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Thief of Hearts (Old Version)

by Surrealmasque
At long last, this comic is being renewed at a new URL: under my new pen name Sachelarot.

I'll be keeping this version up for now, for nostalgia's sake.

Thank you so much everyone, and I hope that my new version won't fail to entertain you!
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6 Years Ago
At long last, this comic is being renewed at a new URL: under my new pen name Sachelarot.

I'll be keeping this version up for now, for nostalgia's sake.

Thank you so much everyone, and I hope that my new version won't fail to entertain you!

Recent Comments

YOU'RE BACK!?! FOR REAL!?!?!?!?!? ;w;
*cough* >.<'
I really have missed this comic, it's one of the best comics I ever read here on Sj :'>
Loved the characters, the story and style, everything ^^
just glad you're back, i love your comic
Thief of Hearts has Regenerated
Hello again, everyone! It has been a long, long time, hasn't it?

First of all, I deeply apologize for not updating this comic in so long. Life has been so chaotic after high school finished for me. College, work, illness... a whole bunch of things all collaborated to stunt much productivity and creativity in the comic sector of my life, until recently, when I was reminded about how much I truly deeply loved working on this story. So! I endeavored to reboot it once more.

Though I loved my past work when I was young, now rereading I see so many of my amateur mistakes and plot holes. Though I love my characters and the story I labored so hard to bring you guys when I was younger, I feel it deserves better. So, I am starting over. I was never satisfied with the opening of this comic. My artwork was sloppy, Erik's first encounter with Charlotte was a travesty as far as backgrounds (or immense lack thereof) were concerned, and I was just plain buzzing with new ideas to make it better than it was before. So, after a long hiatus, I have decided to give this story a makeover, and regenerate it in a brand new form.

Now, I am telling you guys this as Surrealmasque, however, over the course of time, I have abandoned my old name and adopted a new persona: Sachelarot. As is such, my new account is under that name, and features my new reboot; Thief of Hearts: Regeneration. This might be fitting, since I think that "Thief of Hearts" deserves a fresh start, and what better way than under my new flourish "Sachelarot"?

I've changed some things here and there, made some alterations to designs and locations, changed some dialogue and fixed a bunch of problems I had with the first chapter. It's all for the utmost best, I assure you!

So, I'll be uploading these new pages on "Thief of Hearts"'s new home: "Thief of Hearts" at

I look forward to writing and drawing Erik, Charlotte, UnDeuxUn, Rietch, and all the rest with utmost excitement once again!

Hope you'll come by to check it out. Thank you guys, and I'm so sorry that it has been so long since I last returned to this site. I endeavor to make this comic far superior to how it is now, though updating it with a fresh story that will make me proud.

See you there!
Sooo Sad
I just finish reading this comic its a shame that is dead. I hope the artist is OK its been about a year. Such a great story and can I said the art is soooo cute :3, anyhow whatever you are working on I will be cheering, U have talent!
same here >w>''
been about a year now ^^'
Nick & Kevin remind me of a pair of killers in a game called Clock Tower.... mostly because of their weapons....I forgot their names, but I remember they were my favorites~ ^__^
I am so incredibly depressed that this comic is dead...ish. Its very rare to have a character so morally bankrupt (in appearance) have such potential as a sympathetic hero. Oh well, the cloud has a silver lining if you do rework things to your liking and can finish the project. If not, I'm sure you'll come up with something equally good that I can obsess over...or not as the muse strikes you. Until than I remain depressed, but hopeful. :)Thanks for all the hours of escape I found here.
October 1st, 2010
A year later.

And I STILL love this house. XD
October 1st, 2010
For some reason, I felt like re-reading this comic.

A lot of annoying fillers, and constant fear of yaoi, but the characters are...

well, awesome would be an understatement. The house is dashingly elegant and charming, and the reaper(s?) are delightfully demented and insane~!
August 8th, 2010
lol @ the theif 'I'm a very busy person and I haven't got all day, It won't cost much just your voice! Take a second, take a hike or go on and sign the scroll...' Did you notcie that? XD
Awww, how cute.
omgsh I thought he got stabbed in the eye at first!! xD
Moose (Guest)
July 16th, 2010
Aww, Charlotte looks so pretty in the second panel! To be honest, I think she looks more feminine with her hair up like that. xD
Moose (Guest)
July 16th, 2010
Dang, that's a friggin big house!
LOL this is why we have cell phones. ;P
Moose (Guest)
July 16th, 2010
By the way, I thought there was supposed to be a gash in Charlotte's left arm when she got cut by his sickle earlier. Unless it had already healed on its own? lol

Just throwing it out there. ;D
Moose (Guest)
July 16th, 2010
Umm...shouldn't he be able to feel the impact immediately if it had hit him successfully? o_O
Moose (Guest)
July 16th, 2010
O man, domed in the head!!