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The misadventures of six very different individuals whose lives are brought together by an unexpected force. Dungeons & Dragons.

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I can see the thoughts rolling through Roxanne's head now.
"This invitation is printed on parchment. Who does that? Don't they know that parchment comes from meat and meat is murder?"

Of course, it's probably that fake parchment you can buy just about anywhere.
@Stephen: Of coarse! How could I forget about Sir Hammerlock?? I humbly rescind my comment!
@Jim Nickabocker: Utter nonsense. A classy gentleman such as he would fit right in with Sir Hammerlock.
@Stephen: Hah! You know his voice would totally belong in that universe though his character is much too nice for that XD
Even though I know him...
@Jim Nickabocker: I know who he is but now that I think about it he sounds like a character from the Borderlands series.
@sethtriggs: Hehe Iris is definitely a cautious person. There wasn't any way she was going to let John walk into what essentially is the opening to any given horror movie alone lol
@ZSnazzy: The girls are just making sure John is okay. He doesn't make the best decisions sometimes XD
This is going to be great
Also it's great that Iris is genre savvy. I like that quite a bit, hahaha! Very much fun.
Idk about the girls but this dude seems fun
The Professor's in The House!
For those of you who don't recognize the khakied fellow in the last panel, that's Professor Elemental. He's a musical artist that performs in the style of hip hop but strictly adheres to themes of steampunk, sci-fi, British pride and tea, often sampling vintage tracks from the 1920's. If you're curious about his music, here's an example!

The real life professor has graciously given me permission to use his character and likeness in this arc. It'll be mostly a fun side story but with a rather happy yet slightly implausible ending. Curious? Stay tuned!
So wholesome!
I am really enjoying the dynamic of this group, and this is such a kind gesture in the game.
@Merrsharr: Hehe actually very true! I mean the boy does love to smile! I suppose this is more of a go-to face for when he isn't smiling. XD
@ZSnazzy: I thought it was more of a :3
@ZSnazzy: It's kind of his go-to face XD
John does the (owo) face a lot
A New Quest!
It seems as though our heroes have gained a new quest! Will they be able to get enough gold to buy the diamonds they need to revive John? We'll find out in the next D&D arc! Also I don't think I'll ever get over those half-orc boys posing XD

The next arc arc will be filled with fun, mystery, slight implausibility, a pinch of danger and another hopefully surprising cameo! Stay tuned for our next update!
I'm glad you like it! John is a sucker for romances so he was totally on board for doing something like this. Though as romantic and nice as this is, one has to wonder just how much health John's character has...
This was pretty romantic and I'm glad it turned out so well in the end!
An Unexpected Romance
It looks like John and Sebastian's characters have got a little romance going on! I was always interested in the idea of two D&D characters romantically involved while going off on adventures. Add on the fact that one player is totally crushing on the other and are sure to ensue both in and out of game!

Also yes, Yosha is also a badass at D&D.
@DMC_Run: That's similar to a mantra I'm sure John was repeating to himself that night too!
"The dice have no mercy.."