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Comment on Ensemble: 203
Gold Karma Dragon, 24 Jun 2016 03:15 am
Now I really like Dial a lot less and I respect TOby a LOT more! I thought RGB just hated Dial because RGB is prickly or whatever, but NO, Dial is legitimately evil! Poor TOby, I knew some messed up stuff happened to him, but this says a lot about his character.
Comment on Triple-threat: Page 157
Gold Karma Dragon, 24 Jun 2016 01:49 am
Picking Sides
Is it bad that I'm sort of rooting for RGB?
Comment on Hoofers: Page 232
JoKeRcologne, 23 Jun 2016 06:26 pm
@GenesisInk: Would make sense ...but isn't "She" the alternative calling for "Hate" ??
Now I have to reread the previous chapters.

This is clearly "the heroes journey" but with a little twist.

The resemblance to "the Phantom Tollbooth" is very weak but present.
Comment on Hoofers: Page 232
sophiebagels, 22 Jun 2016 10:03 pm
@Guest: same
Comment on Hoofers: Page 232
HANA (Guest), 22 Jun 2016 08:57 am
Ohhhh...that's why RGB's hand changed when he got the rabbit's foot!!!!
Comment on Beat: Page 148
Cracked Egg (Guest), 22 Jun 2016 06:13 am
Julienne or Japhet?

Comment on Hoofers: Page 232
Guest, 22 Jun 2016 02:49 am
I just have to say, is there an in between when it comes to solid lines and sketches? I looked through the Ensemble chapter for fun to see how many sketches I could find and I couldn't find any that looked like the one in the "example". I think the monsters in the market were at an in between. Not yet solid but past sketch. That might be why they are able to swap still.
But, they all could be sketches and I just wasn't looking at them correctly. :/
Comment on Hoofers: Page 232
Hate & Time (Guest), 21 Jun 2016 01:10 pm
@The_mad_one: Dude that would be so cool, but then just seeing a little sock in a big freaking Mech lol
Comment on Hoofers: Page 232
ReaderWriterNerd&Geek (Guest), 20 Jun 2016 11:34 pm
I mean, just the art alone is beautiful; it would be worth reading just for that, but then the story is awesome too! I'm with GenesisInk, it's very Phantom Tollbooth-esque (which is great, because I love The Phantom Tollbooth :3), with the wordplay and the puns on various common expressions.

The characters are great, also; don't tell, but - glances from side to side - I think I'm getting a small crush on RGB. *facepalm* A guy with a television for a head, and I'm crushing. I think it's a combination of his being a Sharply-Dressed Man and a Jerk With A Heart Of Gold. I think. He certainly seems that way. But I haven't forgotten his telling Hero that he is "one of the worst" monsters out there. But now *Dial* seems worse than him (is Dial working for Hate? :O), and that butterfly seems kind of sketchy, so time will tell.

I love the other characters, too; this whole bit in the market has just been hilarious. Hero is awesome, much awesomer than I was at the age of - seven? Eight? How old is she supposed to be? and I love her facial expressions, she's so *cute*! ^.^ I have to say, though, that the fact that TOby used to live on a pathway made of Wizard of Oz quotes endeared me to him...I hope he's all right. O.o AGH WHY DOES THIS ONLY UPDATE ONCE A WEEK, well, it must be hard to draw all that so beautifully, so weekly updates are fine.

The whole concept is very cool, and I'm glad we're finally getting some answers as to where we are and what we're doing here. I'm definitely hooked, so. Keep writing/drawing!

Comment on Hoofers: Page 232
GenesisInk, 20 Jun 2016 12:03 am
Upon re-reading the comic, the wordplay really makes me think of The Phantom Tollbooth.
And Hero really seems to be only a hero, now or very nearly. It seems like she's slowly becoming a "rough idea". No name, she's made of "stuff" now, too. "Core design" changing too. No coat, no boots, green shorts.
Heroes wear green. Assok too.

Yo, is "she" that has been mentioned several times earlier in the comic perhaps the creator? "She" got ride of the ferry and ferryman, literally cut Julienne and Melody from the story....


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