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Heroes have answered the call to battle to take on evil and save the world countless times. But...what if they received the wrong call? What if they found themselves taking on completely different enemies and villains all because the mail boy mixed up their mail? And what if that mail boy for some stupid reason was never fired and kept making that mistake?!

Megaman taking on the King of Koopas? Captain Falcon getting in a street fight with M.Bison? Kirby cracking open the Eggman and serving him sunny side up with a side of fried rice?!

You won't want to miss this magazine subscription. When worlds collide, things get hilarious. Join us on this little tangent into the "What if" in Colliding Mailboxes!

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do an aileron roll

yeah, that's a real thing.

and it's what you do in SF 64.

herp derp i'm a nitpicker
I find it hilarious that you answered this question on my birthday Geoff. Well done.
We're great! Thanks for asking.
So, Geoff…Afrohawkman
How ya'll doin'? XD
This comic hasn't updated in over five months.
It's a barrel THROW
Snake in Game & Watch
Game & Watch in Snake.

Or Link in one of those, and one of those in Link.
Right... Got a suggestion, myself. Two videogame heroes on complete opposite ends of the spectrum!
Solid Snake of Metal Gear and Samuel Stone of Serious Sam!

Snake sneaks in quietly, Sam charges in with all guns ablazing! Snake is very formal, but cooperate with his superiors quite too much! Sam is very informal, yet never seems to argue with anyone in authority over him!

This combo, I gotta see!
Right in the uvula!
Sleepy Kirby? Not sure how that works...
I wonder what kind of effect that would produce?

It's like the old mean bean machine all over again!
"T-Block"? More like a square. Really.

Well, anyway, Dr. Square, I believe the place you're looking for is Minecraft.
But, we need those barrels to get in and out of the Spooky chapter!

(If you understand the meaning in this comment, you must be awesome.)
Donkey Kong... the villain? Someone's never read the actual story written for Donkey Kong, back in 1981...

...or played Donkey Kong Country.
Samus Aran... does not take turns!
"Piratemon"? Looks eerily-familiar...
So, that's how you spell "bdddt bdddt bdddt"!
Ok, so I saw the title here, and was like "I'll have a look at this...". Then, I noticed the extremely-impressive comics-to-fans ratio. Then, I read the description and knew... I've just gotta take a look at this!
I got a suggestion. How about...ZELDA IN KID ICARUS?