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Roll To Save

The misadventures of six very different individuals whose lives are brought together by an unexpected force. Dungeons & Dragons.

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@Jim Nickabocker: My dad is fluent in English, Esperanto, Italian and Spanish; but when we speak French he calls me «vous» rather than «tu».
@Anton Sherwood: That's my bad. I'm from a Hispanic family but since I grew up in the states, I sometimes forget or miss things like that.
a question of register
Why does Luis say to his son “cálmese” (as if to a stranger) rather than “cálmate”?
Very nice tune. If this is the kind of music you like, might I recommend Chet Atkins/Tommy Emmanuel's album, "The Day Finger Pickers Took Over the World?"
A very pleasant page
And this is so lovely, seeing people mend their relationships. Very well done.
A truce
Seems the boys can stand being in the same facility together now, that's good. Perhaps things will get closer? Who knows.
Ooooo~ flirting and music?
Jose Feliciano - Here, There And Everywhere

I'd like to think Shin plays something along the lines of the song linked above. A nice, relaxing acoustic cover of a Beatles song to indicate that he's very much mellowed out after his experiences with Mercy's Fist. He also figures it will be nice to play for a quiet crowd of bar patrons minding their own business opposed to thousands of screaming fans screaming at the top of their lungs. Plus, he gets to work for that hot bar owner that yelled at him before!
I am happy for this
It is a good group and a nice ending. Also I enjoy the composition of these panels.
The Beatles - All Together Now

It looks like the gang is going to be alright. The Three Amigos ride again! Also it looks like Addison has developed an affinity for seafaring!
Liquor and Dice
Well, yeah, I'd avoid Monopoly, and Cards Against Humanity.

But, with enough booze, I'd completely recommend "Bunny Bunny Moose Moose"
Without the last panel I could have commented "There’s a light!"
Poor DM who gets his campaign crushed!
I was lucky to enjoy some DMs where you got the impression you could go whereever you like, he knows the whole world and everywhere waits a new adventure.
But resurrection needs to be extremely expensive, dangerous and thus rare.
Once I had a guest playing a romantic elven bard in my group. He hit on every woman (the player would have never dared to behave that way), also on a quite diffident(?) seafaring lady on whose player I had a bit of a crush. He rolled successfully for seduction, she botched her resistance roll, so I told her she’d hopelessly fall for him. He tried to play the romantic like "you are a green flower that bubbles away in the fading light of the moon" (bad translation of really bad "poetry"), she answered "you’re my lighthouse!". They played the whole evening together and didn’t notice that the rest of the group fought a dragon etc. They (the players) married about two years later. At the wedding their friends were asked to tell stories from their lifes, and I remembered this one – I completely forgot meanwhile, they also, but they confirmed that this really was the day when they started dating. 😍
Queen - Seven Seas of Rhye

Looks like things are off to a pretty good start for the gang! Board games and alcohol can be pretty fun! ...As long as you avoid Monopoly that is. I really like that we've gotten to a point where John and Iris can look back and smile about a once serious situation. I think those two are going to be alright.
Cute update!
Heh I seem to have missed this one but yeah I think this is working out. The yacht was a big surprise for me.

Looks like a good crew!
I was wondering why the mall bar was on a boat.
Oh good grief, wouldn't you know it? I went ahead and uploaded the wrong page at the wrong time! Good grief! THIS is the correct page to come out. I'm so sorry for any confusion! X.x

What better way to get together and get to know each other than on a friend's inexplicable and expensive yacht? Also you know it's going to be a good time when Addison's around!
Wooo they're all buddies
Im honestly glad Shin and Zoey are getting a chance at a happy ending, they seem like they'd be p cool while not manipulated
What a positive development!
John is such a sweetie. And yaaaaaaaay we get to see John's mom again! I'm happy about that.

This is a wonderful update.