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by jimmydabomb
A Random Collection of short comics from Joe.
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16 Years Ago
A Random Collection of short comics from Joe.

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This was the second entry I made for a contest. This one got me a free donator code. :D
A lame star wars joke.
Syntax Unicorn!
Blingmobile is a guy in the forums. A lot of people assumed that his alias was in reference to the Bling Mobile phones. In fact, it was referencing a Bling-Mobile, as in a car.
This one is in response to a conversation I had with Charlie. I was hoping the Awesome Boat thing would catch on. didn't.
I love motivational posters. This one was in response to a hacker-friend who attacked a rival website.
October 20th, 2008
This was a response to Oyer's petition to be a mod. Oyer stopped making comics a while ago.
October 20th, 2008
During a scuffle in the forums, a lot of us starting petitioning to be mods with comics. I decided to use Desolate Robot and make jokes of the whole thing. :D
My x-mas gift to Trebor.
The art is not mine. This was a submission to the "fill in the blank" SmackJeeves contest. I thought the "pure Wiivil" was very funny, but I still didn't win. :-/
This was a submission for a SmackJeeves contest. I had two entries for that contest. This is the one that didn't win. :/
October 20th, 2008
I published this comic through my independent zine, entitled Q&E which was very popular when I gave it away for free. :D
same pic as before, except colored in. It actually surprised me that the main comment I got was that my old heads (the rectangle with a dot for an eye) were better. Ah well.
I found a tutorial on heads, so I started practicing them. Heads are really difficult for me, so I was eager to get something decent out of it.
October 20th, 2008
Another space picture, and more fun with the tablet.
Fun with a tablet. I like space pictures. :D
I drew this in a brief time when I was trying to market my art. I can't remember if I or my wife colored it in, but it makes a nice icon. :D
Mr.Viggaly is an old guy with no arms or legs. I'm not sure why I made this comic. It never went anywhere.
My final submission to the magic the gathering webcomic. I'll see if it's still around and post links if it is. :D
Another one for the Magic the Gathering comic. I was criticized for not knowing the rules to magic (I played first edition, back in the day... things have changed a bit since then)