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This Sonic sprite comic is not safe for your blood thirsty grandmother.

But seriously...

Originally ended and deleted mid 2011, and was reuploaded early 2012, then finished mid 2012. Completing Season 1.

Then New years of 2013 came and BAM Season 2 is here.

Are you prepared for the acid trip of Sonic Webcomicnudity?

How deep of an Acid trip?
Imagine a Darker and edgier Scratch and Grounder.
Imagine a Ghetto Dark Gaia.
Imagine a Super Duper Eggman.
Imagine Batman as Cream and Cream as Batman.
Imagine Sonic as Sonic.

That deep.


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Comment on A Piece of my mind.
DaBrokor, 07 Apr 2014 06:46 pm
That rock is the true pirate.
Comment on A Piece of my mind.
Porky, 05 Apr 2014 09:33 pm
@King_Rover: Well, I'm just pointing that out for One Piece. Whether they do it in Hedgehog Piece (Which I was on the original incarnation for - for about five minutes before it died) is another story.

If memory serves, barring the Yonkou, nobody tended to remotely resemble pirates in the original at least.
Comment on A Piece of my mind.
King_Rover, 05 Apr 2014 08:02 am
@Porky: Haha, well it's more of a playful jab, and it warrant mixed results, I shouldn't do this too much.
Comment on A Piece of my mind.
Porky, 04 Apr 2014 10:24 pm
@King_Rover: To be fair ... no, actually there are quite a bit of pirates who act like actual pirates in One Piece. The main cast just isn't among them.

Although they did try to rob some people at least once (IE Skypeia, but they actually wanted to give them a lot more gold than what they stole) ...

And I literally JUST TODAY started watching JonTron so I know who Rockington is ... that's a coincidence.
Comment on A Piece of my mind.
TouhouShake, 04 Apr 2014 10:14 pm
Comment on A Piece of my mind.
King_Rover, 04 Apr 2014 07:50 pm
@godmoderncommander: It's okay,

it's all a dream,

a boost driven coma dream....
Comment on A Piece of my mind.
King_Rover, 04 Apr 2014 07:49 pm

75% are people who attacks and robs ships at sea.

man I should watch one piece.

All this time I thought they were harmless goofball naval adventurers passing on as "pirates"
Comment on A Piece of my mind.
godmoderncommander, 04 Apr 2014 07:29 pm
...Well great. You killed off the cast. There goes our reboot of the comic.

*Throws script away*
Comment on A Piece of my mind.
Chiddles (Guest), 04 Apr 2014 06:46 pm

>No pirate in One Piece
>only at least 75% of the cast

Comment on A Piece of my mind.
King_Rover, 04 Apr 2014 06:41 pm
This is a mild jab at Hedgehog Piece, which is a parody of One Piece, as no there are no Pirates in One Piece.


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