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The Property of Hate

A voyage.


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I don't think Hero was ever "real." I don't think RGB ever entered the "real" world to begin with. I think he's pulling protagonists out of their own stories.
So I wonder how RGB is going to explain this to Hero next.
Put that boy in some rice.
Aww, it’s a cuddle pile!
@despissito: :thumbs up:
@Banshee: The European spelling is Armour.
RGB is referring to her coat. They explained this back in the market when they were buying it.
(Page 219, Wardrobe: "Not armour- "AMOUR!" These are clothes that have been infused with affection, with love!")
@Guest: I'm pretty sure it's "European spelling" vs "American spelling". Most words in European vocabulary have a "u" added when compared to their American vocabulary counterpart.

Favourite vs Favorite; Amour vs Armor; Colour vs Color; etc.
@SSR: Modmad said on their tumblr that theyre just a bit busy with life at the moment. theyre fine dwai
@Guest: Me after 1 week with no update: "ok"

Me after 2 weeks with no update: *panics utterly*

No but really, hope everything is ok, just busy. Mod doesn't owe us any explanation but a quick check in like "I'm alive, will be on hiatus for a while see ya" would be very reassuring.
not wearing your 'amour'... is that a typo for 'armour'? or is it supposed to be the french word for love...
Uh, it's been a few weeks since this issue came out. I wonder what will happen next.
Huh, so Negative's vines are too strong for an Idea to eat, even when he's been away for so long...
I can't quite decide if RGB's trying to keep Click distracted or if he's trying to keep Hero from panicking or trying to get everyone's attention. Maybe all three.
I was today years old...
Okay, how many times have I seen this page only to finally notice the sleeves of RGB's first coat on either side of the iron?
I take it that ModMad's hands are recovering? If so, I can wait.
Careful, RGB. Your attachment is showing.
Poor Anibus/Dark Guardian...
their back is about to give out completely. How heavy even is that idea?!
@AndreTheLugia: Woof Woof Woof. When in doubt, blame RBG.

He may not always be at fault but its ninety percent of the time when he is...
Welp there goes the fourth wall
And the third one. And the second. And the first one...
Watch out for tellymen in your room after dark. They are looking for Heroes...