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Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs is a 3 part series of one trainer's Pokemon adventure to regain her lost memory and save the world...or at least try to.

[1] Emerald: Having lost her memory, "Gigi" embarks on a journey through Hoenn, but ends up getting pulled into Team Aqua and Magma's shenanigans.

[2] *CURRENT* PMD Sky: Losing her memory (again), Gigi is turned into a Pokemon and tries to help save the Pokemon world from destruction by time shenanigans. She's assisted by new and old friends on her journey in these unfamiliar lands.

[3] ???: Not started yet... (I promise she won't lose her memory again!)

There's some blood and swearing every now and then just fyi

Latest Comments

Comment on [Page] 388
Lady Darkrina, Aug 22 2014 11:34AM
@Pokemontrainergigi: I hope it goes well c:
Comment on [Page] 388
Epsog (Guest), Aug 22 2014 12:27AM
@Pokemontrainergigi: And still works and count, by the way exelent fight pages (sorry for don´t mentioned before T_T)
Comment on [Page] 388
Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 21 2014 10:57PM
@Epsog: You can flail in someone's face =P
@PossumFlavored: Thank you! Had I not been moving back to college tomorrow you'd have another page today but sadly I've been packing all day (aka being lazy) |D
@warriorcats1000: naw, I'm sure he's fiiiiiiiiiiine
@Lady Darkrina: I'd draw that if I didn't pack my tablet already |D (moving back to college tomorrow)
@3jaustin: I'm just playing devil's advocate ;D If you think I've lost, I've won. If you think I've won, I've lost. Dialga's battle could have gone either way. I didn't find it too hard in my non-Nuzlocke run of the game with proper item usage (namely preventing him from using attacking). Though with that run-through I was allowed reviver seeds and had a different team (Eevee/Riolu) so it's all still unknown ;D
Comment on [Page] 388
3jaustin, Aug 21 2014 10:42PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: Ar you saying a completely unexpected plot twist is coming, if so, then you've tricked me good! Also, if I had money, I'd bet 10 dollars against you with the Dialga battle just because I've seen that that boss is OP if you don't use reviver seeds. Can sometimes make your attacks fail to trigger and has a hit all move that can easily OHKO both party members! (damage of Roar of Time can go above pokemon HP limit)
Comment on [Page] 388
Lady Darkrina, Aug 21 2014 6:10PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: That would be pretty cool to see ^^ Raawr! xD
Comment on [Page] 388
Xenokore, Aug 21 2014 3:27PM
@Linkziken: and I'm one of those few, good one.
Also TO THE FAAACE (fav phrase to say)
Comment on [Page] 388
warriorcats1000, Aug 21 2014 2:20AM
The flying fluffy fury storm known as gigi look out dusknoir your doomed
Comment on [Page] 388
PossumFlavored, Aug 21 2014 1:14AM
Too good
I wait a week or two before I go and read, and it always feels like catching up is way too fast because its too good.
Comment on [Page] 388
Epsog (Guest), Aug 21 2014 1:10AM
@Pokemontrainergigi: well, i don´t remember flail consisted in tear of someone´s face, o well, don´t discard it if it work´s
Comment on [Page] 388
Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 20 2014 10:04PM
@Lupasolis: ur fac is a but maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan ;D
@DaBrokor: I think Dusknoir's beautiful face can survive anything that is thrown at it =P
@Axies: Yeah me too :c
@Shadow-Charmeleon: That's how she made the jump ;D (yeah that's his hand)
@Linkziken: I wish I got the reference :c (that game looks cool)
@Foxblaze: Yeah! :D
@wugfish: Thank you c:
@Epsog: Tackle or Flail are Gigi's only offensive moves c:
@MischievousMew: No it's a flying potato! :D
@Lady Darkrina: Now I want to draw a tiger Eevee |D
@3jaustin: Says who? =P


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