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Legend of Zelda- A Hero's Story

The story of Ocarina of Time retold, will Link summon the courage to save his friends and the ones he cares about before it's too late?

Find out and see!!


Recent Comments

Kdogg (Guest)
January 19th, 2016
the same
not to spoil anything for you but.zelda and shiek are the same person!. :P
you know what's funny?
I always hate how people always talk about Link being gay because I like to think that he is not. But when I read this story, it was the best thing I ever read and I was hoping that they would be together at the end!
Kyaaahh!! Link put that finger down!!!
it was bound to happen.
Link is always fighting nonstop with no rest. It's about time he passes out.
wow sheik is a total hypocryte. calling link childish and then pulling a prank. honestly! XD
lol i though link put a sleeping potion in sheiks soupv so he could go to the water temple.
oh ma god what did link do to sheiks soup? 0_0
wonder what sheik is whipping up? uh oh! hurry and get back in the bed link! sheik is coming!
i noticed something that bothered me...isnt it spelled keese?
well thats navi for ya. she is always annoying the crap outta me on the game too! i get ready to fight ganon and then navi screams "hey!" and i need to know his weakness so i click navis icon. then she says she doesnt know his weakness! sorry navi but noone thinks youre helpful!!!!!!
i wonder if sheik will kill link? i hope not!...does sheik like link?
friend confusion
i dont understand. i thought sheik was zelda in disguise?
Semerone (Guest)
September 27th, 2014
I read your comic all the way from the start. In my opinion, it's a masterpiece of art. Great work. :3 So sad, it's over already...
September 26th, 2014
First time commenting, long time reader, but that was one hell of a ride! :) It was a great comic, and a proper ending.

Not many could pull off a zelda rewrite, but you did it excellently. Thank you for the ride!
September 26th, 2014
Noooooooooooooooo it's over!!!!!
I loved it!
September 26th, 2014
Very nice story... I enjoyed it a lot!

Good job!
September 26th, 2014
This ends the comic story. I am so glad you guys stuck around for what it was worth. ^_^ I know the retelling the story of Ocarina of Time has been done over on and infinity in many various forms.

But I hope none the less that you have enjoyed it for what it was worth. Who knows maybe I'll start brainstorming soon on another comic idea sometime.

And as I have said before and I'll say it again, comment if you like this I'll see you later!!

Not sure of an exact date but we'll see.
September 22nd, 2014
not much to say here, comment if you like
September 18th, 2014
Just enjoy and comment if you like. See you later we're almost done.