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Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs is a 3 part series of one trainer's Pokemon adventure to regain her lost memory. The first game is Emerald, then PMD: Sky, then...who knows!

Current run: Sky

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Comment on [Page] 481
3jaustin, Jul 30 2014 6:57PM
@Dragongirl101: In mystery dungeon, all directly-damaging moves work on all types.
Comment on [Page] 480
3jaustin, Jul 30 2014 6:55PM
I knew he'd show up eventually... the penultimate boss!
Comment on [Page] 481
GinaDragonGirl (Guest), Jul 30 2014 11:55AM
Awww man it would be so epic if Gigi had the same face as Eren while turning around and be like "TITAN" XDD

And Dusknoir would be all like "I came in like a WREEEEECKING BAAAAAALL"

...okay I'm not funny//hides

((Psssssst epic expressions are epic btw))
Comment on [Page] 481
Umbreonsshadow (Guest), Jul 30 2014 6:30AM
Dusk noir came at a good time
Would you rather he appear in the middle of the final boss fight.
Comment on [Page] 481
Poke'slash, Jul 30 2014 1:28AM
Shady's back
Gigi's face in panel one is like, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!".
And Dusknoir's eye..Hypnotic. 0.o
Comment on [Page] 481
Epsog (Guest), Jul 30 2014 12:33AM
Boss battle time.

Wait, where is the epic music boss battle theme, this epic page needs a epic boss battle theme acording to the picture.

I think have one

Let see, Let see, not here, ah, here is

for start
Comment on [Page] 481
Takai, Jul 29 2014 9:40PM
Murder? That makes him my favourite then :D
Comment on [Page] 481
Lady Darkrina, Jul 29 2014 8:34PM
Yay Dusknoir's ba-- wait... WHAT?! OH NO! He's back and he's gonna kill em all! D:

Man, though I'm loving the expressions to Ginkgo and Kiara here ^^
Comment on [Page] 481
Janobii, Jul 29 2014 7:13PM
Kierra and Gingko look so fierce. Gigi's just like f***!!
Comment on [Page] 481
Luigi_96, Jul 29 2014 7:07PM
Aw what nobody's happy to see him? xD


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