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by Jim Nickabocker
The misadventures of six very different individuals whose lives are brought together by an unexpected force. Dungeons & Dragons.
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The misadventures of six very different individuals whose lives are brought together by an unexpected force. Dungeons & Dragons.

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In Vino, Veritas!
In wine there is truth.

It's an old (ancient) Roman saying.

It means that when you are drunk, you have no filter, and your words and actions are more open and honest than they would be when you are sober.

It's obvious that John was seriously in lust with both of them but was hiding it due to shyness, fear, whatever.

I kinda want to see them take it further.

Just sayin'
Tru dat
@Jim Nickabocker: If nothing else it's gonna be a memorable camping trip to be sure.
@Stigmartyr762: Bold prediction! Only time will tell!
@Lysander: Ya know, I wouldn't be surprised. Especially since the exact same thing happened with Simon in regards to Wallace and Jamie... XD
@Awfulhorrid: I absolutely agree. Sober sex tends to be the best kind. Though in this instance I think it helped open the flood gates on a few feelings for all three. I'm also loving how the last panel came out too <3
@Merrsharr: Hey, safety first! They'll also get explained next update X3
@sethtriggs: Oh yea, sober is definitely preferable. I'd like to think that the alcohol was a bit of a nudge towards some...underlying feelings. Also don't worry, the one thing John and Iris learned from past events is communication!
@ZSnazzy: One way or another, they did!
@Gildedtongue: This is very true! Though I think they’ll be fine ;3
Now things get weird
@Jim Nickabocker: Once John sobers up and realizes what happened between them, he's gonna have a nervous breakdown angsting over it.
I can imagine Max back at town going, "My porno senses are tingling! Someone is having sex without me!" Probably during a rpg with her pals, and they're left to wonder if that was in-character.
While I'll absolutely agree that being under the influence is not a good option for first time sex, I still literally applauded that last panel! I know the three of them will have a lot to process, but it's such a beautiful picture.
Good thing two of them were sober enough to remember safe sheaths

kinda surprised they had some with them, but eh
I dunno, it's more fun if they're sober though! Hope there's no hangover!

But if they talk about it and it's all good later on, that's pretty hot.

Plus extra bonus points that they all remembered to wrap those rascals!
@Jim Nickabocker: Great to hear, and guessing my comments were mainly for the 'peanut gallery', as it were :)
I mean they got him to bed
Boiling Point
I mean, the sexual kettles for both Iris and Sebastian and John were getting to a rather high ground...

Here's all hoping that after John's major hangover, things will go smoothly for them.
@Skivon: Totally agreed! Though if it helps, I assure you no regrets are going to be had. =3
Firsts of this sort under the influence of booze, in *my* opinion, are a very bad idea...No matter who's initiating it. Sex is awesome, and shouldn't come with regrets, IMO.
George Michael - Careless Whisper

Well then, that happened! It goes without saying that John, Iris and Sebastian are very good and close friends. That being said, in general, just because you're really good friends with someone, doesn't mean you're a bottle of giggle water away from doing the horizontal monster mash. These three in particular have always felt very comfortable together and have a special connection with one another. Though one has to wonder... what now?