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It's a web comic, I make it and you read it. Updated daily.


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October 18th, 2012
Link mentioned in picture
aww yeah. Short but sweet.
Make the next comic have the same fifth panels but then the sixth panel is the alt ending you put in the alt text. :P
October 1st, 2012
@mitchellbravo: Thanks. Took way longer than it should have to get working, but well worth it.
September 30th, 2012
dig that glide
@mcnunkee: Pretty sure Doctor Who just speaks straight-up English, though from what I understand of canon he's kind of an alien shape-shifter type thing, so the possibilities are endless, I guess?

I think it was my brain unprepared for the cyrillic and reading it as if it were funny latin letters, and that's the only reason I made the association. I read the ee-sounds as Ns, and the f-sound as a lowercase D.
@mitchellbravo: You're very close with "Titty frost", it's "Titty sprinkles" put through google translater. I don't watch Doctor Who either, I just thought anthropomorphic boobs would be even funnier if they spoke serbian. Does Doctor Who speak serbian or something? Never seen an episode in my life.
I keep reading the strip title as "Tenth Doctor," even though if my cyrillic is at all correct it's more like "Titty frost."

I don't even watch Doctor Who, there's no reason for me to be making this error.
This reminds me of the Lazor youtube series
So, you'll notice the banner is changed, and then there's this new logo I made with some extra time I had. What do you think? I think it turned out pretty good.
Generic Graffiti
Had some extra time on my hands to do this, I think it's pretty cool.
and anything on the middle-to-right side of the chart takes 90% of the time while "start to do work" takes the remaining ten
April 26th, 2012
GIF time
so for today's comic I uploaded some gifs I made myself. It may not seem like much, but this was the first time I have made a gif and it took a while.
Running at the pool
so today, instead of drawing a picture, i drew a whole bunch of them and made a flash. go check it out!
best banner ever
April 2nd, 2012
Six Comics
so listen, we need to talk. I missed five days of comics, so here is six comics to day. I will keep up with it regularly from now on, or at least I will try.
March 25th, 2012
Missed yesterday's upload, so, you guys get two today. Try and handle the intensity.
March 25th, 2012
Trouble Afoot
This is what happens when you don't take care of foot injuries: You get supercool crime-fighting abilities.
This is glorious.
March 23rd, 2012
Sunny Day
Uploading this from france.