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The Property of Hate

A voyage.


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I like the minimalism of this page
Is it just me or did the drawing style change for this page?
@poopilicious: deader than dead inside.
oh golly. is rgb so devastated by the loss of trees that he isnt even feeling anything at all? i mean--- he isnt dripping any color!

Today in the forecast it's cold.
Looks like hero might need a new jacket
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Ah... Its all bare... I wonder if the sun crashing down had anything to do with some of it?
@Shy-Ghostwriter: OHHHH, I did not notice that.
In the loss of trees (knowledge), thoughts are only supported by dreams and when that fails, thought could destroy everything. The world could end up not being able to “think”
@hey: Throughout the story his suits have been becoming duller in color, and now it's pale.
Goodness, Assok's face always warms my heart
@Shy-Ghostwriter: what colors?
Pastels, colors of desolation, isolation, and barrenness.
"It's almost like they're the only thing holding up the..."

Said RGB last page. The trees are gone, so the dreams are now supporting everything the trees once did.
Uh oh
oh no
Wait, what was this place supposed to look like? I thought we were entering a new area?
oh boy.

not the treeeeess.
Wait, the trees were holding up the ocean, yeah? So, that means that if someone cut down all of the trees then the ocean should have come down and flooded the place. Maybe the trees weren't cut? Or maybe both the trees and the ocean were taken away... Surely that can't be good...