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Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs is a 3 part series of one trainer's Pokemon adventure to regain her lost memory and save the world...or at least try to.

[1] Emerald: Having lost her memory, "Gigi" embarks on a journey through Hoenn, but ends up getting pulled into Team Aqua and Magma's shenanigans.

[2] *CURRENT* PMD Sky: Losing her memory (again), Gigi is turned into a Pokemon and tries to help save the Pokemon world from destruction by time shenanigans. She's assisted by new and old friends on her journey in these unfamiliar lands.

[3] ???: Not started yet... (I promise she won't lose her memory again!)

There's some blood and swearing every now and then just fyi

Latest Comments

Comment on 23 - BOAT
theawesomeeevee (Guest), Oct 2 2014 1:02AM
damn gigi u scary
Comment on [Page] 403
Lady Darkrina, Sep 30 2014 5:00PM
Aww..poor gigi.. look what you've DONE! Arceus you're evil man! D:<
Comment on [Page] 403
gothaman1, Sep 28 2014 9:33AM
the path of suffering will eventually bear good fruit... the easy way only makes bitter fruit
Comment on [Page] 403
121GWJolt (Guest), Sep 27 2014 10:57PM
...That's how I read it, anyway.
Well, maybe she was actually supposed to arrive in a different world than the one she did, and the Latis just got confused.

I just realized, does Gigi falling into the hole like that bear any similarity to what happened when Rory fell into that crack in time?
Comment on [Extra] IT'S MAH BIRTHDAY :D [Sept. 23rd]
121GWJolt (Guest), Sep 27 2014 10:52PM
HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!
Congratulations! 999 ultra-deluxe double-fudge-brownie PokePuffs for you! (Fights to not eat them all himself.)
Comment on [Page] 403
WhiteFang (Guest), Sep 27 2014 7:41PM
Right, arc, you're totally not a douchebag... riiight -._-.
Comment on [Extra] IT'S MAH BIRTHDAY :D [Sept. 23rd]
Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 27 2014 7:30PM
@MaririDrawings: It's fine! Better late than never, thank you! :D
Comment on [Page] 403
GracefulRaven, Sep 27 2014 4:05PM
Has Gigi slowly backed up to the edge of the void? D: And all those harsh words... I don't think Arceus was meaning to be harsh and mean, it was just being honest with her. It'll be okay, Gigi :'D

Amazing as always. That space is beautiful
Comment on [Page] 403
ScottishWolf, Sep 27 2014 11:39AM
Damit arceus, dont mess with us like that D:
Comment on [Extra] IT'S MAH BIRTHDAY :D [Sept. 23rd]
MaririDrawings (Guest), Sep 27 2014 10:25AM
AHH SORRY IM SO LATE!! happy birthday QAQ i was so busy!! again i am so dam sorry QAQ


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