at the same time she is also trying to cover up a double homicide, and Laila is simply watching from a distance, un caring as to what happens.

I try to stay consistent! I'm glad you enjoy that. It can be quite challenging but fun!
Yeah, I always used to find the concept of soul tricky and strange. After much thinking I figured out the only actual purpose of it, unshared with any other mental or physical faculty is that it defines a person as *the* person, and not anybody else. So if you have no soul, your exact copy is you in the truest sense.

But can't two such beings share one mind? or can't she program both herself and the copy to always help each other? After all it's not like they really need to compete, is it?

And by the way - since you put so much attention to scientifical consistency (which I really appreciate) - according to our actual knowledge memory upload, though techinically possible (given unaffordable technology), would need to be done by physically changing the brain structure. However, it's also virtually possible to actually create any desired changes within DNA at the beggining, allowing them to become real (or feeling-real) memories over time.

hell, you might consider going all-philosophical in this story at some time. It would certainly be some fun!
@not_the_one: Well, that's kind of complicated. If Laila wanted to, she could indeed make an exact copy of herself by splitting, the same as a cell would divide asexually. This could take time similarly to a pregnancy by letting it feed off of her and grow it's own nutrients and what not, or she could hurry the process and just split her mass to make two identical, though smaller than the original, Lailas. She would almost never do this however as if there were two of her, there would most definitely be a power struggle eventually between the two of them, so the original would only ever make ones weaker than herself so that she would always remain the dominant one, or possibly leave genetic memories behind that would force the other to believe that there is no way to overcome the first so that she'll never be taken over by her "Double".

Little Laila was a bit different though as it wasn't an Exact copy. She simply used her own mass to form a child within herself, gave birth to it, and then it aged quickly to the desired size and age before stopping. Laila did this as it would be much less experienced, however it would slowly take on her own personality because that's how she made it. Basically it would be the same as if a mother gave birth to a child that had no mind, and then she uploaded her own mind into that child through some method to make it a "New" version of herself with a different body.

This does however raise a philosophical question as to whether or not the new one has a soul as it has a new body that was born, however it's mind came from a pre existing creature, and so it actually possessing a soul could be debated as it could be ruled as both unlikely and highly likely at the same time. Usually a creature that is born would be considered to have a soul, but all the same if a robot was given a person's memories it would most likely be considered to not have a soul, and Lil' Laila would be somewhere between. Did she have a soul before Laila added her own memories? Does she just have an identical soul to laila, or maybe just a fraction of one? Maybe she has no soul at all.....

Very fun question for sure.
Here's the last Slightly Above Average Valentine this year, it's Abbas Alhazred, the cult leader of the Black Orchard who worship the king of limbs, he who walks on countless hands, the unnamable horror!!

If he's offering you a valentine.....

Run. You might not make it, but if you're running, you have a much better chance at getting away in the end.

needed another male character for a valentine and so I thought ol Abbas would be a good fit. He's fun to draw since I never limit myself to making sure his limbs seem like they have joints. XD

Hope you have a Slightly Above Average Valentines Day~
woah, now that's cool. And could she create another one *just like herself*? provided she'd consume enough mass of course. If so, would they be completely equal, without the track of which one was actually the first?
In the other worlds - does she have something akin to soul?
Next up for Valentines day is....

The strange Miss Ayane Shizuka.... Not much is known about her other than her being a secretary and being on adult magazines..... But she also seems to be.... not quite human. Something is up with her for sure. Her skin looks sickly and there's something wrong with her eyes and teeth.... She looks a little...


Only time will tell.

If she gave you a valentine, it would be hard to say why she'd be doing so. Maybe she's legitimately interested in you.... or maybe she has ulterior motives.....

Anyway, we're over half way there with this year's 4 valentines, another one will be coming up tomorrow~
@not_the_one: So long as she could continue consuming raw bio-mass, such as living organisms, and other eldritch beings, she can continue to do things like this indefinitely. If you go back to see when little Laila was first born, Afterward, Laila was a bit thinner and her bust wasn't as large because she re purposed a lot of the mass in her body to create this one so swiftly. So really she could have a bunch of little Lailas running all over the place if she wanted. however the more she makes the more her control over their form may break down and they could just be a little wiggly pile of tentacles and mouths instead of cute little girls.
So how is it - can Laila just create her copies forever, regrowing her mass from food/whatever she digests or is there some limit to this? It would be top tier awesomeness to see a *group* of little Lailas running around...
I miss her already
Here's the next one for this year. Little Laila.

She looks like she's up to no good. And if she's giving you a valentine, I'm sure she's actually up to no good as well as looking the part.

I really just wanted another excuse to draw little Laila again~
Hey everyone~

It's almost Valentines day and so that means I'm gonna post a few Slightly Above Average Valentines for all of you in the next few days!

The first up is.... A remake of the first Keiko Valentine using her most current design. Look how much things have changed~

She may have more scars, but she's still beautiful~

If she gave you a valentine, it would really mean something since she's hella awkward and not usually that forward with her feelings~

Get ready for more in the coming days! 12021
bekstorm (Guest)
February 7th, 2017
that midl panel ... large one, with Cleopatra roaming trough ocean. Now this really awesome picture. She look so ... fish in water :). Really beutifull draw, kinda ... I dont know how to propr describe. Fealing, idea, emotin, it ben captured so well . You Mr. DarkMaster really ate someone. I just wonder what wudl H.P.L. feal. ( But i fear answer we all know, althou he gawe us Mythosverse, ha vas ... well :) some of us know)