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The Property of Hate

A voyage.


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@Jade: Doesn't it make the elixar of immortality? That's kind of time related?
There’s a clock hand in the upper right pointing off screen like there’s another “time” or page that that quote is coming from
Time, you... answering a question before it starts... silly rabbit

Also, did that sand get stuck in RGB or is that his juices that we saw earlier?
Yep! That's pretty true, like you can't just eat the ingredients before even making things you need.
@Eightfish: That's what I suspected too! I wrote under page 366 asking! I'm not sure how the rabbit ties in with time is the thing. There was practically nothing said on it in the myths so like ehh
Time is the immortal moon rabbit from Chinese folklore! I can't believe it took me so long to figure out.
Thanks so much for all the support all through the year, I wouldn't be here without your support!

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I just realized. The drink was salty, and Hero became salty.
Your comic is so good I'll turn up my brightness to see it better.
Every time I think this comic can’t get any more impressive you’ve got another surprise waiting for me. Don’t ever stop creating, Mad. It’d be a tragedy to see your work go unfinished.

(Uh, no pressure)
so she's drinking RGB's.. essence? memories? hence why Time said "he was" in response to Hero saying "it tastes funny"
are all the emotions she's feeling the basic feelings of the memories of RGB?
@Snowyh2o: Or one really good Ugly Cry I don't know exactly which :P
@JoKeR: Ooh, that's a neat reading! I'd just read it sequentially as the rabbit talking to themself, so to speak; not as if all three panels were existing simultaneously. I like it. Your interpretation especially makes sense with the way the rabbit looks up (at those three panels?) when they say "quiet, you three."
@woolph: ooohhh 😆 thx
@I_JustWannaSaySomething: look at the past two pages, their arm reaches across, adding the crushed star and handing the drink to hero.
That drink Time gave Hero is made of Dreams and Stardust!
I was trying to figure out how the colors ended up on his ear at the top of the page but it was in the previous page at the bottom... wow I like this
Aww, I hoped it would taste like cheese, as a reference to a previous chapter, probably means RGB is not cheesy but salty
A jack-o'-lantern-alope-rabbit-on-the-moon. Time is very complex. Fitting ahaha.

The tail of one of his speech bubbles was also pointing to this page I think, so he can speak to the past as well as hand things to it :)

Heck I'm worries about Jeebs though D:
January 13th, 2019
Ha ha ha ...Time (I think it's Time) talks forward but the action is backward.
Plucking the star on this page and reaching to the former page to grumble it into the cup of Hero's tears filtered by RGBs "head".
That's why he/she talked gibberish at the start ...all the others from the other panels talked at the same time and discussed the situation.

I love this comic.

And the glass is in an infinite loop between those three pages.