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The Property of Hate

A voyage.


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@anasofi3210: Remember when Dial had Melody and Juliette in a cage before they disappeared? I think that the yellow bubbles might be an end result of that.
Is the water a reference to prince warriors?
Loch Reymose.
A play on Lachrymose.
From the Latin Lacrima--tear.
This comic is great.
Seems like someone is drowning in the Tears! Somebody help them!
HO BOY IT'S MELODY! Now I'm more concern about what Hate did :l
There's three suns now? I thought Hero only freed one part so far.
"Loch Rymose" is the best lacrimosa pun I have ever heard! Well done!

Sorry, I can't resist a good pun and no one else in the comments mentioned it yet.
And once more the topic of Negative is brilliantly dodged! RGB, you need to start taking more urgent concern to how much you black out and by some miracle survive things.
man i just love the body expressiveness, it's just so fun to look at
@AJ: I think it might be the idea. It has the same green colour, and I think the last time we saw it was when it was cast out into water - the ocean wall of the market. I don’t know if those bodies of water would be connected though.
Is that freaking Melody???
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This is bright? Seriously? The obly bright thing about this story is that the main character is the sun
Julienne is a much better than RGB in terms pf explaining....RGB doesn't tell hero or us many things
Chapter 21: Greenlight. As in approval for a project to go ahead. Huh, so in other words, Hero and RGB are off to set things right then.
@Triforce Fandom: It does to me to!
This is beautiful so far. Keep the work up!
Lulu (Guest)
September 9th, 2019
@Guest: Yes, I've seen drawings of Gontran (on Twitter maybe ?) but haven't read the comics. I will search them, thanks !

I think it's pretty sure that it won't happen (copyright and too different artstyle)
But eh... it seemed very funny to me ! :D
September 9th, 2019
Haha! You know that the artist really loves drawing the ducktales characters right? check out her site, those comics are really cute! seems like a plausible theory lol.
Hero still has a long ways to change though. At the rate that this story is progressing, I'm guessing in about 10 years we'll be able to confirm or debunk your theory (:
Lulu (Guest)
September 9th, 2019
O _ O
The page before that one, I found Hero closer to the look of ducks in cartoon (Donald or Gontran) Did someone point that earlier ?
I mean :
Four fingers.
White hands (like gloves)
White hair
The form and the color of the shoes
The eyes seems bigger

Did Hero will become a duck in the end of the story ? Do I hallucinate ?

Anyway this is an amazing story with wonderful art, keep going ! : D

(Sorry for my bad english)