The Property of Hate

A voyage.


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Alright, I'm up to date. I'll be looking foward to see how this particular problem goes. Could the Tin Soldier be another "hero"?
@Guest: She traded her pinkies so miss Cell can make assok a suit to try and make him taller.
June 18th, 2017
Kill me if RGB isn't even a little based off the guy in the Just Dance 3 game. (Video Killed the Radio Star)
So RGB mentions that "That isn't how I died!" or whatever.

Perhaps what happened was that he was a writer of some sorts - maybe a screenwriter for tv shows, and that would explain his head - and came up with Click as a character idea for a story. Maybe he didn't like the idea, so he scrapped it, therefore "killing" Click?
His voice broke the visual representation in this comic is g8.

Oh no RGB he's sad
I mean, when asked about click's face, I do think modmad said that it's not a real face, and he only shields it instinctively
Even if he wasn't a hero, he was clearly somebody who Rgb did a bad towards
Or maybe he sold his face I dunno
Memory: ..."and cyan dripping represents sadness..."
Me: *chokes on own tears*
Hero had five fingers in the beginning of the story.
Yeah, now I'm definitely thinking Click was a previous "Hero" that failed...
the blue juice is gettin reaaaally RUNNY HUH
Poor little hero thought she could trust RGB.
His voice cracked~.
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@Guest: Going all the way back to page 8 & 9, I would say yes!

Looks like the door they went through before encountering the fears at the Pool of Tears, the symbol matches up.

So the chair seems to have traveled all the way back to the near start of the journey. If it does go through the door, there were a bunch of others with different marks, so who knows where it may be headed if it goes through. :O
is that yellow frame with a two over it on the first pannel a door??
See this: ervice-claims-right-first-refusal-webcomics/
Oh my! I think I figured out what Hero has traded..!
@Gin: you have to get some sort of award for that pun
Chair sought out steam to shed its skin?
Does this make it a... Lounge lizard? ; D
The chair suddenly heals! The plot thickens.