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Color Blind

Five 13-year olds discover a world that makes theirs seem grey in comparison in a closet at their school. It is a world of magic, and adventure, and a war that the kids might have gotten sucked into accidentally.
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Next update will be a Where’s Waldo style page where you will have to find all the kids.
Maybe one day you will fight all of them Hat. Just not today.
Wait so does brett have yellow or green magic im so confused
Sorry this page is up late! I moved into the new place yesterday but we did not have wifi until literally a few minutes ago.
*Convenient coffee table is convenient*
Hey everyone we’re back! Thanks to everyone who waited, and hopefully things will be back to normal soon since I will also (hopefully) be fully moved into the new house this weekend.
Hey bunch of things to say on this page!!

First off, I’m fighting off a nasty flu and so I might be a little late uploading pages, so please forgive me.

Secondly, first fan character cameo! The unicorn in the green shirt is Pachito, fan character of xXDoctorMythXx on deviantart. I am super excited any time someone draws fan art for my comic, but to draw fan characters? Hoo boy was I excited! Myth was kind enough to let me cameo Pachito in the comic. And Myth’s not the only one, I’ve got some more fan characters to cameo so look forward to them!

Thirdly, you may have noticed Twee mention she’s a golem. I wasn’t sure if anyone noticed, but on page 4 of the Intermission Hat says that golems choose their names from their first auditory memory, and a panel of birds chirping is shown, which was Twee’s memory. So if you were ever wondering what Twee’s deal is, now you know.
Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone
Hey guys! My computer got taken into the shop on wednesday and I won’t have it back for at least a week. Luckily I backed everything up beforehand, and I have another computer I can use, but getting pages ready for updating is going to take a little more effort than usual with this serious roadblock I’ve been handled. Please be patient with me while I sort this out!
Finally starting this chapter, hopefully there won’t be any more delays.

This hasn’t been a very good year for me, a lot of things have happened to me and it’s caused a lot of delays in drawing comics. I hate having to miss updates but it seems this year more than most I’ve had no choice but to miss updates and it’s just… really awful.

Sorry to go on a tangent, I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter.
Sorry for the wait everyone, and thanks for sticking around! There have been some really stressful things going on in my life right now that have really been getting in the way of doing comics, but hopefully things should return to normal soon.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this short intermission before chapter six! It might seem a little weird at first, but hopefully it’ll all make sense once the intermission is over.
I originally gave an explanation for Quinn’s speech in an author’s comment when it originally came up, but this question is still valid. I probably should have answered this in comic, but I couldn’t find the right place to do it without interrupting the story in my mind! I wonder, do you lovely readers think there’s a page where I could have explained Quinn’s speech, without breaking up the flow of the story?

And remember that the next chapter is scheduled to start on August 22nd.
Good to know they aren't like "HEY! LISTEN!" all the time.
Reminder that the next chapter is scheduled to start on August 22nd!
Hat’s learned quite a lot recently. But since Hat can’t quite answer this question I will; Hat doesn’t have physical characteristics from all races, mostly just upyrs (his hands) and goblins (feet, tail, and fluff), his anomalous traits are thanks to the golem making process and whoever made him. And the characteristics he does share with a few of the races are completely superficial due to him being a golem.

And as an update on the next chapter, I’m hoping to have it start on August 22nd. Until then, feel free to keep sending questions for characters.
Forgot to post this on Friday, sorry about that!
I know that Brett was also addressed in this question but he hasn’t been a faerie long enough to properly talk about any finger abnormalities.

(And shit, I’ve been really busy these past few months on a project I can’t really talk about right now, and haven’t been able to work on the next chapter much at all. Would you all be okay if I extended the chapter break another month or so? I feel really bad but I will have to rush myself really badly otherwise.)
Don't worry Dato, we'll come back to you... maybe.

Sorry about posting this so late today! Had some things I had to do and completely forgot this wasn't scheduled. And remember that if you’d like to ask any characters a question, please send them here! And the next chapter starts on July 8th :)
If you’d like to ask any characters a question, please send them here! And remember that the next chapter starts on July 8th :)