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-RU =)
EEEEEEE, she's just so cute! I want someone to hug her!

-RU =)
I predict one final move in the coming months, to Patreon.

Ok, so I saw a comment, someone suggested that the Ferryman isnt dead. Yeah, but.. I'm assuming.. "SHE" sunk it(the ferry). Also the Ferryman. Remember the tree that fell into the abyss and was never found again? I bet theyre going to end up going to all of those places, and are almost caught by "HER" so, they jum0 down to find the last tree.
Because hes dead(?). No heartbeat(?). But, neither does RGB, he has a voice though. Maybe Assock learned too much. Or said something he shouldn't have.
"Sour" Me: Lol, ye sure

"#" Me: like, cheating or..

"Poop." Me: sNoRTS
Sock say
@Timeglitch: FFFF
Assock is....
To be honest, ironically, even though it had no proof on THIS page, every other point on the last few pages all came together, and I realized whay Assock was. Though, I don't know HOW yet. I could be wrong. It makes sense... THAT he is. But I can't really explain HOW he came to be.
@Gociak: AAAAH IKR?! I wish RGB was Heros dad...
December 22nd, 2016
Pretty popular place. Slow older computers can't take it very well. The site seems like a great place for up and coming comic artists to gather.
??? (Guest)
October 30th, 2016
Assock did a wordvomit
@Guest: But in reverse order. We just saw Tinker, before that we met Tailor, before that was a Soldier... so who before that was a Spy? The gramophone guy?
October 18th, 2016
*silently cries* btw I subscribed to you on Taptastic :3
September 29th, 2016
@raytoons: I don't know ...but you can already set your comic up for mobile devices. Look into the options. Afterwards can you manual determine how smartphone user read your comic. Panel for panel or half the page and then the other half... or what ever.
September 28th, 2016
@kidcthulhu: I've never had a problem with that on any of my browsers that I use... I go back and forth between MS Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. What browser do you use?

When I looked at the site, they require very large files for upload, which would use a lot of Bandwidth... I can see that being a problem for some people. (It does run slow when I on my phone when I use the 3G.)
September 28th, 2016
@raytoons: Generally speaking, the format is too busy for my liking. More importantly though, I don't like how it locks up my browser and makes my machine run like molasses.
September 28th, 2016
@JoKeRcologne: Very nice! Do you know if SmackJeeves will be putting out an app for the smartphone? I think that is the main thing that Tapastic has that SJ doesn't.
September 28th, 2016
@kidcthulhu: Why do you loathe Tapastic? It seems like a nice site.
September 26th, 2016
Oh urgh. Tapastic has never worked well for me, (too slow, difficult to work with interface, etc) but I like TPOH too much to leave. See you there!
HATE & TIME (Guest)
September 26th, 2016
Good luck on the move over to Tapastic I might just see you over there.