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An epic adventure about a tattooed punkster roller girl saving the world!


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wow, i absolutely love this! im very sad to see it hasnt updated in pretty much a year. im still holding my breath however. the art style is so great, all the ladies are so gorgeous. love love love
June 29th, 2013
will there be more?
February 22nd, 2013
Roller Derby comic?! grrrreat!!! :D
October 21st, 2012
Loving this so far!!
August 14th, 2012
Oh no she did not.
Epic. Nothing more to add.
Your character designs are all so awesome. I really love such kind of ideas!
That Ranma 1/2 joke is so neat! X)
@xiaojin67: When all else fails, click on the author's profile, go their comic's profile, and fav from there XD
AAH! i love it! so ferocious
This is so fun!
@The Bearded Man: hahaha!! I have not part on your milestone, but I'm glad anyway!
Thanks for the compliments!! I've fixed that whitespace!
AWESOME COMIC! I love how throughout the brief history description you use the different cartooning and comic styles, Kirby girl is my favorite.

Your art is beeeautiful <3
Thats quite a white tiger crane stance she has there.
Hehe,like the art, and the fact that I'm the 60th guy to fave your comic, I feel special for once in my life to be part of an even number.

(Btw, nothing major since your art is so polished already but between the girl in the bottom right and the tight of the girl in the front right, there is a white space. Sorry if it was intentional thought.)
Rox is back!
Sorry for the delay ^___^
I hope you like the B/W look. I must say that have not been a easy choice... but is the best way to keep it weekly. If anything happens (like I lose my job or become rich XD), I'll keep this modus operandi for all the webcomic: the first sequence of each issue will be full colored, and the rest pages will be B/W.
Anyway, I think that this kind of B/W fits perfectly with ROLLER17, making it look more pulp and underground ^__^
@Wats-InaName: I hope so!