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Jealous Cats, Copy Cats

Jealous Cats, Copy Cats

by StupidRocKomics
The daily life of a bunch of cats who constantly get jealous of other cats for petty reasons and copies said other cats to cure their envy.
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3 Years Ago

Jealous Cats, Copy Cats

The daily life of a bunch of cats who constantly get jealous of other cats for petty reasons and copies said other cats to cure their envy.

Recent Comments

Yay, first time the owners are revealed! Well only Cyanniball & Pinkers' owner Morinaga Kusuma and Bluesmiles & Redmagenta's owner Nadheera Sarmiento though... oh and Luna's owner is basically my old friend since Luna is her cat after all.
These kitties ain't gonna succumb to yo' medieval gender roles!
and thus the play begins!
was I high back then thinking of Coppy accidentally becoming Hulk when the two sloshed him with green paint?
Ah finally back at Coppy's for the so-called grand stage play and whaddaya know, Luna's got even more costumes.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Bionicle and Teen Titans. They belong to Lego & DC Comics respectively.
For the last time, CATS CAN'T TASTE SWEET FOOD. Why do they even like the sugarcats anyway?

Also Puss in Sneakers is supposed to be a mercenary here, getting paid to kill somebody and stuff upon request. Coppy got it all wrong and indirectly offered Pinkers and Redmagenta his help to "defeat" La Luna anyway.
I'm sorry for the jumpscare, but this spoopy panel is actually better than the last one earlier in this comic & i'm proud of it :P
Best comic EVAR!!!
Reading in the dark
Such a stereotypical sleepover activity tbh :3
I gotta agree with Redmagenta on this one.
I love this comic
My favorite scene because SO MANY INTERRUPTIONS AND CUT-TO's.

Coppy's initial plan was to hack into Luna's room through an open window, but Ogre and Ranger got too distracted with their swords and had to make a glass cat meant as a gift for Pinkers and Redmagenta, so Coppy had to build a catapult to send it flying into Pinkers' room before proceeding to the Luna plan.

I have no idea how or why the swords work, and yes, that's totally a reference to that scene from Bionicle: The Mask of Light where Tahu & Lewa trapped some Rahkshis in a huge glass typhoon they made with sand & fireblast coming outta their swords.
La Luna gets cake for no reason… just because her owner was experimenting. That's ummm nice.

Pinkers getting all crafty again with the collar brooches. I don' know how did she convince Redmagenta to wear the handmade paper crescent moons (I guess cuz they're having a sleepover at her place).
This kinda got me thinking if her collar brooches mark who her current copying victim is, and that's how she got matching diamond collar brooches with Redmagenta, as does Cyannibal with Bluesmiles.
Uh heyy readers... sorry about the late-ass update. I've had other stuff to draw in the past few months and right now I'm just refreshing and diving into this comic again.
No, it's not over! I have written other plotlines and there will be new characters too. I just haven't got the time to draw yet.
WAIT it's over?!

The happy ending, the happy photograph... until Ogre had to mess it up in the end with biting Ranger's hand. All is well that ends well.
Family portrait time.
The mommy cats are cleaning up because there were no daddy cats to do the job :P

Coppy won the fight against Ogre & Ranger previously so he got to decide what afterparty game the kittens get to play. He chose playing judge.
Lol Judge Coppy. The other kittens' fake names tho.

Coppy & Angelstars showed their leadership well towards the ARMOR cats
Lol. PLAN FAILED. Pinkie & Reddie didnt even notice.

They should've noticed their plastic gun tubes would've melted or something when it's purely filled with battery acid.