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The Property of Hate

A voyage.


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@Guest: w o w
Pssh, that’s nothing.

I was wondering why this seemed so familiar... as some of you might remember, this was actually hinted about in this video:
@Name: it all makes sense now-
@Guest: Run, Run, or you'll be well-done.
“Is anything stronger than the trees?”

Oh, thank goodness! These two need some good luck back in their lives!
Not even the concept of "nothing" is safe anymore. RUN!
What is it? Oh nothing.
Nothing to see here move right along.
Theres nothing to it
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ooooh this aint good!
@HIIIIIII: If I were to guess in the context of this universe.... I think it's the visual representation of someone having a complete Table-Flipping Tourettes-Level Freakout.
I admit I expected something big but not THAT big. I love the way your comic changes scale and angle A LOT.
im guessing that might be a problem
Does anyone else think the smoke(? It's white and flows upward anw) looks kinda like a hand? Or i just stared at this page for too long
u h m
I'm very afraid oh my gosh y'all
I would suggest they start running now