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THIS RUN HAS BEEN "REBOOTED" AND CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://giginuzlocke.smackjeeves.com

Emerald and Sky are now no longer canon, but I will leave them available on this site as an archive. I will also leave what chapters I began for Harbingers before rebooting it here as well.

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Comment on [Page] 14
Guest, Jan 21 2016 8:10AM
when i played Darkness I kicked both their asses in like five seconds. Because FIRE TYPES FOR THE WIN
Comment on [Page] 10
Guest, Jan 21 2016 8:09AM
Glow in the dark dragon types. 0.0
Comment on [Page] 270
Anonemuss (Guest), Jan 10 2016 2:22PM
When I got to this point in the game (in Darkness), I starting obsessing over which other characters were actually evil, as my brother, who finished Time, kept on hinting to me that you get betrayed. Then I realized that I was being stupid.
Comment on Happy (Belated) Halloween!
Pokemontrainergigi, Dec 3 2015 9:40AM
@Zeldafan2000: Sorry, I broke the link! Should be fixed now, try again c:
Comment on Happy (Belated) Halloween!
Zeldafan2000, Dec 3 2015 1:55AM
When i click the newspost (the right here thing) it just says invalid ID. O.o what'd i miss?
Comment on MOVING!
GuyroMaster (Guest), Nov 17 2015 11:33AM
Guess this is goodbye.
This is my first ever comment...because I only followed this as a viewer...not a member. Well...I guess it's gotta be done at some point.

It's sad to hear that this comic is no longer going to be canon to the first two nuzlockes. As much as I want to say I'm happy this is breaking off on it's own...I can't. I really can't. Because I'm not happy...I really can't put it any other way. The only reason I was going to follow this story was because of the plot and the aftermath of adapting to being human again after being a pokemon. It had potential to create some great moments. The scene with Gigi and Chansey as humans was a great example of that.
There isn't really any other way to put this...I won't be following the new canon. I just can't bring myself to do it. I wish you could do both...but I know you won't... *sigh* Guess this is goodbye to Gigi's Nuzlocke Trilogy... Best of luck to your new story...and wherever it goes.
Comment on Page_011
Ginger (Guest), Nov 14 2015 11:18AM
@Pokemontrainergigi: but also, it's not supposed to evolve until 64!
Comment on Page_010
Ginger (Guest), Nov 14 2015 11:13AM
I've recently been playing a crap-ton of Persona 4 Golden, and I just noticed that Volcarona's name is the exact same as that of Rise's persona. Is that just a coincidence?
Comment on MOVING!
Pokemontrainergigi, Nov 13 2015 3:17PM
@AUra: I will not be updating this site anymore, just the new one. Emerald and Sky are not being added to the new site because they are not canon anymore.
Comment on MOVING!
AUra (Guest), Nov 13 2015 1:32AM
So you won't be updating this page anymore and only the new one?

ALso do you plan on adding your older runs (Emerald & Sky) to the new place?


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