sLightly abOVe avErage

Keiko Tachibana is an average High school girl.

Scratch that. She's a self proclaimed "Slighty above average" High school girl who has dedicated herself to being only moderately better than the social norm. However one day she gets a visit from someone Way over the top.

An inter dimensional cutie whom goes by the name Llla-Elac Ngtholi Cllegogg, also known as "Laila" to humans. She has come to destroy the sanity, and lives of everyone at Daisuke Ryuzaki high school.

However, poor Keiko seems to be the only one at school whom has noticed this terrifying beast, and to make matters worse, she's staying at her house!!

Will Keiko be driven insane by the ramblings of this terrible alien and her Slightly above average lifestyle tossed to the wind? Or will she succeed in defeating this strange alien menace!?

Find out in this incredibly odd web comic inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and slice of life Anime!

Recent Comments

Well ... this is kinda to much even for Cleofish I mean patra. I she really her self, or she just belive she must behave like thed. And she got some eldritch close encountr recently. And there is more of Insmouth in her then just a name ... well we shal see. But there is just one think that meke mithink ... Layla was ling when she feed Keiko all that bulshit, her magical camuflage dont work because is more then slightli abowe awarage. Have nice day folks.
Cleo gets too touchy with Naoko and really....

REALLY upsets our sweet little cupcake...
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@Zarakynel: It looks almost defeated, but she also looked so defeated when she walked into the room. Awww our Keiko-chan brings her back to life. XD
@AlexXeno: The sidelong sad look along with the blush does seem like she is sad that she left
March 24th, 2017
Wow, this actually puts cleo into a new light for me. I'm starting to think that maybe she's so mean to our scarred hero because she likes her. the meanness is either because she is trying to cover it up, or she has a need, or thinks she needs to be the dominate one in the relationship. But then again, I'm famous for over analyzing things.
March 23rd, 2017
Something breaks up the conversation...
@bekstorm: LOL What is Salt no 118?
@bekstorm: What thing are you talking about exactly? Was what thing born and taking form in another level of reality?
well .. at least ancient question about T-Rex vs. Shogoth is answered ... more or les. Now only mundane next dor question: who really was sumoned from salt no 118?
well ... not sure if someone will ewer even ... but stil. IT is same it whitch was mentioned in later from Hatchinson to J.C. ? That IT thing what is born and taking form in another levels of reality???
March 22nd, 2017
past burns
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March 21st, 2017
Keiko and Naoko have a close encounter and Keiko says she can't do that kind of thing anymore...
Someone likes the Zalgo text generator.
I wonder is Laila considers Keiko a pet, a pawn, a distraction, something else? Or maybe a bit of all the above?
@Laila: Is there anyone back home you particularly miss? If not friends, were you familiar with any noteworthy individuals/cosmic abominations?
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The Formless Spawn:
What is your business all about? what are your goals in this town? Is it just a trap for Shoggoths?

And being able to do a surprise attack, perhaps for the last time against Laila, why do you wait?
I never realized how big she was below the waist. Also i now ship those two!