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Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs is a 3 part series of one trainer's Pokemon adventure to regain her lost memory and save the world...or at least try to.

[1] Emerald: Having lost her memory, "Gigi" embarks on a journey through Hoenn, but ends up getting pulled into Team Aqua and Magma's shenanigans.

[2] PMD Sky: Losing her memory (again), Gigi is turned into a Pokemon and tries to help save the Pokemon world from destruction by time shenanigans. She's assisted by new and old friends on her journey in these unfamiliar lands.

[3] White Randomizer: Three "friends" journey across Unova to save the world...from shenanigans! /o/

There's some blood and swearing every now and then just fyi

Latest Comments

Comment on Page_034
Pokemontrainergigi, Oct 9 2015 3:30PM
@Darklassio: I know the basic plot of the game. I'm not going to play it myself most likely, so I don't care too much about spoilers XD
Comment on Page_034
Darklassio (Guest), Oct 9 2015 2:41PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: Oh... Good thing I was vague on my explanation, otherwise I would have spoiled it for you.

GtI isn't a bad game, but it's not the best. A lot of stuff could have been changed, like more Pokémon to be recruited or letting you be more pokemon than the Unova starters, Pikachu and Axew. Still, I liked the story line.
Comment on Page_035
PJSam, Oct 8 2015 7:07PM
I predict that she will regain the use of her arm to slap a bitch.
Comment on 54 - New Rule!
Koren, Oct 8 2015 2:21AM
Dat Absol.
Comment on Page_035
Luigi_96, Oct 7 2015 10:12PM
That middle panel is amazing. Gigi's expression. "OH MY ARM. THE DRAMA."
Comment on Page_035
Guest, Oct 7 2015 4:24AM
Maybe she broke her arm when Drowzee crushed it in the Sky story
Comment on Page_035
Guest, Oct 7 2015 2:48AM
@Meta-Akira: Nothing suspicious here, nothing at all. *whistles*
Comment on Page_035
Maka152 (Guest), Oct 6 2015 9:07PM
@Meta-Akira: XD Yup-Suuuuure, definitely human, not a pokemon!
Comment on Page_035
Meta-Akira, Oct 6 2015 7:59PM
*Markiplier voice* NORMAL HUMAN!
Comment on Page_035
Jedi-J2, Oct 6 2015 4:15PM
This page was enough to justify going back and searching for that "Metal. In leg." panel. While searching for it I found numerous other pages where Gigi (Loophole! She was still called Gigi then!) looked sad or hurt. She really doesn't spend a lot of time happy. Also, the only reason I realized she was wearing an eevee-themed jacket was because of the obvious chancey nurse. Otherwise I would have been oblivious to it.


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