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Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs is a 3 part series of one trainer's Pokemon adventure to regain her lost memory and save the world...or at least try to.

[1] Emerald: Having lost her memory, "Gigi" embarks on a journey through Hoenn, but ends up getting pulled into Team Aqua and Magma's shenanigans.

[2] *CURRENT* PMD Sky: Losing her memory (again), Gigi is turned into a Pokemon and tries to help save the Pokemon world from destruction by time shenanigans. She's assisted by new and old friends on her journey in these unfamiliar lands.

[3] ???: Not started yet... (I promise she won't lose her memory again!)

There's some blood and swearing every now and then just fyi

Latest Comments

Comment on [Extra] Happy Halloween (late....)
hellfire14, Nov 20 2014 8:37AM
So do I...Imagine an Eevee version of Giantdad. XD
It'd be pretty darn interesting, I'd say. Instead of becoming an undead, you become a Pokemon...Undead? I'm all in. XD
And that's cool. I forget a lot of stuff too. :P
Speaking of which, there's uh...*Snaps fingers a few times*...Oh yeah! Colege work!
I've got some college work to do. XD
Oh well, I'll wing it. It allways turns out good when I do it like that. X3
Comment on [Extra] Happy Halloween (late....)
Pokemontrainergigi, Nov 19 2014 11:35PM
@hellfire14: ...I want a Pokemon Dark Souls now O_O
Honestly I can't remember it's been so long XD
Comment on [Extra] Happy Halloween (late....)
hellfire14, Nov 19 2014 4:52PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: ...Uhm...Who did you watch playing it? I watch Northenlion :D
Comment on [Extra] Happy Halloween (late....)
Hellfire14 is too lazy (Guest), Nov 17 2014 5:35PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: Heh! Same here. XD
But it's kinda like that, and dark souls put together...I think. X3
I mean, the Kangaskan rocks are kinda like campfires. XD
...Maybe I'm just silly. ;^_^
Comment on [Extra] Happy Halloween (late....)
Pokemontrainergigi, Nov 17 2014 2:40PM
@hellfire14: I have! Never played it myself, but I've watched a few people play it c:
Comment on [Extra] Happy Halloween (late....)
hellfire14, Nov 17 2014 10:32AM
@Pokemontrainergigi: Oh. XD

Or maybe it's like...Have you heard of a game called "The Binding Of Isaac"? :P
Comment on Chatot Archie
Goosygander (Guest), Nov 15 2014 8:35PM
ARCHIE!!! YAY!! <3<3<3 Good luck with your next part of the comic, by the way. I literally read this whole series (plus both Mewtwo thingummy's, which I LOVED by the way) and I loved this comic! (that...sounded kind of redundant...oh, well.) Again, good luck and kudos to you for this awesomeness.
Comment on [Extra] Happy Halloween (late....)
Goosygander (Guest), Nov 15 2014 8:30PM
Dangit, if Mewtwo were to come up behind ME dressed like that? I would probably literally jump right out of my skin.
(and @Pokemontrainergigi I totally understand not dressing up for Halloween, I barely made do with a Chell costume (like, three days before made due)...) I totally wish that Mewtwo HAD dressed up and scared me...would've really made my day, if not scared the life out me. :)
Comment on Chatot Archie
GoldFlareon, Nov 15 2014 5:48PM
Bahahaha, that is fantastic! xD I love him so much! (P.S. I am Suicune's Fire. xD) I had no clue a random comment was going to be inspirational. ;D Such a fitting pokemon for Archie, though. x)
Comment on [Page] 394
RioBlitzle (Guest), Nov 15 2014 3:13AM
@ScottishWolf: Hey! I'm Scottish, and love wolves too! And, I agree... Poor vulpix...


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